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Cindy’s Corner has been missing for the last few weeks, apologies. Suffering from COVID over Christmas, set my MS back for a bit and it has been a tough few months.

However, I am back since I had gotten my MS infusion last Thursday. It was a long day and my MS doctor said give it a couple of days. And I’m happy to say he’s never wrong. All my inflammation from COVID has vanished and I am so happy.

spring decorating an egg in a bird nest

By the way this easy craft can be found HERE and HERE!

Never did I think I would be so happy to get an IV in my arm, but this drug has been a true blessing!

So, Cindy’s Corner is back, and I have many updates.

First, many of my followers know about my three year journey. It has been scary and sad however, more and more hair is growing back. Now it’s on the top of my crown which is a positive thing. So we are embracing it and taking this as positive. The hair growing back is also like real hair not wispy which is another big positive!

I also took a major step and put my picture on my blog. I am sporting a cute cloche hat. Once I am feeling more like myself in a week or so I may update the picture.

What Else Has Been Happening in my Corner?

Well, I did take part in Bloggers’ Best Home Tour with 25 other blogging friends. I did share easy spring decorating in the home. Kelly from The Tattered Pew hosts this tour, and I am going to participate in the summer tour as well! I am so excited!

Spring decorating with flower pots and moss ball.  An old book and a small Florentine picture in a tureen bottom

Incidentally, you will want to check out how easily I aged these flower pots. It’s simple and budget friendly!

I also did host a tour with some of my great blogging friends for Easter and Spring tables. You can visit this tour HERE. This tour is filled with so much spring and Easter inspiration!

easter table place setting

By the way these napkin rings are perfect for all summer and these peat pots are super easy and fill them with treats for your guests.

Finally, yesterday I shared about the Little Things Make Me Happy! Are you like me and the tiniest things in life make you happy? It’s true, give me a favorite movie I had no idea was going to be on and SCORE for Cindy.

a white and purple viola

Have my favorite dark salted chocolate is a large size available at the market and Cindy is very happy! We have to enjoy the simple things in life.

Also, give some warm weather and let us sit outside have a cocktail. Ane let us watch our puppies play in their yard and I am so happy. They love spring when the birds are chirping. They love sunbathing and rolling around. These are small things that make me very happy!

Unfortunately, NJ did not get the memo that spring is here. It’s freezing and windy! But I can feel it in my gut, it will warm up soon.

What’s Coming with Cindy’s Corner?

Well, I am hosting a blog hop with friends in early April. What will be happening during this hop? We will be sharing sweet to help you get ideas and inspiration for your spring or Easter table. Don’t sweat it either, these are going to be fun, creative easy recipes. Who knows there may even be a cocktail for your Brunch!

I am looking forward to seeing my friend’s inspiration and ideas!

Crafts You May Have Missed!

By the way, sign up to follow Cloches & Lavender so you never miss an easy craft idea, decorating ideas or easy recipes!

These easy napkin rings HERE. By the way these work through the summer too!

These easy peat pot treat baskets. So simple and perfect for any spring get together!

There are exciting things come up. Sorry I can’t share them now, that’s why you need to follow Cloches & Lavender, so you NEVER miss a thing right?

Lastly, Things I’m Loving Right Now!

How About These Pillows

Who Love Sunflowers?

Check Out These Pretty Tops I Found Too!

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  1. I am so glad you are feeling better and getting stronger every day. You have done an admirable job of putting your health first and now you can slip back into blogging. You were missed but real life things happen and blogging takes a back seat sometimes. Blessings-xo Diana

  2. So glad you are feeling better now. Your table setting is so beautiful! Where are the glasses from? (Not the wine glasses, the other ones.)

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