How to Age Terracotta Pots

how to age terracotta pots

How to age terracotta pots is easy to do.  Here I am going to show you how simple this process is to do. As a result, and it will be perfect for this spring!

I love flowerpots and adding them to my spring and summer home decor is one my favorites! Because finding aged terracotta flowers pots isn’t easy, I am making my own and love the outcome!

And I am so excited to share this fun and easy process make old pots with you.

Items Needed:

  • Organic Garden lime
  • Terracotta pots
  • chip brush
  • plastic container
  • 120 grit sanding sponge
  • water
  • moss colored craft paint

First of all, I did use Organic lime however, I apply this using a chip brush.

Garden Lime

Aging Flowerpots Using Lime

To begin with, add lime to a plastic bowl and add water. For the most part, the mixture should look like the consistency of thin pudding to begin the aging the DIY terracotta pots.

How To Age Terracotta Pots a plastic container

Incidentally, I did add more than 1 cup of water to the lime product to get the right consistency for my DIY flowerpots. For the most part the measurement is 2 cups of water to 1 cup of lime. Because I only did 4 small pots and a few mini pots, I didn’t have to use this exact breakdown. I am using much less of the lime for this easy craft idea.

Beginning to add water

Now, I begin applying the organic lime to the flowerpots using a chip brush. I did leave some spots a bit heavier with the lime in areas when I began the aging process for this easy DIY. Doing this adds extra character also because pieces do not age the same leaving places on the pots different works well. Let dry.

How To Age Terracotta Pots adding it to the flowerpots with a chip brush
How To Age Terracotta Pots sharing some of the pot covered
another section of a flowerpot
Painting more on with a brush
the flowerpots drying after adding the lime

After these dry, spray with a light coat polyurethane. As a result of this being an organic product do not be alarmed, some lime may come off the pots. Let the terracotta pots dry.

So then, using a 120-grit sanding sponge lightly sand spots of the lime from the flowerpots. Allowing different variations of the organic material to appear. I also sanded in sections allowing the terracotta to show through. This will let the pots have a realistic aging look.

sanding with a sanding sponge

By the way, this is where my technique differs from others.

Meanwhile, I begin applying a green color paint using a small brush on areas of the pots. Adding this in some areas adds more interest while also adding the look of moss to this simple DIY craft. After I apply a bit of the green paint on the rim of the pot, I lightly smooth the paint to blend in with the lime.

How To Age Terracotta Pots adding green paint with a small brush to look like moss
How To Age Terracotta Pots

Using The Flowerpots in The Home for Your Décor

This terracotta flowerpot craft is easy, fast and budget friendly.  Placing aged pots in my hutch adds a pretty touch from spring to summer.  You may enjoy this post to see how I have had them on display for early spring.  There’s also a great tutorial on reverse transferring in this post.

showing the aged flower pots displayed with a small crown and dried lavender
the aged flower pots with a moss ball and a crown in the other

These aged containers are perfect for spring, these will look particularly pretty on a table set for Mother’s Day entertaining filled with your mom’s favorite wrapped chocolates.

I will also be sharing these for a few wreath ideas I’m going to be creating soon. These flowerpots will receive bit of a twist to these pots.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to age terracotta pots using this technique!

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  1. These really turned out great Cindy. They look fabulous. So exciting to know planting and Spring showing new life is here. Hope you are doing great. xoxo to Reeses and Peanut from Buddy. xoxo

  2. These look amazing, Cindy! I’ve never heard of this technique before so I’m super excited to try it. Love the patina yours have – they’re so pretty! Hugs, CoCo

  3. I love aged pots but have never heard of using the lime before. I’ve just done them with paint, and not as nice as yours.

  4. There are lots of these kind of How-To’s out there, but yours really have a great quality about them. I am definitely on team Lime. Thanks for sharing.

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