Fall DIY Napkin Rings In Minutes


Enhance your dining table with the warmth of the season as the fall leaves begin to change and a crisp breeze fills the air. Introducing a way to infuse your autumn table with fall DIY napkin rings in minutes. 

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In this guide, we’ll share a creative and simple craft that combines the beauty of autumn’s palette with personalization. Whether you’re hosting a family gathering, dinner party, or any fall celebrations, these fall napkin rings will serve as charming table accessories for the dining table. 

Join us as we embark on a journey to transform ordinary napkin rings that celebrate the beauty of your fall table setting.

Let’s Create Your Fall DIY Napkin Rings

Let’s explore creating charming DIY napkin rings in minutes perfect for any fall table setting! These steps are not only simple but also quick, allowing you to make these napkin holders in mere minutes. Not to mention, they’re cost-effective and won’t put a dent in your wallet. 

The best part is that the basic materials required for these easy napkin holders can be found in any craft store.

When you’re gearing up to host a dinner party at any point throughout the year, it’s always a splendid idea to craft a beautiful table setting. I get great pleasure from incorporating natural elements like fresh blooms or even faux flowers whenever I can, especially for fall celebrations. 

During this season, dried hydrangeas are the star of the show with small pumpkins from my local craft store. As an avid hydrangea enthusiast, I find their delicate, papery petals and muted hues to be the epitome of fall, forming the perfect centerpiece for creating an inviting table setting.

Let’s make fall DIY napkin rings in minutes! I’m sharing easy steps to make your own napkin rings that take little time. 

Does Anyone Use Napkin Rings Anymore?

Yes, the napkin ring is still used in a table setting as a decorative and functional element. While the popularity of the napkin ring might have shifted over time, it continues to be an accessory that can enhance your dining table. 

Here are a few scenarios where napkin rings are commonly used:

  1. Formal Dinners and Events: For a formal table setting such as weddings, upscale dinners, or business gatherings, napkin rings are often used to add a touch of elegance and sophistication. 
  2. Themed Occasions: The napkin ring can be customized to fit specific themes or occasions. Whether it’s for fall celebrations, a Thanksgiving table, a holiday table, or a birthday party, a themed napkin ring can tie a table setting together and create a festive atmosphere.
  3. Personalization: Many hosts and hostesses use a napkin ring as an opportunity for personalization. Customized or monogrammed napkin rings can serve as place cards, making guests feel welcome.
  4. Table Decor: The napkin ring can be a decorative accessories that complements the overall look of the table setting. They come in various materials, designs, and finishes, allowing hosts to match them with their decor style.
  5. Casual Dining: While more formal occasions often involve the napkin ring, they can also be used in casual dining settings, depending on personal preferences. They can elevate everyday meals and add a hint of refinement even to a less formal table setting.
  6. Artistic Expression: Some people enjoy crafting their own napkin rings as a form of artistic expression. A DIY napkin ring can be created using a variety of materials, allowing for unique designs.
  7. Eco-Friendly Choices: The napkin ring can be made from sustainable or repurposed materials. These are environmentally friendly dining practices, making them the perfect addition for those who prioritize sustainability.

Can Paper Napkins Be Used In A Napkin Ring?

Yes, paper napkins can be used as a napkin ring, and this combination offers a creative and versatile way to enhance a table setting. While the napkin ring is often associated with cloth napkins, pairing them with paper napkins can add a unique twist to your table setting.

How Did This Project Come About?

Last year’s inexpensive napkin rings, tucked away and forgotten in our buffet, sparked a creative idea, why not transform them into something for an autumn table setting? 

With a bit of ingenuity, I embarked on crafting a set of beautiful fall-themed napkin holders.

Before sharing this crafting process, I took a moment to gather the simple craft supplies required to breathe life into these fall-themed napkin holders. With a clear vision and a few materials, I was ready to transform forgotten napkin rings into accents for any fall table setting.

Explore Ideas For Fall Table Decor:

  1. Pumpkin Napkin Ring: Embrace autumn by crafting pumpkin napkin rings. These are sure to be the perfect addition to any table setting and are perfect fall table decor.
  2. Craft A Fall Leaf Napkin Ring: Repurpose rolls of paper towels and make a base for your napkin holders. Add Mod Podge, colorful maple leaves, and ribbon with cloth napkins to a table setting for an instant fall vibe to any dinner party.
  3. Cinnamon Stick Elegance: Elevate your napkin ring by using floral wire or your hot glue gun to add fragrant cinnamon sticks to your holiday table. For a finishing touch, consider attaching a leaf charm, a piece of greenery, berries, or star anise, which can easily be found at the craft store, Dollar Tree, or the Dollar Store. These rustic napkin holders will be a charming decoration table decoration.
  4. Rustic Wood and Leaf Charm: Use wide wood rings for crafting a napkin ring set. Add a rustic touch with fall leaves or fall napkins. Secure these with Mod Podge, These will be beautiful napkin holders for Thanksgiving dinner.
  5. Wood Rings: Wrap the wood rings in twine or jute, hot glue cut pinecone flowers, acorns, or a small pinecone, or mini pumpkins for a charming rustic napkin ring for a holiday table.
  6. Foam Pumpkins as a Napkin Ring: Find small foam pumpkins in fall colors from the Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, or craft stores. Cut wired twine and attach hot glue to each end.  This will be your loop. Add a small maple leaf, pinecone, or acorn to add a bit of nature to each fall napkin ring. Fold fabric napkins and you have a rustic nature-inspired autumn table.
  7. Pinecone Napkin Ring: Add twine or jute around wood rings. Use your hot glue gun add the pinecone on top and add cloth napkins for a rustic natural fall napkin ring. The best part, these can double as place cards for your Thanksgiving dinner. 
  8. Twine Pumpkins Napkin Ring: Use a hot glue gun and attach a twine pumpkin to wood rings.  This fall napkin ring will be a perfect addition to Thanksgiving napkin rings for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Craft Store Supply List:

