Easy Ways to Plan Ahead for Christmas

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Today is Christmas in July and I am sharing easy ways to plan ahead for Christmas!  I will share all the details below to help you get a head start for a relaxing holiday season!

I’m joining many blogging friends to share inspiration for the holidays to help inspire our readers.  We are also sharing ways to help you get ready now with some ideas for the holiday season.

Rachel from The Ponds Farmhouse is our host.  Thank you Rachel for putting this fun Hop together.

If you are visiting from Cindy’s at DIY Beautify welcome.  Cindy has such style and amazing crafting ideas.  Her ways to add a rustic cozy Christmas style are full of information and inspiration.

Why do I begin coming up with a game plan and preparing for Christmas early?  Many have opinions about Christmas in July; however, this is the time I begin gathering my thoughts for holiday time.

I like to prepare early for many reasons, but mostly because I want to be able to enjoy the big day too.  I try to stay ahead of the game so to speak.

After the 4th of July, I begin to set dates to have family gatherings in our home.  Friends and family have activities they attend once fall arrives so I begin to plan early to get dates in the calendar.  So, I think it’s safe to say I’m a planner.

Many ask how can I think about Christmas when it’s 95 degrees in NJ and 100% humidity.  Well, honestly it’s not that hard. Hallmark is sharing Christmas movies as well as GAC Family so that gets me in the groove.

For the most part, I plan lists in my mind.  I think about checking how many gift bags I have available.  I’m very serious about my quality of gift bags and tissue I use each year.

graphic for Christmas in July

Believe it or not, I also begin making lists and gathering thoughts about my menu and baking for the holiday season.  I remind myself about food items made last year.  Then I remind myself what didn’t I bake or make for Christmas dinner last year that was missed by my family members?

This may sound crazy to some in the middle of summer however for me I enjoy planning everything for entertaining during the Christmas season early.   It keeps me organized and allows me to have a stress-free Christmas.

Many are aware I’m a seasonal crafting lady.  It brings me joy and relaxation to get my creative juices flowing.  And because I’m this type of person preparing early is the best option and that’s why I’m sharing 7 easy ways to plan ahead for Christmas.

*As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate programs I earn from qualifying purchases*

As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission with no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own.

Why I Don’t Change Decorations 

Why I Use the Same Ornaments for Christmas Trees

Although I’m not a person that changes decorations from year to year, I want to make sure I have everything needed.  
This is a minuscule look at my ornament collection.

Last year, we had to buy a new Christmas tree at the last minute and almost didn’t have a tree.  Isn’t the best situation especially when I host Christmas Day and Blog.  

Before the holiday season arrives, it didn’t dawn on me to check our tree .  This is a lesson I will never repeat so it even happens to a blogger, a terrible situation.

Although I’m not a person that changes decorations from year to year, I want to make sure I have everything needed.


My Easy Ways To Plan Ahead For Christmas

Step 1:  Make Sure The Christmas Tree Works 

Yes, this is my top tip on the list.

If you use an artificial tree, make sure it is in working order.  Also, it’s a good idea to make sure the branches are still looking good and aren’t flimsy.

This is also a great time because many tree companies have July sales for Christmas trees and Christmas decorations.  So it’s the perfect time to make an update and purchase.

I also love having small-lit trees around our home in baskets and if you didn’t make any purchases at the end of last year.  Early is a great time to find these and get great deals.


Is There Craft Ideas You Will Want To Make?

Step 2:  Decide If You Need Crafting Supplies

This is also the time to plan ahead and stock up on items such as jingle bells, wreath supplies, and ornament-making supplies. The easy Christmas balls above are made from clear plastic balls which sell quickly see the details for a simple idea.

I love decorating with natural elements during this special time of year so remember to shop the yard for branches, pinecones and acorns.   Nature is free and has so much to offer when adding these to our home decor for a comfy feel to welcome family and friends.


Check your local grocery store and markets when it comes to making crafts and decorating as I did for the fruit garland for Christmas.   It’s amazing the items you see all the time that are perfect additions to home decorating especially, nuts in shells, dried orange slices, and even cranberries.

Also, make sure you have enough garlands for the mantle and or stairs.  As an example, I made my purchase early for these Afloral real touch garlands because they sell quickly.  These are amazing and this is my third batch!  This way it’s done, and I have no concerns about missing my chance.


Getting the Guest Room Ready for Visitors

Step 3:  Is Everything Ready in the Home for Guests

Is the guest bathroom ready?  This is a great time to stock up on certain items in advance.  Specifically, toiletries, soaps, hand towels, shampoos, and candles make your extended family and friends feel welcome for their stay.   
Do you have enough bedding and blankets?

This throw is perfect to snuggle up with hot cocoa and watch my favorite Christmas movie. Summer is a great time for White Sales so it’s the best time to stock up and get a great price.

It’s also the perfect time to get rooms painted and ready for guests too. Adding a fresh coat of paint to a room makes a big difference especially now when we want our homes ready for gatherings.

Additionally, it’s a good time to recover any dining chairs and scotch guard the fabric to help with stains.

easy-ways-to-plan-for-the season

Getting Inspiration From Magazines, etc.

Step 4:  Need Some New Holiday Inspiration?

It’s a great time to look through magazines, blogs, your favorite decorating books, and of course Pinterest and Instagram which are filled with great Christmas ideas.
This is why I am giving you 7 ways to plan ahead for Christmas now.  You have enough time to get your thoughts together about how you will be sharing your home for the Christmas holiday.  This wreath is an easy craft project that adds character to your home decor and makes a wonderful gift idea.


