How To Set A Hot Chocolate Bar

The holiday season is getting closer and guests will be visiting our home. So let’s see how to set hot chocolate bar.

As the temperatures begin to drop and the cold winds arrive we begin looking for ways to welcome guests into our homes. Especially during the holiday season we want our guests to feel at home an relaxed.

So setting up a hot chocolate bar is a great place to begin. Making hot cocoa reminds of days when playing outdoors and coming inside to be treated to something warm.

Sharing Memories of Having Hot Chocolate at a Young Age

For instance, I remember going to my brother’s football games and my mom bring a thermos of hot chocolate with her to help keep us warm.

Also, playing outside with our friends running around and coming in to get warm. My mom warming us up with a cup of hot chocolate. And, of course marshmallows were always available.


So let’s see how to set a hot chocolate bar for the child in all of us. Especially with friends and family visiting for gatherings during the colder months.

Showing the full hot chocolate bar

How to Set a Hot Chocolate Bar

Of course today we have many options when choosing our favorite hot cocoa of choice. In our home during the holiday season we generally have peppermint hot chocolate. Displaying these hot peppermint coccoa K-cups on the hot chocolate bar in a pretty winter bowl makes them extra special.

showing the peppermint hot coccoa up close and napkins

Because I also enjoy white chocolate hot cocoa, I ordinarily have a mason jar filled with white chocolate hot chocolate mix.

Also, the tag hanging from the hot white chocolate cocoa, is a piece I made.  These can be found HERE.  These can be used in many ways throughout the holiday season. I even share how to make the rusty washers!

close of coccoa bombs and white hot chocolate mix with a tag I made

If you would like to make your own hot chocolate mix I found this recipe HERE.

There is a wide favorite of hot cocoa mixes available. Dark chocolate, dark chocolate mint, milk chocolate. I even saw pumpkin spice hot chocolate mix. How amazing do you think that must taste!

Setting Up the Cocoa Bar

When setting up your cocoa bar it’s a great idea to vary heights so items can be easily seen. For example, I have my bottle brush trees elevated with a pedestal. Sprinkling snow adds whimsy and a finised look.

A full view of the hot choclate bar

Bottle brush trees with snow re on a pedestal.

Biscotti on a  cake plate, coccoa bombs on a bowl alongside marshmallows

Also, I have homemade biscotti on a cake stand. This elevates the cookies for easy access as well as adding a bit of color. I love the green placemat to anchor this piece. Incidentally, stay tuned for this biscotti recipe. It’s absolutely AMAZING!

Biscotti on a cake stand

No hot chocolate bar is complete without mini marshmallows, don’t you think. By the way, I am going to make homemade marshmallows for the holidays. I can’t wait!

Also notice I added small dishes underneath the marshmallows to add some interest and keep things cozy.

close up of marshmallows in a red bowl and mugs and napkins on the hot chocolate bar

Adding marshmallows for the hot chocolate in a pretty bowl with a special spoon makes them special.

In addition to the marshmallows I added hot cocoa bombs. These are individually wrapped which keeps them sanitary.

Having pretty napkins adds something extra special for people to wipe their marshmallow hot chocolate covered lips.

close up hot chocolate coccoa bombs

Dishes are stacked waiting for my friends or family to enjoy a biscotti with their cocoa. The Dachsund plates are a new find. They are perfect to show our love for our Reeses and Peanut.

showing the Dachsund plates close up

Lastly, having this hot chocolate sign makes this feel more inviting as well as adding another layer and height.

showing a further away picture of the hot chocolate bar.  Small mantle above

Do you enjoy hot chocolate too? Will you set a hot chocolate bar in your home? I’d love to know in the comments.

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Pinterest pin of coccoa bar

Kippi At Home Hot Chocolate Bar Ideas

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Set up a woodland themed hot cocoa bar in a tiny corner on your kitchen counter. This simple, small-space hot cocoa bar is pretty enough to be the only Christmas decoration in a small kitchen too.

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pumpkin biscotti

Pumpkin Biscotti

oatemeal cranberry white chip cookies

Oatmeal Pumpkin Cranberry White Chip


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  1. We have a hot chocolate bar and include specially flavored coffee pods . With 7 grands, one daughter who loves hot choc and the rest of us coffee drinkers how could I not? Your set up a beautiful bar with all the essential plus! Thanks for sharing all the other blogs too.

  2. Your hot cocoa station looks great, Cindy! I love the chalkboard sign. Those red and white transfer ware mugs are fabulous, too. I’m looking forward to your biscotti recipe! Pinned 🙂

  3. Pinning this right now, Cindy! Your hot chocolate bar looks amazing and I love that you included white chocolate hot cocoa too. It’s the perfect way to kick off the holiday season. Hugs, CoCo

  4. So many great ideas and special touches. I especially like the mini marshmallows and how you include the silver spoon for serving. I’ll need to do something like this when friends & family visits during the holidays.

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