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Easy DIY Moss Wreath

Hello everyone, today I'm sharing an easy DIY moss wreath. This wreath takes 10 minutes. This begins our Seasonal Challenge hosted by Cindy from Cloches & Lavender and Terrie from Decorate and More with Tip.  This season's challenge is featuring spring inspiration. So, Terrie and I have brought a group of bloggers together to share their… Continue reading Easy DIY Moss Wreath

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DIY Bird Nests

Hi everyone, today I'm sharing DIY bird nests, a nest is especially good for early spring decorating. I looked on Pinterest for an example and decided to combine two techniques for my nests. A DIY bird nests is particularly pretty to add to a cloche, books stacked inside an ironstone dish or used in a… Continue reading DIY Bird Nests

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Easy Bird Craft

Hello, everyone, today I'm sharing an easy bird craft. I will be showing two different and easy crafts. Today is also $10 on the 10th hosted by Tammy from Patina and Paint.  This specifically means we can spend no more than $10 and this month's theme easy easy crafts. Please take the time to scroll… Continue reading Easy Bird Craft

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Easy Wreath Idea

Happy new week, we had another five inches of snow this weekend. So today, I'm sharing an easy wreath idea. How This Wreath Happened Recently I wrote this post, Organizing a Craft Closet and I found olive branches this what happens when getting organized.  I had bought them from Magnolia Online a long time ago and forgot… Continue reading Easy Wreath Idea

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Organizing A Craft Closet

Hello all, today I'm talking about organizing a craft closet. Today is our first DIY Challenge of the new year, hosted by Terrie from Decorate and More with Tip. Today's all about organizing. If you are coming from Blue Sky at Home welcome and I hope you enjoyed Carol's post. A craft room being organized is important… Continue reading Organizing A Craft Closet

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French Valentine Décor

Hello everyone, today I'm sharing our French Valentine décor in our hutch.  Today, I am also taking part in a Valentine's Blog Hop hosted by Kippi from Kippi At Home. I filled the hutch with red/white and pink/white transferware. These pieces work especially well to celebrate Valentine's day. In addition to the transferware, my father-in-laws… Continue reading French Valentine Décor

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DIY Fake Dirt

Today I'm sharing a my DIY fake dirt. This is a very simple fast DIY with great results. By the way, today is also our first Do It Over Designers where we upcycle, recycle and DIY for the new year.  Hosted by Ann from Apple Street Cottage.  I look forward to seeing all these talented… Continue reading DIY Fake Dirt

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Merry Christmas from Cloches & Lavender

Merry Christmas from Cloches & Lavender, thank you to all my readers for following Cloches & Lavender. The Fall and Christmas season is full of DIY crafts and decorating ideas. I hope you enjoy reading these DIY crafts and tutorials. Also, I'm sharing these DIY crafts from the holidays as a reminder becuase you may… Continue reading Merry Christmas from Cloches & Lavender

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Our Christmas Dining Room

Hello friends, today I'm sharing our Christmas dining room. This year our Christmas table will be smaller. So, it's particularly important makeit pretty. Also today, my friend Tammy from Patina & Paint is sharing her Christmas table. Be sure to visit her blog and there will be a link at the end of this post. I… Continue reading Our Christmas Dining Room