Traditions/Meanings Candles in the Window


Traditions/meanings candles in the window. Some may wonder why this topic of candles in the window now. The holiday season is over, right? There are indeed interesting traditions and meanings of candles in the windows. As an example, they are in homes throughout the year. And guess what, we are one of the homes that […]

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Cloche And Personal

candle burning

Welcome to Cloche and Personal! This is a new series I will be sharing every Sunday morning. What will Cloche and Personal be about? First off, I am going to share something about myself every week. For my first personal tidbit, I SERIOUSLY, have cookie issues! No kidding, I can’t keep them in the house […]

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Psst I Love Decorative Crowns In Home Decor


Psst I love decorative crowns in home decor. Can you keep this a secreat? Where this passion came from I am not sure. Maybe it’s because at a young age I enjoyed playing a princess? It may also be that decorative crowns in home decor add whimsy. Furthermore, adding a crown in decor adds elegance […]

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How To Store Nuts Long Term

storing nuts

How to store nuts long term. Do you enjoy nuts? I love nuts, especially pistachio nuts. No, not in the shell, I enjoy these roasted with sea salt. I eat these every morning in my high protein yogurt. Because I eat these quickly I store them in glass containers in the refigerator. My container is […]

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My Three Year Journey

covering hair loss

My three year journey has been quite the surprise. A simple urinary tract infection turned into three years of a hair loss battle. Now as most women understand, hair is a huge part of our lives. Most times it defines us. This is the case for me without a doubt. I had amazing very thick […]

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How To Make Your Home Cozy For Winter

How to make your home cozy for winter. Do you ever ask this question? After taking the reds, greens and the tree down the home may feel bare. Does this happen to you? Today, I’m going to share ideas of how to make your home cozy for winter with easy ideas. Leaving Seedlings and Pinecones […]

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