Thrifted Beauty

Hello friends today is the day to show a piece we found thrifting for $35.

She needed lots of ove but we knew it would be worth it in the end.   We can see the beauty behind all the grossness. 


Just a glimpse of the bottom.  I know it’s a mess but we see potential.

I will be using the top part to finish off the dining room project I spoke about last time. 

The owner of the thrift store said this piece was from a family piece that was left in a shed.  A lot of disinfecting took place before work began.

The first thing my husband had to do was cut the portion that is a small mantle off.  He’s the power tools person, not me.  I  don’t want to learn to work with them and I’m okay with that.


Once he removed the piece it was sanded to remove chipped pieces of paint. 

Next, I  added wood putty, a lot off putty in spots to fill in holes and broken spots and let this dry for 24 hours.


As you can see, this piece was pretty dirty and needed love.  As I mentioned,  much sanitizing took place.


On the top flat part I used this much on the other side too.


John then took it outside and gave it a really good sanding and got in all the nooks and crannies.   He wiped it down and brought it back in for me to make her beautiful. 


This piece has details that I love.  One of the reasons we brought her home.


I painted her with two coats of ASCP in Old White and decided to use only clear wax to finish her off. 


Below are close-ups of the detail.



Here you go she looks beautiful again, I love the frames I fixed with her.  I kept decor simple to let the entire marriage of these pieces shine adding a pitcher filled with cherry blossoms and one of my crowns.





Below my terrarium sits with some tea cups from my grandmother.   I wanted to add a few nods to spring,  dried hydrangea and  rose buds seem to work well with a few pieces of silver plate.  Adding a crown seemed to be fitting to add a touch of whimsy.





The bust placed on a small florentine tray adds a touch of French.  Adding dried Chamomile works for me.   The bust I found while thrifting and it is plaster ware.  I did some checking and I think it may be from the 50’s or 60’s which is fine by me.  I  have a female to match I found the same day.  They seemed like they were waiting for me to give them a home.


The bottom half of this piece still needs love and we need dryer and warmer temperatures to finish her off.


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