Home Cozy for Winter

How to make your home cozy for winter. Do you ever ask this question?

After taking the reds, greens, and the tree down the home may feel bare. Does this happen to you?

Today, I’m going to share ideas on how to make your home cozy for winter with easy ideas.

Leaving Seedlings and Pinecones Out Makes the House Comfy

Step 1: Leaving Seedlings Out with Pinecones

First, I leave seedlings out after the Christmas decor is down and put them away. These seedlings add warmth and a bit of greenery for the stark winter month.

For instance, I love pinecones. These have character and add natural elements to the home to make it cozy for the winter months. As an example, you will notice these surrounding my seedling. Also adding a thick satin ribbon makes this truly look special.

seedling in a crate surrounded by pinecones

If you are a follower of Cloches & Lavender, you may remember me sharing this post on cleaning and preserving pinecones from the yard.  This is easy to do and I share all the steps.

Meanwhile, I have pinecones of different sizes filling pieces on our bookshelf too.  Again, this adds texture and nature for the winter months to make the home cozy after Christmas. You will notice a small crown adds an elegant touch.  Mix rustic and elegant pieces together to add character and charm to cozy up the home during the colder weather months. A candle adds warmth with its soft glow.

pinecones with walnuts in the shell in an alabaster bird bath
pinecones and walnuts in the shell in ironstone.  A lit candle

Chunky Throws and Faux Fur Throw Pillows Are an Easy Addition to Make the Home Cozy

Step 2: Throws and Pillows Such as Faux Fur Add Warmth

Here, I added a chunky grey throw to cozy up with a cup of coffee during winter. The faux fur pillows are from Overstock years ago. I enjoy adding them to our home for a cozy look for the winter to the chairs.

a faux fur graay pillow with a light gray chunky throw on a chair
close up of the faux fur pillow and throw

These pillows are similar with a great price and a wide range of colors to add a cozy feel to your home.

I also leave a dark grey throw on our other sofa for friends and family.  So when they come to our home for a cozy movie night they can use the throw while watching our favorite movie.  Or they can enjoy snuggling up and looking at the fire.

pillpows and a dark gray heavy throe on a couch

Leave Non-Christmas Wreaths Up for a Cozy Winter Home

Step 3: Having Wreathes on Display with Non-Christmas Colors is Perfect

For the most part, I enjoy adding natural wreaths to my Christmas decor. Why? Because these wreaths work for the winter months. They add texture and warmth to the home for a cozy feel.

Here are a few examples.  This easy pinecone wreath is a great piece to have in home decor from fall through winter.  Meanwhile, I found a pretty pinecone wreath HERE from Wayfair for a great price.

pinecone and hazelnut wreath hanging on an antique shutter

This Hazelnut wreath I made is an example of why I make simple neutral wreaths that can be left up for the winter season.  These work to add a warm feel to our home all winter. 

hazelnut wreath hanging on a mirror

Here is another simple wreath that works throughout the cold months.

white fluffy wreath with white bottle brussh trees in the center

Keeping Small Evergreens with Soft White Lights For a Warm House

Step 4: Leave Lit Small Evergreens to Add Ambiance

I enjoy keeping small evergreens in spots in our homes for the winter months. I have these two small ones and the soft white lights look pretty on a cold night. By the way, During the daylight hours, they add warmth with their green branches.

small evergreen tree in an old bucket
everygreen tree in a basket lit with warm white lights

Lastly, adding candles with warm scents truly makes your home cozy for the winter months. I have these burning every day.

candle lit inside a silver crown

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to make your home cozy for winter.

Have a Great Day
Have a Great Day
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27 thoughts on “Home Cozy for Winter

  1. Winter is so stark especially after all the pretty Christmas lights come down. I love chunky throws and pillows too.
    Anything to bring some cozy warmth. Great ideas Cindy. Happy New Week. xoxo

  2. Great tips, Cindy! I haven’t taken my trees down yet. The other decor is all gone, Santas, signs and wreaths and garlands, but those trees are still making me smile during these gloomy early January days!

  3. Candles, throws, and a hot cup of tea help me get through the winter months. I love your little tree with the white lights though….I may have to look into something like that!

  4. Everything looks so pretty and cozy! I love pinecones, too. In fact, I just put a bunch of them in a large glass jar today. They look a little too dark and kind of boring just by themselves so I was wondering what I could layer in with them…then I saw your photo of the walnuts with the pinecones and really liked that that look. I think I’ll pick up some walnuts next time I’m at the grocery store!

  5. I love a cozy home! My fireplace is on. Those cozy throws, candles, pinecones and wreaths still around. Love your inspiration!

  6. These ideas make me want to snuggle up and just enjoy the day, Cindy! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way you’ve created a warm and intiving home this season. It feels like the perfect time to settle in and enjoy all that winter has to offer. Hugs, CoCo

  7. All these ideas will make any home cozy, warm, and inviting during the cold winter months. I too love using greenery and natural elements inside during the winter! You have a beautiful home…thanks for sharing!

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