Beautiful Black Dog Salvage Paint Project Ideas

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Today, I’m sharing a round-up of beautiful Black Dog Salvage paint project ideas. These painting projects are using the best water based acrylic paint.

Are you curious about what I’m referring to? Have you seen Black Dog Salvage Furniture paint? In my opinion, this is the best paint on the market.

What I’ll Be Sharing About This Furniture Paint

About This Paint And Give Any Piece New Life

I will be sharing the best way to get a smooth finish, with no brushstrokes when painting any piece of furniture or wood surface.

In these posts, you will also learn how this paint is perfect to apply to a multitude of surfaces and it also has a matte finish. This is why I believe this is the best acrylic paint in the marketplace.

You will also learn there are vivid colors, many paint recipes available as well as brushes to use, and how this paint has no odor.

Also, learn the best choice of top coats for your furniture pieces and how this paint can be used on a multitude of surfaces.

My First Project Using This Type of Paint

First Project Using This Water-Based Acrylic Paint

For my first project using Black Dog Salvage Furniture paint, I did a whitewashing technique. This process only needs a little bit of paint.

So, take a look and I will be sharing links to YouTube videos as well in case you want to see this paint in action.

Here’s the link to see and read an easy way to achieve this look. I walk you through step by step in this tutorial the basic steps to get this beautiful look.

By the way, this paint project doesn’t take a long time either and you can apply this to many pieces.

My Second Project Is a Great Way To Make An Old Piece New

Make An Old Piece New

Do you enjoy thrifting? Wait until you see how this paint works over different types of paint. You will also see a good idea to make any piece of furniture extra special.

Again, I share a wonderful way to get the perfect look! Here you get another in-depth step-by-step tutorial to get this beautiful the best end result type of acrylic paint for a furniture piece.


Now you may be looking at this picture thinking this isn’t tragic. Well, let me assure you these tables were extremely streaky. The paint is chalk paint and there are brushstrokes everywhere.

So, I took the two nightstands and updated them and they have a beautiful fat finish that is ultra smooth.

Make sure to visit this furniture painting to read and see all the easy steps I share.

Let’s take a look at the paint ideas some of my friends are sharing today too!


easy beautiful paint project ideas

Liberty worked magic on her ceiling!


easy beautiful paint project ideas

Kristen did a gorgeous paint treatment!


easy beautiful paint project ideas

Michelle did a beautiful lamp makeover!


Oh, and before you go, I have a great project for a double-sided sign I made using Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint. So, be sure to get the easy step by step directions!

Also, remember you can purchase Black Dog Salvage Paint and get 20% off using CL-20

I hope you enjoyed learning about beautiful Black Dog Salvage paint project ideas and visit each of my BDSFP friends to learn more!



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  1. Oh that ceiling is lovely and so is your paint job. I’ve never tried the Black Dog Salvage paint. I need to give it a try.

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