Coffee Table Vignette

Hey guys, we are in for a HEATWAVE in NJ, aren’t they enjoyable, NOT! 

Today I am sharing a vignette I put together for the season on our coffee table.   The base was found at Home Goods and we used under our Christmas tree this winter.

When the warmer months came around I wanted something different and thought, how about the wine barrel we used under the tree.  This is a large piece and I like how it plays off the round inner rim of the table .


I used the topiary I made last year.  It may look familiar, its twin is in the foyer, you can see that HERE .  Look HERE how this was made.


I’m a candle fan, as my husband is well aware, LOL.   When Bath and Body Works has a sale, I stock up on my favorite scents.

Many don’t burn them in the warmer months but I must have a candle burning 365 days a year.

Come to think of it, my inventory is running low, good thing the fall and winter scents are beginning to show up.  Don’t get snarky because I said fall and winter, just candles, LOL.


The antique post finial is from an Etsy shop from a while back.  I thought this little clay pot I made using the Mod Podge reverse transfer method would add a nice touch.


I adore the metal with its worn appearance, isn’t it charming?


One final shot of the vignette.  Have a super day!

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