Easy Christmas Simmer Pot Recipes

Christmas Simmering Pot

Are you ready for Christmas or at least getting there? So, let’s talk about easy Christmas simmer pot recipes. And the best thing about making a Christmas simmering pot is to have a festive scent flowing through our homes. But first, let me answer some questions you may have regarding homemade Christmas simmering pots. When […]

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12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas for Husbands

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband

I have 12 days of Christmas gift ideas for husbands or the man in your life. It truly can be a challenge at times when deciding what to buy the man in our life for Christmas. Before I share these I have to admit the title of the classic holiday song began playing over and […]

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5 Amazon Must Haves To Buy Now For Christmas

Easy Pinecone Wreath

Before I get into my topic today I want to let you know what’s been going on this week. I’m truly sorry for not posting but you are my Cloches & Lavender family and I’m sure you will understand. Especially if you are a pet lover. It’s been a tough 2 months in puppy land […]

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Essential Greens, Bells and Lights to Buy Now

Have you been thinking about getting ready for the Christmas season? Now is especially the best time for essential greens, bells andlight to buy now that sell out quickly. So I’m giving you some ideas to help you get your the best deals before these sell out. How do I know they sell out? Well […]

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7 Easy Ways to Plan Ahead for Christmas

Sharing Easy Ways to Plan Ahead for Christmas

Today is Chistmas in July and I am sharing 7 easy ways to plan ahead for Christmas! I will share all the details below to help you get a head start for a relaxing holiday season! I’m joining many blogging friends to share inspiration for the hoidays to help inspire our readers. We are also […]

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Christmas Time Dining Room

Today is Christmas time in the dining room. So, I am getting the table ready for the entire family for this Christmas and can’t be happier. I can’t wait to have the family enjoying food, laughter and storeies at Christmas time. It’s been while since we had a normal Christmas celebration. If you are visiting […]

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