Easy Spring Moss And Lavender Bud Wreath

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Let’s take a look at how to make an easy spring moss and lavender bud wreath. This is a great way to add natural elements to our homes. I’m also a fan of lavender and anything moss so when I come up with an easy way to add it to our home I will!

Because I love French Country, lavender is in our home all year except Christmas. Dried Lavender bouquets are often found in home decor items such as crates, and baskets. I love the simplicity it adds along with the wonderful smell.

This simple wreath is especially great because all the pieces needed are easily accessible. Also, I will be sharing links for the pieces needed for this easy lavender wreath.

Grapevine wreaths are popular because they are versatile and can be used for various occasions and purposes. They are made from natural grapevine twigs, which give them a rustic and organic look that blends well with different styles of decor.

Grapevine wreaths are often used as decorative items for different events such as weddings, holidays, and seasonal celebrations. They are commonly used as door wreaths to welcome guests, but they can also be used to decorate tables, mantels, and walls.

The wreaths can be adorned with different decorative items, such as flowers, ribbons, fruits, and ornaments, to give them a unique and personalized touch. Additionally, the grapevine wreaths are durable and can be reused for multiple events, making them a cost-effective decorating option.

Overall, grapevine wreaths are a popular choice because they offer a simple yet elegant way to add a touch of nature and rustic charm to any decor style.

Supplies List to Make This Easy Project

  • 15-inch grapevine
  • Reindeer Moss or green Spanish moss – Michaels craft store or Amazon
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Dried Lavender buds, or floral stems in different colors
  • Ribbon for Hanging
  • Bird Nest optional
  • Small Lavender wands optional

Why I Love Making My Own Wreaths Seasonally

My Love of Making Wreaths Seasonally

Truthfully, I enjoy coming up with new wreaths seasonally. I have been a wreath maker and crafter since I can remember.

I think for the most part, coming up with different styles for an easy wreath is half the fun. Of course, I see many of these on Pinterest and think about how I can make my DIY wreath a bit different for our home. I really believe this is half the fun of coming up with different ways of making easy wreaths.

The best part, is I get to share these step-by-step instructions with you, my readers. My hope is to inspire you to create a similar look for a wreath for your home or front door.

By the way, the best way to see all of my classic wreaths is to visit my DIY & Crafts Section or simply type wreaths in my search bar to see many easy wreaths for different times of the year.

Let’s Begin Creating Our Wreath Project

Step 1: Gather Supplies and Glue the Moss to the Wreath Base

I usually begin any new wreath by gathering my supplies. After my supplies have been gathered, start by plugging in your glue gun to heat up at a low temperature. Here I suggest low temperature because when working with moss glue can seep through and the low temperature will avoid burns.

wreath form and reindeer moss

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Now when I begin making this moss wreath, I separate pieces of the moss and begin filling in my grapevine form. Reindeer moss is easy to work with because it doesn’t separate too much. This is especially helpful when gluing this around the grapevine wreath. 

adding hot glue to the moss
adding hot glue to the moss

My goal for this wreath is to have the thicker grapevine branches on the wreath form noticeable. This adds texture and character to the wreath. I do this by using the tip of my finger and wedging the moss between the branches. A little bit of glue is all you need.

first pieces of the moss glued
first pieces of the moss glued
moss on other side of grapevine
moss on another side of the grapevine
wreath covered with reindeer moss
wreath covered with reindeer moss

After the wreath is filled in with moss and you are happy. It’s time to add the dried lavender buds. I love the combination of the green with the purple from the lavender.

Adding Dried Lavender to This Easy Spring Wreath

Step 2: Using Spray Adhesive Sprinkle and Adhere the Dried Lavender Buds

Now when doing this I did add spray adhesive to the moss n the wreath in my craft room. I had no problem because only a small amount is needed. I did however open the window when doing this step to be safe.

spray adhesive
spraying the adhesive on the greens

Sprinkle a generous amount of dried lavender buds. The combination of the green moss and purple of the lavender truly makes this a beautiful wreath. Let this dry for five minutes.

The dried lavender buds can be bought here on Etsy for little cost. I will share other links at the end of this post for the rest of the products needed for this easy spring wreath moss and lavender bud wreath

adding lavender buds
adding dried lavender buds on top of the moss

Adding a Nest Add Nature and is Optional

Step 3: A Nest Adds a Touch of Nature

Adding the next is completely optional. However, I adore the added rustic look it adds to the wreath. I made these in minutes I enjoy scattering these around our home, especially for spring decor!

bowl of buds
bowl of buds

In keeping with the dried lavender buds, I added some dried lavender buds to the center of the nest. Again, I added just a bit of spray adhesive and sprinkled the dried buds inside. Make sure to wear gloves for this process. It’s very sticky!

Adding the Dried Lavender Buds to the Nest

Dried Lavender Buds Added to the Nest

pressing the lavender
pressing the lavender inside the nest

I also did add a few short lavender wands I had in my craft room. Again, I added a small amount of spray adhesive to the top of the nest as well as the stems. This is the perfect way to keep them together. Allow this to dry for five minutes so it isn’t sticky when attaching the nest when hanging the wreath.

small wands added to the nest
small lavender wands were added to the nest

To attach the nest to the wreath use two U-shaped florist pins. I added them through the center of the nest. A needle and green thread will do the trick too!

pushing florist pin to hold the nest
pushing the florist pin to hold the nest
close up of the bird nest
close up of the bird nest

Lastly, hang the wreath with a ribbon of your choice. To keep the moss and lavender looking fresh I advise not hanging this wreath in direct sunlight. This will keep the color of the moss and lavender buds looking great!

By the way, this is the perfect gift for the lavender lover in your life. This also makes a pretty centerpiece for any spring occasion with a candle in a large glass jar wrapped with twine, ribbon, or even jute.

finished project hanging with ribbon
finished project hanging with ribbon
close up
close-up of finished easy spring moss and lavender wreath

I especially hope you enjoyed learning how to make an easy spring moss and lavender bud wreath.

By the way, if you have any questions regarding this project please feel free to send me an email. I will be happy to offer any help I can to make this wreath a fun DIY for you.

Have a Great Day
Have a Great Day
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  1. This is such a beautiful wreath! I love how you added moss throughout and then all the lavender touches. Great project!

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