  • seagrass napkin ring or curtain rings
  • self-stick moss
  • acorn caps
  • sharp scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks

How To Make These Napkin Rings

Step 1: DIY Delight: Measuring Moss For An Elegant Finishing Touch

Using a piece of leftover ribbon, measure the length needed to cut the moss for each napkin ring.

This is a good time to plug in your hot glue gun.  

Tip: Remember to use caution with a hot glue gun, especially around children and pets.


Cut Moss

Step 2: The Six-Strip Secret: Elevate Your Dining Table By Cutting Moss

Next, using sharp scissors cut six strips of moss. Carefully remove the backing of the first strip, the self-stick moss is very sticky.


Add Moss

Step 3: Stick and Style: Elevating Your Own Napkin Rings With A Hot Glue Gun

Using a hot glue gun, add a thin line of hot glue. This will make sure the moss is going to stick to the napkin ring.  Remember to use caution when using a hot glue gun.

Tip: Add a coat of Mod Podge to the moss using a foam brush to each napkin ring. This will prevent the moss on each napkin ring from shedding on your dining table.

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Embellishing Your Table Decorations

Step 4: Details: Transform Your Holiday Table

Add a dot of hot glue to the acorn top and attach it to the moss for the perfect fall napkin ring for any autumn table. Three acorn tops are the perfect addition to my DIY napkin rings.

If you have been following Cloches & Lavender or you are a new follower, I love acorns. The acorn caps are from my collection of acorns and are seen in our fall decorating, autumn table, and scattered on our Thanksgiving table.

Mini foam pumpkins, a small maple, or a leaf charm would be a perfect addition to each napkin ring.  

I adore adding natural elements to our home. You can see more examples of last year’s fall home tour.



I adore adding natural elements to our home. You can see more examples of last year’s fall home tour.

Discover Why Crafting These For Your Thanksgiving Dinner Is a Must-Do Now!

  1. Discover the Elegance: Elevate your dining table with this fall napkin ring. Unveil a world of timeless elegance that enhances any table setting, from casual brunches to formal dinners. 
  2. Get Creative with DIY: Ready to add a personal touch to your autumn table setting? Dive into our DIY page for tons of inspiration. 
  3. Set the Perfect Table Setting: Looking for inspiration to impress your guests? These napkin rings are your secret to crafting an unforgettable table for your Thanksgiving table. 

In conclusion, the napkin ring remains a versatile and adaptable element for the dining table and will enhance any table setting. Whether used with cloth napkins, linen napkins, or paper napkins these decorative accessories continue to find their place on any dining table. 

For The Road: As Perfect Addition To A Table

By the way, I made wood gift tags that will work great for a napkin ring and the fun part is guests can take these home as keepsakes from Christmas dinner!

Can you believe how fast and simple this fall napkin ring is to make to add to your autumn table for a dinner party? These will the star of the show at each place setting for any fall gathering when family and friends visit during the holiday season.  Leave us a comment below so we can learn how you make a fall napkin ring set for your autumn table or Thanksgiving table!



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Fall DIY Napkin Rings In Minutes

Join us as we embark on a journey to transform ordinary napkin rings that celebrate the beauty of our fall table setting.
Prep Time6 minutes
Active Time5 minutes
Total Time11 minutes
Keyword: fall napkkin rings, napkin holders, pumpkin napkin rings, table setting, thanksgiving napkin rings
Yield: 6 napkin rings
Author: Cloches & Lavender
Cost: $8.00


  • 6 napkin rings seagrass or wood any color
  • 1 package self stick moss
  • 1 package six acorn caps optional
  • 1 pair scissors
  • 1 hot glue gun hot glue gun and glue sticks



Step 1: Measure
Measure the length to cut the moss.  I used a piece of ribbon.  You can use twine, jute, or string for this step.
Step 2: Cut Moss
Cut six strips of the self-stick moss.
Step 3: Heat Hot Glue Gun
Heat the glue gun.
Step 4: Remove Backing From Moss
Carefully remove the baking on the self-stick moss. 
Add the tip of the moss strip to the fall napkin rings.

Step 5:  Add Hot Glue

Add a thin line of hot glue to the moss. 
Carefully wrap the moss around the napkin ring to attach.
Add a Coat of Mod Podge with a foam brush to the moss.

Step 6: Add Acorn Cap

Carefully add hot glue to the edge of the acorn cap. Add the acorn cap in the center of the moss. 
If desired, add more acorn caps to the napkin ring.
Add an acorn cap, leaf charm, or a small maple leaf to each napkin ring. (optional)

Step 7: Add Your Linen Napkin

Add your cloth napkin to your table setting. These are perfect for any autumn table or  Thanksgiving table. 
Happy Crafting!


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