Zevo Flying Insect Trap


Summer has kicked in and so have the bugs. No one enjoys the idea of gnats in the home. How about we trap them easily? This also works great for flies. Which is our biggest summer insect issue! I’m reviewing the Zevo Flying insect trap today! Flies in our home are an issue because the […]

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Repurpose Cans and Jars Easily


Let’s talk about how to repurpose cans and jars easily. We all have these in our recycling bins so how about make these containers useful and pretty. As an example, I have many empty cans of Caffe D’Vita. By the way I highly recommend giving this a try. It’s delicious and it’s my one indulgence […]

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Easy to Make Decadent Dessert

Individual sweet treats

Do you need an easy dessert? Well today I’m sharing an easy to make decadent dessert. By the way, this sweet treat is perfect for warm weather gatherings! This treat will make everyone say WOW! Because this rich ice cream dessert looks like it takes hours to make. When in fact it takes little prep […]

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Lavender and Vintage Summer Home Tour

Summer Home Tour

Hello and welcome to my lavender and vintage summer home tour! I will be sharing some spaces in our home for summer today!. We moved from the mountains of Northern Jersey for an easier life for me because I have MS. We actually are back where we began our marriage. This is as flat as […]

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Make Vintage Berry Crates

berry baskets

Do you love vintage pieces? Today, we are going to speak about how to make vintage berry crates.  As I said summer is here and this means berry season.  I especially look forward to this produce being available in abundance! I begin thinking about berry smoothies, blueberry galettes, blueberry pies and adding these to fruits […]

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Easy DIY Eucalyptus Wreath

eucalyptus wreath

Are you all set for the summer season? Let’s make an easy DIY eucalyptus wreath! This is an easy craft idea that I think you are really going to enjoy. It’s especially perfect for summer. However, it will work for fall too with a few additions. Are you ready? I hope you are as thrilled […]

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