DIY Christmas Signs

DIY Christmas signs

So today I’m sharing ideas for DIY Christmas signs to use outdoors and inside that are perfect for this time of year. First I thought about what to use for this wooden Christmas sign. My first thought was to use scrap wood. However, I remembered having an old cutting board that will make a cool […]

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DIY Christmas Star Tree Toppers

DIY Christmas star tree toppers

So are you ready to see how to make DIY Christmas star tree toppers? I made different size Christmas tree toppers because I plan to use these on three of our trees. I know three Christmas trees. Two are main trees and the other is for one of several small trees I use in different […]

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Easy Star Anise Wreaths

Star Anise Wreaths

Before I share these easy star anise wreaths let’s talk about what star Anise is, what do you think? What is Star Anise? Star Anise is a Spice? These star-shaped pods look beautiful and have an amazing exotic scent. Have you ever wondered how to use star anise? I never gave it much thought because […]

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DIY Antique Mirror Tutorial

Today I’m sharing a great mirror DIY that can be done in time for the holiday season, and it is a pretty accent to any home. Now don’t think I’m just saying this can be finished in time. Because if you have a mirror in your home or can find one inexpensively at a thrift […]

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Make A Fall Front Porch Sign

make a fall porch sign

So today I’m sharing an easy way to make a fall front porch sign and decorating ideas for the porch for fall. This is the time of year to greet family and friends with a warm welcome and the front door is the perfect place to begin. Don’t you agree? How Can I Make Our […]

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Easy Pumpkin Candle Holders

easy pumpkin candle holders

Let’s make easy pumpkin candle holders, what do you think? What Can I Use to Hold Candles? Use Jars and More to Hold Candles First of all, many items can be used to hold candles. For example, empty jars, mason jars, trays, a glass plate, a slice of wood, teacups, or even a charcuterie board […]

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