Adding a New Base to the Bottom of the Tree

Step 5:  Add a Different Tree Base This Year

I enjoy using different items as a base for our Christmas tree.  As an example, over the years I have used baskets, Mercury glass urns, and a galvanized tub. How about building a wooden crate?  This is another great item to check off your “to-do list” or in my case “honey-do list”. There’s enough time to check for plans online, on Pinterest, and YouTube for step by step instructions.


Begin Your Decorating and Buy Gift Wrap Early

Step 6:  Decorate Early And Buy Wrapping Paper 

In full disclosure, because I’m a blogger and love the Christmas season, beginning to decorate early during this festive period makes me happy and excited.  So there’s no unhappiness about pulling my holiday decorations out early.

This gives me extra time to enjoy the Christmas season with friends and family. I enjoy having the smells, sights, and sounds in our home very early. Get to the stores such as Home Goods, Michaels, and Jo Ann early for wrapping.  Or how about purchasing brown biodegradable paper and adding pretty ribbons?

As I said above, I love purchasing pretty gift bags for presents.  Home Goods and Jo Ann are my two favorite places to find a great selection every year.  Home Goods also has an outstanding selection of tissue paper.  Some may say I am a gift bag hoarder I can’t help myself.


My Seventh Idea Make a List of Christmas Gifts

Step 7:  List for Holiday Shopping Now is the Time

It is also a great time to gather thoughts and plan ahead for gift-giving.  Having a holiday budget in mind is important so we don’t exceed our limits.

As time goes by and we get older in our family less is definitely more with gifts.  We are all truly blessed in our family so we keep things simple when it comes to presents.   At times they are homemade gifts, baked items, silly sweets a family member enjoys, or a gift card to a local restaurant.


Getting some of these ideas taken care of now is a great way to keep stress levels down to ensure the best family Christmas.

I hope these 7 ways to plan ahead for Christmas help you get ready so you are able to enjoy this festive season.  I hope you take advantage and find some good deals for Christmas!

Happy Planning!

Getting thoughts about this now relieves tons of stress and keeps us on budget. This way everything needed for the celebration is complete. And enjoying the gift of being with loved ones happens with no stress.

I hope this post is helpful for 7 easy ways to plan ahead for Christmas. Are you a planner like I am?

Now please hop over to my dear friend CoCo’s from The Crowned Goat to see her beautiful ornament creation.

Have a Great Day
Have a Great Day

70 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Plan Ahead for Christmas

  1. Beautiful inspo and great tips Cindy! This reminded me that my flock tree lights went out and now would be a good time to take off the unlit ones and add new before school starts back (ugh!)

    I always love your creative crafts. So many ideas to pin!

    Happy Christmas in July!

    1. Cindy , Love your ideas for Holiday decorating. The pine cone wreath with copper balls caught my eye but not sure if I would use it for fall or Christmas or with a few changes maybe both! I use pine cones for decorating during both seasons and have quite a collection of all shapes and sizes. Am leaning toward a woodland theme for this Christmas in our kitchen and family room with a more formal look for our living room. I have lots of mercury glass ornaments that I love and would hate not to use them. The amount of Christmas decor we have accumulated after 54 yrs of marriage is quite overwhelming so each year I have to limit what I use and deciding on a theme helps alot. Thanks for your Christmas in July. So much fun.

  2. Cindy,
    I love that you don’t change your ornaments on your tree. I remember so many of these amazing diy projects and that’s because they are so unique. Thanks for sharing your talents with us today.

    1. You’ve got me excited to start thinking about Christmas early! Thanks for the ideas.

  3. Love the way you’re prepping for the holidays, Cindy! I always look forward to the wreaths and ornaments you make each year. They’re really beautiful and inspire me to make some too! Big hugs, CoCo

  4. Cindy, we have a large collection of Christopher Radio ornaments and glass ones from Poland, so I completely understand why you want to use them every year. Thanks for all the great tips on being organized this season and I look forward to the crafts you create each year! Happy hopping with you.

  5. These are such great tips, Cindy! We both decorate our family tree with the same treasured ornaments year after year. It’s like taking a walk down memory lane! Pinned!

  6. Hi Cindy!

    I loved all of your ideas! I also love your treasured ornaments and that you use them each year and they are meaningful. So fun to be on this hop with you!

  7. Some really great tips here for planning early for the season! I started making a note in my phone of gift ideas which is so helpful, especially when it starts to get crazy!

  8. Cindy I remember the tree debacle last year and you made it work like you always do. Thank you for your tips this year they definitely are so helpful. Pinned!

  9. I love these tips and ideas, Cindy. It was so much fun hopping with you this week. Hugs to you.

  10. We use many of the same ornaments that we have had for years and years. I’m a sentimental soul, and always find a way to work them in. Great tips Cindy. You have a lot of suggestions I haven’t thought of, so thank you!

  11. I just love your tips for planning Christmas ahead Cindy. I almost always use the same ornaments every year. I just change up which ones I use together on the same tree.

  12. Great tips Cindy! I love using the special ornaments collected over the years on the family tree. Love those stocking of your’s.

  13. Cindy you are super organized; I need some help in that dept. Love your wonderful mercury glass ornaments and that wonderful pinecone wreath!

  14. Loved all your tips to start thinking about Christmas prep in July! I’ve already started shopping and will begin working on Christmas crafts this month!

  15. Hi Cindy – Thanks so much for sharing this with The Fabulous Friday Link Party. We are featuring this post on Friday. Congratulations.

  16. I love Christmas, especially as my 2 year old might understand it a little this year. Great tips. For me, I bought the wrong sized tree base last year so that’s in the list to sort out.

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