A Piece Forgotten That Brings Me Joy

things that bring mt joy

A Piece forgotten that brings me joy! Has this ever happened to you? Well, it did to me, and I can’t be happier.

You may remember a few days ago I wrote a post about the little things! It’s so important to not overlook those moments in life don’t you agree?

How A Piece Is Forgotten That Brings Me A Smile

Well, the other day I had been straightening up a closet. How many times have we straightened closets in our home? I think we have all been there. I know I have and really it needs to stop.

Really, when I think about this fact, I annoy myself. From now on I am going to take the extra moment and put pieces in the correct spot in the first place. It’s actually laziness and I say I can fix it later.

So then, I notice a project, dishes get put in their place and I clean a bathroom. And the entire time the piece I meant to put away is just sitting there. It comes down to laziness really but no more. Take the extra moment and put it away, DANG!

Now back to my story about a piece forgotten that brings me joy. This Peony canvas may not be large, but it has brought me happiness for years.

A Piece Forgotten That Brings Me Joy a canvas of a Peony

Normally this is immediately in my spring decor. However, this year hidden by another piece I did forget to use it in my home.

I had a spring home tour which I am proud of and love the way our home looks for the early spring. But if I had this piece in my possession it would have been center stage on our bookcase.

A peony canvas, ironstone pieces.

A Pitcher, Florentine picture and a sugar bowl

First of all, I especially love the tray that was there. It has lace from the 1920’s from my grandmother inside.

However, in my opinion this small happy canvas of a Peony symbolizes spring so well. It also pops in its new spot. Don’t you think?

A Piece Forgotten That Brings Me Joy

Adding A Prety Crown Too

I also did write a post not long ago about my love of crowns. As a result of this being behind other pieces this rusty beauty sadly didn’t make it to my bookcase either.

A Piece Forgotten That Brings Me Joy

By the way, I just did find these beauties and I can’t buy them right now. So please take a look and make them happy and give them a home!

Here’s my pretty Peony canvas and my rusty rose crown happily in their spots on the bookcase. These pieces bring me joy and as I say It’s The Little Things in Life that Make me Happy!

Now I am going to finish straightening up the closet.

I hope this post made you smile today and remember a piece forgotten that brings me joy is important. Like the cookies that are flying out of our home right now.

Incidentally, I really suggest you check these cookies out. They are very simple, delicious and a crowd pleaser!

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10 thoughts on “A Piece Forgotten That Brings Me Joy

  1. I have found things that make me smile when cleaning out a closet. Those are the magical moments that make cleaning so worth it!!

  2. We downsized and then moved. Now I am trying to find furniture on a budget that I can refinish and my treasures are hidden in a storage room. Your post really resonated with me today, as I will go search through my stuff and find something I had forgotten and it makes me happy. I guess thats why they made it through the downsizing.

  3. I am also bad at putting things away! I love that you bring out items that bring you joy. Thank you for sharing this simple idea for brightening a season and our day.

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