5 Ways: To Style Country Artificial Lavender Pots

featured image lavender and flowerpots in a crate

Do your love lavender? I sure do so, let’s see 5 ways: to style country artificial lavender pots. Lavender has to be one of my favorite flowers the mix of their gray-green leaves with their purple flower spikes is gorgeous. Also, when I think about lavender, I think of its beautiful smell and its purple […]

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Great Tips: Ways to Use Lilacs In Decor

Let’s talk about great tips and ways to use lilacs in decor. I first fell in love with lilac flowers in our first home. We had a white lilac tree outside our kitchen window which was a common lilac. They were such a soothing color and the scent of lilac from the kitchen window made my […]

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I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for following and supporting Cloches & Lavender! I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving and I hope you have the best day! You are all part of the Cloches & Lavender family, and I cherish you all for following us on our journey! And […]

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12 Symbols of Christmas and Their Meaning

12 days of Christmas Gift ideaas for husbands

Have you ever wondered about the 12 symbols of Christmas and their meaning? So have you ever given thought to candy canes and how they became a staple for the holiday season? While these holiday decorations may seem random, most of these Christmas decorations have special meanings. Christmas Traditions Some Christmas Traditions Growing Up Growing […]

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Gift Ideas for Dogs

toys for dogs for Christmas

Our dogs Reeses & Peanut mean everything to us. So, I thought I’d share gift ideas for dogs! They are twin brother and sister mini Dachshunds and keep us on our toes. Besides being well behaved they make us laugh out loud every single day. They are inseparable and love each other so much. In […]

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Cloches & Collections

Happy Sunday everyone! We are going to get temperatures in the 50s early this week and I’m so happy! Our little Peanut had a liver enzyme test and they went up again. So, I have a date set with a specialist to do a liver biopsy so we are a bit worried about our girl. […]

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