An Amazing Indoor Garden Party

Indoor Garden Party

Hello and welcome to Cloches & Lavender, let’s take look at everything you need for an amazing indoor garden party. Summer is around the corner and flowers will be blooming to put on a pretty show for the warmer months.

So, let’s talk about everything we need to have a great and beautiful indoor garden party with your friends. In NJ the summer months can be hot and humid and a bit unpredictable. So, I will be having my celebration indoors.

Graphic for garden hop

Everything You Need for an Amazing Indoor Garden Party

First Thing: Decide if There’s a Dress Code

It’s great to let your guests know if there’s a dress code for the event.

I want my friends to be comfy and relaxed, but I did ask if they will wear something fun and floral or that reminds us of the outdoors. And think it will be fun to see my friends in a summer straw hat, a floral blouse or dress or a cute pair of capri pants.

Everything You Need for an Amazing Indoor Garden Party straw hat, ruffle sleeveless blouse and keds

Adding a Festive Look to the Table

Festive Piece for the Party Table

Meanwhile I decide on the look I want for the table to host this get together. Immediately I knew my homemade moss topiaries are perfect for this setting. The flowerpots and the moss add a touch of nature.

Everything You Need for an Amazing Indoor Garden Party cake plate filled with small desserts.  

Caraf filled with iced tea Sangria and a topiary

Next, I add seeded silver dollar eucalyptus garlands down the center of the table which is a perfect addition for an outdoor garden feel.

Adding a Centerpiece Full of Planting Inspiration

Lastly, I add a centerpiece full of planting inspiration to finish the indoor garden table. Here I begin with adding a wood riser I changed with a simple technique, you can find it HERE.

Next, I add a floral container and fill it with white roses. Roses are the epitome of the outdoors for a garden party. Don’t you agree? For a finishing look to my indoor flower centerpiece I add mini flowerpots.

centerpiece of white wild roses, A wood riser with small terracotta pots around it.

What Kind of Foods to Serve for an Inside Floral Party?

When it comes to food to serve for a garden party there’s many ways to go. One example is serving different assortments of tea sandwiches. These can be blueberry and cream cheese, tuna salad, chicken salad and one of my particular favorite’s cucumber and cream cheese. I’m a huge fan of all things small for these types of events.

showing different eights of serving dishes with desserts

Additionally, adding different height serving dishes makes the goodies easy to reach and makes the table for your party interesting. This doesn’t have to be costly, use stacks of dishes or books as risers for platters. How fun to add plant books or your favorite decorating books to the garden serving table?

dessert floral dishes with small forks

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Adding Labels and Pretty Dishes Makes This Festive and Pretty

Another idea is to add dish markers. This makes it easier for guests to know what they are grabbing. In fact, I almost forgot to add these and remembered at the last moment. Thank goodness because that’s one of my issues when attending gatherings without dessert or food signs.

Everything You Need for an Amazing Indoor Garden Party cucumber water in a carafe.   A book open and a water glass filled with cucumber water

Now for my indoor flower party I am serving different types of sweets. Tea cakes are easy to eat while mingling with friends. Cookies, small homemade pastries such as the ones I’m serving. By the way, I will be sharing the recipe for these soon. They are perfect to make especially during the warm months for kids to grab and go.

Of course, for a summer gathering a bit of ice cream is a must! Don’t you agree? I made these small white chocolate cups and filled them with Pistachio ice cream. These are simple to eat with no mess on our garden attire. Wait until you see how easy these are to make!

White chocolate cups with pistachio ice cream
sugared champagne raspberries on a dish with an elegant spoon for the garden gathering

I also added sugared champagne raspberries to our party menu. These berries are so refreshing to serve with sweets.

Ideas for Serving Refreshments with Girlfriends at This Party

There are many choices when it comes to refreshments for garden parties. For example, how about serving a fruit iced tea Sangria with a garnish of fresh mint?

sweet, iced tea sangria with fruit inside and fresh mint for garnish

It’s also a good idea to have clear sparkling water. Besides sparkling beverages cucumber water is also a great option. It’s very light and extremely refreshing for the summer season.

Everything You Need for an Amazing Indoor Garden Party with garden book and glass of water

Of course, herb infused waters, lemonade and punch are also great options.

Above all when throwing an indoor garden party make it special and fun for your friends. Use pretty floral dishes. Add pretty napkins whether they’re paper or cloth.

Glass of iced tea sangria

Again, it may also be fun to have gardening books and decorating books so you can chat about designs in the yard, deck or inside the home.

I hope you enjoyed everything you need for an amazing indoor garden party. Are you planning any summer gatherings with friends for the summer?

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  5. Such a special way to celebrate the summer season, Cindy! I love all the ideas you’ve suggested. They’re really pretty and feel totally doable too. Big hugs, CoCo

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