The Little Things Make Me Happy

Spring is here, however in NJ it hasn’t really shown itself. Many times, the little things make me happy. Are you like me with the little things in life making you happy and smile?

For instance, if a a favorite movie is on and I had no idea, I get so excited! Little things like being in the store and seeing your favorite chocolate available in bulk size. This makes me incredibly happy.

How about you are you getting warmer weather?

As another example, once March is here, I am ready for my Violas. Violas bring such a happy feeling to my heart and soul. See again it’s the little things.

Well, this weekend we brought home our little flowers of joy. We also did find these pretty flowers in a variety we have never seen in our area.

The Little Things Make Me Happy viola in purple and white with yellow center

Have you seen this version of these beauties in your area? Let me know because I am very interested.

For the most part when buying Viola, we buy the purple, yellow variety. Which you can see HERE!

But not this year, this year Sorbet Jump Up White miraculously were at the garden center. It’s as if these pretty flowers were sitting there waiting for us. So, this made me appreciate the little things that make me smile and happy!

white and purple viola with yellow center

So, two flats came home with us. And we even had flowers leftover to add to two pots on the deck for spring. Now I can enjoy these beauties out the family room window to bring me joy.

Cold Weather Today Isn’t Making Me Smile!

Honestly, I have to say, not for a second did I expect it to be as cold and windy as it is here today. My poor pretty Viloa looks so sad today. However, my husband keeps reassuring me the warmth of the sun will make them safe, survive and grow and be happy.

Hopefully soon it will get warm enough to sit out there in the afternoons. So, I can be sipping coffee or even a cocktail with my sweetheart husband. We enjoy being outdoors as much as we can and the puppies love being out there listening to the birds chirping which makes us filled with joy, see the little things.

They love sunbathing outdoors and playing with their toys which makes them happy especially because Reeses loves to roll and has smile on his face!

The Little Things Make Me Happy dogs sunbathing and rolling around

Now Dachshunds are known for being heavy chewers. Now when I say heavy chewers, for the most part they move in for the kill with their toys.

The Little Things Make Me Happy dogs playing

You will notice Peanut has 2 toys for herself.

So, if you have these adorable chewers, I highly recommend these toys! Normally I avoid toys with squeakers because as I mentioned they go for the kill.

The Little Things Make Me Happy

But the best part about these toys, they are very inexpensive, they have three squeakers which even for Dachshund’s it keeps their brains moving. These are also the toys that last hours before they get a squeaker out. If you are a Dachshund owner, you know what I am referring too with toys. So, these toys make Mommy happy as well as the puppies!

Do you plant Viola where you live? Do the little things in life make you happy too?

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16 thoughts on “The Little Things Make Me Happy

  1. Ha Ha I had to laugh at the killer chewers that Dachshunds are lol! Buddy has destroyed every fluffy toy and then some indestructible toys even are killed by Buddy! Glad they could enjoy the sunshine. Happy New Week. xoxo Kris

  2. Your pupsters are so cute, not having dogs I didn’t realize doxies were such killers, haha! I’ve had a few cats that were also. So nice to see your lovely photo on the sidebar, Cindy. Happy Tuesday. It’s being slow to warm up here in SW Missouri, too.

  3. We get those pretty flowers every year, but I haven’t seen them out yet. It snowed here every day since Saturday and I’m so over it. I can’t wait for flowers, flats and spring!!

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