Fall Nut Wreath

Today I am sharing how to make an easy fall nut wreath and it’s the perfect DIY wreath. This also has been on my craft bucket list for some time. Do you have one too? There’s something about a natural fall wreath and nuts that immediately comes to mind when it comes to fall decor. […]

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Prepare My House For Fall

ways to prepare for fall

This is the best time to check these prepare my house for fall. So how about making a home checklist ? Taking the time to make a list of items to check before we are sharing our homes with family and friends is a great way to have stress free time to visit the pumpkin […]

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Essential Greens, Bells and Lights to Buy Now

Have you been thinking about getting ready for the Christmas season? Now is especially the best time for essential greens, bells andlight to buy now that sell out quickly. So I’m giving you some ideas to help you get your the best deals before these sell out. How do I know they sell out? Well […]

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7 Easy Ways to Plan Ahead for Christmas

Sharing Easy Ways to Plan Ahead for Christmas

Today is Chistmas in July and I am sharing 7 easy ways to plan ahead for Christmas! I will share all the details below to help you get a head start for a relaxing holiday season! I’m joining many blogging friends to share inspiration for the hoidays to help inspire our readers. We are also […]

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Easy to Make Decadent Dessert

Individual sweet treats

Do you need an easy dessert? Well today I’m sharing an easy to make decadent dessert. By the way, this sweet treat is perfect for warm weather gatherings! This treat will make everyone say WOW! Because this rich ice cream dessert looks like it takes hours to make. When in fact it takes little prep […]

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Lavender and Vintage Summer Home Tour

Summer Home Tour

Hello and welcome to my lavender and vintage summer home tour! I will be sharing some spaces in our home for summer today!. We moved from the mountains of Northern Jersey for an easier life for me because I have MS. We actually are back where we began our marriage. This is as flat as […]

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