How To Make A Dried Orange Wreath

Let’s take a look at how to make a dried orange wreath! Today is also day two of Christmas in July and a GIVEAWAY!

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For the most part, I enjoy decorating for the holidays using natural elements.

Also this is the beginning of Cloches & Lavender’s Christmas in July series. During Christmas in July I will be sharing craft projects as well as decorating ideas.

Yes, it’s July, however, now is a great time to share ideas with new and regular followers. I hope to inspire you to get ready for the holiday season.

Because many of us haven’t had large gatherings with family and friends this is the year to take the time to make pieces to usher your family and friends into our homes again.

For example, sharing how to make a dried orange wreath & a giveaway is an easy project that you can use in your home for the entire holiday season. So, how exciting will it be to turn some Christmas music on and make a dried citrus craft?

By they way, this dried orange wreath will make a wonderful gift for someone in your inner circle.

Wouldn’t it be a great time to celebrate being together and giving gifts from the heart. Giving a homemade gift for someone special is often the gift they cherish most.

Also, this can be made with your kids except for the gluing. You will be making memories which is important as a family.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves, put on Christmas music, yes in July. And let’s get ready to make this the best and most exciting holiday season.

By the way, you can see how to make dried oranges slices and dried clementine when reading the post from yesterday.  It’s very easy to make dried oranges and clementine.

This dehydrated fruit craft is a favorite especially because it has it all. Oranges, mandarins/clementines, cinnamon sticks, walnuts with gilding and Anise stars. It also has one of my favorites, preserved acorns I have had for years.

Dried orange, dried citrus a close up

Besides, natural elements for the holidays using dried orange slices on this wreath also combines elegant coupled with rustic elements which I am a fan of in décor.

For this dried citrus craft I did use this wreath blank for this because I had it on hand.

However, straw wrapped with brown burlap will work as well. Also, another option is to purchase a foam form and wrap that in burlap too.

For this dried orange wreath I like the texture a grapevine adds.

Supplies List

  • 14″ wreath blank of your choice
  • dried oranges
  • walnuts in the shell
  • paint
  • glue gun and sticks
  • cinnamon sticks
  • acorns
  • Anise stars

Gather Supplies To Begin Making Thies Dried Orange Craft

Dried oranges close up
Dried citrus, acorns and cinammon sticks

First, Paint Walnuts

I start gilding walnuts using this paint in champagne.

 Walnuts after they are painted

Next Start Building The Wreath

First, I glue my dried orange slices to the grapevine. I add a dried orange slice one at a time using hot glue.

Dried orange added to this dried orange craft

I also overlap slices of the dehydrated fruit. Next, I began gluing each dried mandarin/clementine as well.

Dried clementine getting glued to the dried orange wreath
Dried clementine after it's added to the dried citrus
Dried orange slices overlapping and next to the dried whole clementine

As a rule, I normally would use my glue gun to add dried mandarin/clementine for this craft.  However, I decided to give a new product a try.  In fact, I like this so much I may get a larger size.

Hot glue pot

Start Adding The Cinnamon And Walnuts To The Dried Citrus Wreath

By the way, the paint of the walnuts and cinnamon coupled with the dried fruit slices adds another refined element and texture.

Dried oranges with one cinnamon stick glued
Dried oranges and two cinnamon sticks attached together

Next, I glue my walnuts nestling them beside the dried mandarin/clementine.

Dried oranges, cinammon sticks and walnut after gluing

Here, you can see cinnamon sticks next to the dried orange adds another scent as well as more texture.

Adding The Anise Stars To The Citrus

By the way, adding Anise stars to the dried orange wreath happened. Because the Anise stars are pretty and add another rustic touch to the dried citrus.

Dried citrus and Anise stars before they are used for the dried orange wreath

Acorns Are Drybrushed And Added To The Dried Oranges

Next step, I add the same paint used on the walnuts to the acorns to give them an elgant touch next to the dried orange. I use a dry brush technique. This is not only quick it’s also easy to apply. For the most part, you want very little paint on your brush.

After adding a bit of paint lightly wipe the excess paint on a paper towel. During this step you should be left with very little paint. Lightly add the paint to the acorns. This technique is great because the natural look of the acorns will still be visible next to the dried citrus.

The acorns after they are drybrushed with the paint

By the way, I have used acorns from the yard collected from our old home. Also, when using real ones, it’s important they be cleaned and baked in the oven.

You may enjoy this post because it shares the process of saving real acorns for many years.  By the way, my collection is 10 years old and they look as good as the day I began my collection. It also shares how I decorate with them in our home with dehydrated citrus.

Back to the dried oranges, using your glue gun add the acorns and Asnise stars to the dehydrated citrus.

Dried citrus, walnut, cinnamon stick, Anise star and acorn

Lastly, a ribbon of your choice to the dried orange wreath for hanging. 

The finished dried orange craft hanging on a door

By the way, how to make a dried orange wreath will last for some time. Store it in a cool/dry place in your home. For example, a basement works well because it’s usually cool with little light. If you would like to store this inside something, I suggest a brown paper bag. Plastic will cause moisture on the dried citrus which can cause mold.

Dried orange craft shown a bit closer
Dried orange wreath up close to show all the details

I hope this inspires you to make this dried orange wreath for your home. I would love to know if you will try dehydrating citrus or gilding nuts for the holiday seasons too?

Please let me know your thoughts about this craft.

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