How To Make Easy Tree Toppers

Do you love the look of vintage tree toppers? Besides being fond of vintage graphic images, I‘m sharing how to make easy tree toppers.

First, let me welcome you to Cloches & Lavender my name is Cindy and I enjoy sharing crafts, baking and decorating inspiration on my blog. If you are new to my blog I am glad you are here and hope you take a look and find some inspiration.

I enjoy all things French and mixing old with new.  This is why I am sharing tree toppers with you today using vintage French graphics and free Christmas music sheets. 

By the way, if you like vintage Christmas decor, you may enjoy this post where I share a quick Christmas craft!

Today I’m taking part in a Christmas Blog Hop with Blogging friends sharing inspiration for the upcoming Christmas holiday.  KariAnne from Thistlewood Farm is our wonderful host and friend.  She’s always inspiring us to be our true selves and to look at the big picture.

Before I begin speaking about making easy tree toppers, if you are visiting from Laura of Decor To Adore welcome.  I have known Laura for some time and she is very talented and always inspires.  Can you believe she is related to Laura Ingalls Wilder?  Amazing right!

Wanting French star toppers, I began looking online and they are $45 each. After looking at the picture, I said I can make these myself.

Shopping For Pieces to Make Simple Christmas Crafts

Next, I began shopping for pieces I needed to make these easy star toppers for my trees. Wood stars and free Christmas music sheet printable became my choice.

Items Needed:

  • Mod Podge
  • sponge brush
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • scissors and decoupage scissors

Because I use vintage graphics for holiday projects, I highly recommend this shop on Etsy.  I have bought many vintage graphic images here and have never been disappointed.  If you don’t want to buy graphic and have vintage Christmas wrapping paper that will also be a great option.

These Christmas tree stars are beyond easy to make.

First trace your star on the vintage image and cut the shape for the tree topper.

music sheets after being traced
music paper on top of star

Now, using the sponge brush, add Mod Podge to the back of the image. Immediately, add the image to the top of your star. Here’s a great tip I have learned with Mod Podge!

adding mod podege to the back of the star for the tree topper

Tip When Decoupaging:

Ready for this tip? Always keep a roll of plastic wrap with you when decoupaging. Specifically, because it’s the secret to never getting creases or tears in anything getting applied to a project. It works like dream every time!

Now is a great time to heat your glue gun.

Immediately grab the piece of plastic wrap and smooth out the image on the wood star tree topper. After you think it is smooth pick up the plastic wrap. If for some reason there’s still a bubble or wrinkle, continue smoothing the image and I guarantee it becomes smooth.

plastic wrap to get image flat
rubbing the plastic wrap to get the wrinkles out of the music sheet

Next, begin adding the thin craft garland to the tree topper. First, measure, a section of the star and cut the garland. Now, add a thin strip of hot glue. Press the garland lightly to adhere. Continue until you complete covering the edges of the tree toppers.

adding silver craft  garland  to the edge of the star
adding glue  to the edge of the tree topper for the garland to stick
pressing garland on to the star from hot glue

Printing And Cutting the Vintage Graphic to Add to The Star Toppers

Using my printer, I print my images 3×5. Here is when I use decoupage scissors. As an example, these scissors are great to use because they are specifically designed to allow me to cut intricately. These scissors are truly very sharp which makes them great to cut images for this project.

cutting out my graphic image with decoupage scissors
continuing to cut my image for my tree toppers
my graphics after cutting

Now turn the images over and add Mod Podge again. Carefully pick them up and add to the star tree toppers. Because these are small and delicate, I recommend patting the graphics with your finger tips.

Adding Silver to The Edges of This Holiday Project

Generally, I would have added silver wax or silver paint before the craft garland. However, I didn’t realize until I was finished it was needed. It’s not a problem, I used a small stencil brush to add silver gilding wax to the edges of the tree toppers.

adding silver wax to the wood edge of the tree topper
continuing to  add silver wax to the edge of the star
showing the silver wax on the edge of the tree topper
girl with muff tree topper
girl standing by a Christmas tree topper

Lastly, using my scissors I trimmed the edges of the garland. I did this because I wanted the music sheet image and the graphic to be seen clearly on the tree toppers.

Making The Tree Topper Stands For My Christmas Trees

Making the stand for the tree toppers is extremely easy. Because a coil is needed to place these on the Christmas trees, use a tapered candle, wrap a thick piece of wire to form a base. This can be found at any home improvement store.

making the tree toppers stands from wire being wrapped around a taper candle
the stand finished being wrapped
stand on its side to show full view

After getting my coils for my tree toppers I added silver wax using a stencil brush and let dry overnight.

tree topper stand getting silver added
one finished tree topper
another finished

I can’t wait to put the others on my other Christmas trees. These look exactly how I envisioned and saw online. With different images and a much better price of course.

close up of tree topper
picutre of full Christmas tree

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to make easy tree toppers.  I would love for you to follow Cloches & Lavender so you never miss a craft, recipe or decorating idea.

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  1. This is so cool, Cindy! They look like they could be sold in the beautiful boutique shops of Paris. Love your style lady and your creativity too. This is just amazing! Hugs, loving and pinning CoCo

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  4. Cindy – I adore these vintage tree toppers!!! I am definitely going to make one and now you have inspired me to do a whole vintage tree and that has me really excited. It was fun blog hopping along with you!

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