Simple and Pretty Decorating with Dried Flowers

dried flower buds

Simple and pretty decorating with dried flowers. Have you ever added dried flowers to your home? Dried roses and peony are especially simple and pretty during the winter. I think dried flowers also add a sense of romance. Best Way to Dry Roses and Peony After Removing Them from a Centerpiece Drying roses and peony […]

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Cloche & Personal

valentine heart

Happy Sunday, I love Sunday! It’s usually a day where we enjoy time together. Maybe watch a black and white movie. Snuggle with the pups. Do you like cold weather. I normally love it! However this week it has been so cold in NJ. At least it hasn’t been windy. Poor Reeses and Peanut don’t […]

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How To Make Old Wood Pretty?

How to make old wood pretty. Wouldn’t you love to know how to make old wood look pretty? Today is also Do It Over Designers, where we take a piece and make it over. Please take the time to visit these talented ladies! The links are at the end of my post. Before I get […]

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See An Easy Elegant Valentine DIY

valentine diy

See an easy elegant Valentine DIY. This easy DIY is an easy craft, and the same premise will work for another holiday DIY’s. Have you ever wanted to make an elegant Valentine? Well, this post is for you because I am sharing how to make this easy elegant Valentine DIY. If you are stopping by […]

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Traditions/Meanings Candles in the Window


Traditions/meanings candles in the window. Some may wonder why this topic of candles in the window now. The holiday season is over, right? There are indeed interesting traditions and meanings of candles in the windows. As an example, they are in homes throughout the year. And guess what, we are one of the homes that […]

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Cloche And Personal

candle burning

Welcome to Cloche and Personal! This is a new series I will be sharing every Sunday morning. What will Cloche and Personal be about? First off, I am going to share something about myself every week. For my first personal tidbit, I SERIOUSLY, have cookie issues! No kidding, I can’t keep them in the house […]

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