Our Fifth Wall

Hello everyone, I am going to be posting about our great room for the next few posts.  Many changes have taken place and I am going to do something a bit different and start from the end and bring you to the beginning  of the starting point of the changes.

I had plans to add something to our great room ceiling since we have lived in the new house.  I didn’t know what, beams were my first thought but wasn’t sure.

Since I wasn’t confident that beams were the way to go and we had other things to concern ourselves with I sat on the beam thing for a while.  

While we were taking care of those other things that needed our attention, the ceiling was always getting thought about.  One day it popped into my head but first I had to check with my handyman John.

I mentioned I had an idea and he said we can talk about it when I get home.  I always seem to have these ideas when he’s at work. 

I knew whatever I decided I had to take the TV and the high hats into consideration.

I mentioned to John I was thinking of molding with a curve to swoop in front of the lights.  Like my technical term swoop?

John got a piece of paper and drew out what I was explaining.  Wish I saved that piece of paper but nope I didn’t. Once that was settled, I wanted to finish off with something to give it the wow factor.

For a second, I thought a flush mounted light and quickly realized that wouldn’t  work with the lighting in the ceiling or the TV.   The other, I purchased new lamps for our end tables which I love.  You will see them in a future post.


Unfortunately, handyman John forgot to take pictures of every step except the end,  You’ll have to take my work for the measuring, cutting and nailing.

We had Audrey, Joe, her two doxies Bend and Sprout, me, Peanut and Reeses in the middle of the workings of this action.  It was chaotic with four dogs, two ladders, a compressor, laser level, a nail gun and a partridge in a pear tree,  ha, ha!


More painting

After some thought, I said a ceiling medallion.  I have them in every room and love them.  It had to be large enough to make a statement and the searching began.


First View

John ordered the molding and got that part started.  Honestly, the work was all his since I can’t climb a ladder anymore.

Once the pieces were here John had our friend Joe help him so he was able to attach it using his nail gun. Once the molding was up John filled the nail holes with caulk and painted it white.

Next came the ceiling medallion .  John found the center and screwed in the medallion and painted the screws to blend.


Close up of Medallion

I am thrilled with the results.  It adds so much character and a bit of formality to the entire space. 

I have always said, we can’t forget the 5th wall.  I have tried to make sure to add detail in some way to the ceiling in every room in our homes.


Another Angle

More to come soon on the changes that have taken  place in this area of our home.

Wishing you all a super week!

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23 thoughts on “Our Fifth Wall

  1. What a great idea. This looks amazing. I had to laugh because you said your best ideas come to you when John is at work. Mine come to me in the middle of the night when Terry is sleeping!!! I cannot wait to see more on this room. How cute you had such a great crew when doing this project. I bet the 4 fur crew members were a big help! Hope Peanut is doing better everyday. Been thinking about that little sweet angel. I see the pics of them on IG. Soo sooo cute. Hugs. Kris

    1. It’s hard to get traffic now. I’m not savvy with social media.

      Pictures don’t do this justice. Stunning in person. Everyone loves it.

      It was a comedy routine with four dogs.

      Peanut is stinking affordable with her drops. She runs right over because she knows she gets fresh string beans after. Reese’s is a doll. He runs over and watches. He gets some for cuteness.

      John loves them even more through this ordeal.

      Oh I get ideas in bed too.


  2. What a great idea! Isn’t it wonderful to have a handy husband? I get all sorts of ideas, too, and he just smiles and goes along with most of them, unless they are really dumb. Your new ceiling looks fantastic.

    1. Thanks Amy, I love it. Peanut is doing well.   Happy as can be.   She gets excited for her drops.   We say shot and she knows fresh string beans come afterwards.   Reeses gets some for being adorable  Cindy

  3. It really turned out beautiful Cindy. I love the medallion! I also love how you call it the 5th wall. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  4. You new ceiling is amazing. I am a bit jealous my brother helped me add medallions a few years ago while he was visiting. But no way can I convince Hubs to put in moulding like that. Yours is just gorgeous, congrats.

  5. I like this so much!! Moldings like you’ve added really never go out of style. When we were building our house we considered beams and our builder pushed us to put them in. In our lifetimes we’ve seen beams go out of style and I just didn’t want to deal with that down the road. Moldings for the win!

    1. Thanks Stacey for the visit. I love it. aI felt beans in the end would have been too rustic, heavy and feel closed in the area

      This works well with the other changes I made to the room

      Stay tuned


  6. These additions to your ceiling make it look so special. If only I had tall ceilings like that to add such beauty.

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