Fall DIY Napkin Rings

Let’s make fall DIY napkin rings! I’m sharing easy steps to make your own napkin rings and the best part, these are very fast!

In fact, you can make these in minutes. In addition, these are very budget-friendly and economical to put together besides being so much fun to make. Incidentally, the supplies needed for these simple napkin rings can all be found at your local craft store.

When entertaining for a dinner party anytime during the year I like to make a beautiful table. I enjoy adding fresh flowers or even pretty realistic-looking faux flowers as often as possible.

For the most part, dried hydrangeas take center stage, especially this time of year. Besides being a huge fan of hydrangeas they make for elegant table settings with their delicate dry papery petals and soft colors.

Why Did I decide to Make These?

Why Did I Make These Anyway?

How Did This Project Come About for our Dining table?

So, I bought these inexpensive napkin rings last year and forgot all about having them in our dining room buffet. So, I decided to make pretty fall napkin rings.

This is also a great way to use an empty toilet paper roll, cardboard tubes, or empty paper towel rolls for these fall napkin holders. This also adds no additional cost to this easy project.

Another option is wide wood rings covered using fall napkins with Mod Podge will make unique napkin rings.

So then, I began deciding what inexpensive supplies I need to complete these fall DIY napkin rings for our table decor.

Do People Still Use Napkin Rings?

Do people Still Use Napkin Rings?

For the most part, the answer is YES! This is a bit odd for us today, however, years ago if the napkin was still clean, it was placed back in the ring at the end of the meal. And it is used again. I don’t know about you but boy am I happy we have washing machines!

But today, napkin rings are generally used for decoration, so there’s no need to recycle them.

What’s the Width of a Napkin Ring?

The Width of a Napkin Ring is?

Now if I’m being completely honest I never thought about how wide they are, have you? Tell the truth here, not really right? Well, they are 1.75 inches. This is your fact for the day!

sea grass napkin rings and green self stick moss

Supplies List:

  • seagrass napkin rings or curtain rings
  • self-stick moss
  • acorn caps
  • scissors
  • glue gun and glue sticks

How To Make Fall DIY Napkin Rings Easily

Step 1: Measure How Long the Greens Need to be to Cover the Form

First using a piece of leftover ribbon, I measured the length I’d need to cut my moss for my easy napkin craft idea.

napkin ring with ribbon wrapped around it to get the length I need to cut my moss

By the way, this is a good time to heat the glue gun.

Cut Strips of the Greenery

Step 2: Cut Six Strips of Greens

Next, using good scissors cut six strips of moss. Then, carefully remove the backing of my first strip of moss. I say carefully because the self-stick moss is very sticky.

I'm cutting the moss
peeling the baking off my moss for my napkin rings
beginning to add the moss for the napkin rings

Adhere the Greenscccc to the Rounds

Step 3: Using Adhesive to Adhere the Greenery Well to the Ring

Next, I added a thin line of hot glue. I did this because I wanted to make sure the moss is going to stay put when using these during a dinner party.

*As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases*

As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission with no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own

adding a thin line of glue to the moss to attach to the sea grass napkin ring
rolling the moss on to the seagrass ring

Embellishing the Tops

Step 4: Add Embellishment of Your Choice to the Top

Lastly, add a little dab of hot glue to the acorn top and attach it to the moss for fall-perfect napkin rings. I added three however one looks pretty too.

If you have been following me you are aware of how much I love acorns. So it will be no surprise I made acorn napkin rings.

Besides acorn tops, mini pumpkins or leaf shapes from craft paper will be pretty attached to the ends of ribbon or twine. Hmm, I may have to give these some thought. One can never have too many of these for our autumn table.

adding glue to the edge of the acorn top
showing the napkin ring with the moss and acorn top
six napkin  rings finished for Thanksgiving

I also love this because it’s perfect for this time of the year and enjoy natural elements in our home. You can see more examples of last year’s fall home tour.

Finished Fall DIY napkin ring

Can you believe how fast and simple these fall DIY napkin rings are? These will look pretty at each place setting for my fall table when my family comes in early October for a gathering. I know each family member will love these.

Here’s a gorgeous tablecloth to use for fall for all your gatherings or how about a throw for the tabletop?

By the way, I made wood gift tags that will work great for napkin rings and the fun part is guests can take these home as keepsakes from Christmas dinner!

Of course, these will be the perfect addition to our Thanksgiving table. Do you have napkin rings you have made holiday table? Let me know in the comments section below. I enjoy feeling a connection with my followers.



These DIY napkiin rings are very fast and easy!
Prep Time6 mins
Active Time5 mins
Total Time11 mins
Keyword: easy craft, easy craft ideas
Yield: 6 napkin rings
Cost: $8.00


  • scissors


  • 6 napkin rings seagrass or wood any color
  • 1 package self stick moss
  • 6 package acorn caps


  • heat glue gun
  • cut moss


Step 1
Measure the length to cut the moss.  I used a piece of ribbon.  You can use twine, jute or string for this step
Step 2
Cut 6 strips of the self stick moss
Step 3
Heat the glue gun
Step 4
Carefully remove the baking on the self stick moss.  Add the tip of the moss strip to the napkin rings
Step 5
Add a thin line of hot glue to the moss back.   Now wrap the moss around the napkin ring to attach
Step 6
Carefully add hot glue to the edge of the acorn top.  Place the acorn in the center of the moss.  Continue to add two more acorn tops to the napkin ring
Step 7
Add your napkin and use on your table


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