Why do I Craft?

I enjoy crafting because I have an extremely creative brain. Often times I see a piece I love but many times the price tag is above what I want to pay.

So, I figure out a way to make the piece myself to save money but also to feed my creative side.

I love making a new wreath seasonally for our French Country home.

Does Crafting Always Save Money?

This is an interesting question. The answer is most times yes. However, you need to add the costs of everything needed to achieve the end result. For large ticket items most definitely the answer is yes it saves money.

When I decide to make a new wreath for our home for example most always it’s less expensive. I make my own wreaths because I want my wreaths to work for two seasons. Mostly wreaths in the marketplace work for one.

As an example, I make my wreaths work for spring and summer. Fall and winter. Most times I use my crafts for the holiday season too.

Is it Necessary to Have a Craft Room or Space?

Although it isn’t a necessity, it is convenient. It allows me to leave the mess in my craft room and it’s contained that area. Unfortunately, if this isn’t possible. Pieces need to be started and stopped.

If this is the case, I suggest buying containers or baskets to put these items in, so pieces aren’t lost for a certain project and there is no danger of the item being worked to get damaged. Also, it keeps children and dogs safe of sharp or small tools and pieces to make a particular craft project.

What are Pieces I Use the Most?

Wreath blanks, scissors, hot glue gun and glue sticks. Wood scraps, florist wire and ribbon.

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