Spring: Peat Pot Treat Baskets


Do you enjoy simple projects? 15 minute spring peat pot treat baskets are for you! These baskets are quick to make and they will be a great touch for any spring table.

Everyone in my family enjoys sweets, especially chocolate. So, I am planning to fill these with goodies for everyone to take home and enjoy!

Besides sending everyone home with something, I especially enjoy the fact they will have something to remember from this special day.

Supplies List:

  • peat pots
  • spring graphic, mine is from The Graphics Fairy
  • decoupage scissors or sharp scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • white craft paint
  • clear cellophane bags – Michaels craft stores or your local grocery store
  • paint brushes

Paint the Peat Pots with White Craft Paint

Step 1: Paint Peat Pots White

Pieces before painting

First, begin painting the baskets with white craft paint. As a result of these peat pots being rough in texture, I advise using a paintbrush. One coat of craft paint is all that’s needed.

Painting them with white craft paint

Because these pots are cardboard, they need to dry overnight.

15 Minute Spring Peat Pot Treat Baskets finishing the paint

Printing and Cutting the Image to Add to This Spring Craft Pot

Step 2: Printing a Cutting of the Graphic

Now when printing your image regular printer paper works best.

Images for the spring peat pots

After the images are printed cut around the image. This works best when cutting as close to the image as possible.

cutting the image as close as possible
15 Minute Spring Peat Pot Treat Baskets

Adding the Images Using Mod Podge

Step 3: Using Mod Podge Add the Graphic of Your Choice

Now add a coat of Mod Podge to the back of the cut image. It’s particularly important to make sure to cover the edges well with the glue.

adding Mod Podge to the back of the image

Now carefully pick up the image and add it to the spring baskets. Here you want to use a tapping motion so the image will not tear.

Easy 15 Minute Spring Peat Pot Treat Baskets adding the image

Immediately after adding the graphic to the spring treat peat pots add a coat of Mod Podge to the top of the image. Doing this smooths any edges. Also, this gives the image a great look and brightens the black and white of the rabbit.

Easy 15 Minute Spring Peat Pot Treat Baskets

By the way, if you are looking for another way to have something to fill with chocolate these are simple and quick to make. I share an easy-to-follow tutorial!

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Also, another easy and great option for sweets can be seen for vintage berry baskets in a full easy tutorial!

Look how smoothly this rabbit looks on these Easter treat baskets!

Easy 15 Minute Spring Peat Pot Treat Baskets white on the inside edge

Lastly, I did add a bit of craft paint around the inner rim of the pots. This is optional. I did this to have a neat look for these treat pots filled with sweets!

Easy 15 Minute Spring Peat Pot Treat Baskets

I hope you enjoyed this post for easy 15-minute spring peat pot treat baskets! Are you getting ready for spring and warmer days? How about Easter, are you hosting this year too?





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  1. Love these so much, Cindy – I just pinned! I can’t believe how easy they were to make. Honestly, they look like a million. Can’t wait to see these on your tablescape. They’re just gorgeous! Hugs, CoCo

  2. Love this idea! I love how they look and it’s so simple. Pinning and will definitely will be making a version of this although I think yours are perfection. XO- MaryJo

  3. These are adorable and perfect for spring! Thank you for sharing the DIY on Farmhouse Friday link party. I’m featuring them tomorrow. Hope you link up again soon. pinned

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