Fall Centerpiece Ideas on a Budget


As the cooler weather of the fall season ushers in a new and changing season, it’s time to infuse your floral arrangements with fall foliage. Join us as we dig into a collection of 20 fall centerpiece ideas on a budget. Decorating our own homes for the changing season by adding natural materials, natural elements, and floral arrangements in different ways from your yard adds no extra cost. 

Discover Stunning Fall Centerpieces Without The Splurge

Look at all the FREE and great pieces you can gather from nature during this time of year. Add tree branches with fall colors, and faded real flowers such as hydrangeas, zinnias, and Pampas grasses to fall floral arrangements. If you are fortunate and have evergreens you have the joy of pine cones. Pine cones and acorns are my favorite gift from nature during the fall season!

When it comes to crafting your fall table centerpiece, the possibilities are endless.

Autumn Elegance on a Dime: Easy Fall Centerpiece Ideas On A Budget:

  1. Fresh Flowers: This is the perfect time to add fresh flowers for floral arrangements such as mums, dahlias, and white hydrangeas in a glass vase. Celebrating nature and its beauty at a console table.
  2. White Pumpkins: Fresh flowers from the grocery store with white pumpkins and fall foliage, make a focal point on a dining table. This will be a beautiful autumn centerpiece on a console table.
  3. Repurposed Can: Repurpose tin cans, glass jars, or mason jars into rustic pieces. Paint these with copper spray paint. Add fresh flowers in fall colors for floral arrangements surrounded by small pine cones.
  4. Seasonal Fruits: Add simplicity and warmth with seasonal fruits. Add pomegranates, apples, and dried oranges, to the center of the table for the changing season.
  5. DIY Pumpkin Ensemble: Embrace the DIY spirit by arranging pumpkins with dried fall foliage in natural materials embodying the charm of the fall season.

Kitchen Table And Basket Centerpiece Ideas

  1. Kitchen Table Elegance: Keep it simple on the center of the table with a rustic tray adorned with pheasant feathers, pine cones, and walnuts, capturing the changing season.
  2. Accent Tables: Add vintage crates to accent tables, or wooden slabs, filled with an assortment of white pumpkins, and pine cones, for an easy autumn centerpiece.
  3. Chest of Treasures: In your entryway add white pumpkins, dried gourds in different shapes, artichokes, small pine cones, and preserved acorns to crates or baskets for a different look.

Nature And Wood Risers

  1. Nature’s Symphony: Use traditional fall colors, with leaves and tree branches from your yard or craft stores to create a natural fall centerpiece.
  2. Basket of Warmth: Transform a simple basket into vintage beauty, filled with natural elements such as pine cones, walnuts, gourds, and small white pumpkins, adding natural elements for fall table decor ideas.
  3. Wooden Riser Sophistication: Elevate your coffee table with a wooden riser adorned with pheasant feathers, a stack of old books surrounded by votive candles for simplicity, and a rustic centerpiece.

Let’s explore different ways to create fall centerpiece ideas on a budget today. When it comes to transitioning your home decor for the fall season, you can find ways to stay within your budget and avoid additional costs.

Great Pieces For The Center Of Tables

Center Stage Chic: Elevate Your Decor With These Items For Table Centerpieces

A few items that can help you build a beautiful fall table centerpiece:

  • Trays – Offer endless possibilities! Embrace the versatility of wood trays, brass trays, glass trays, metal trays, baskets, and other materials for any table centerpiece.
  • Bowls – Unleash creativity with bowls of various materials like ceramic, metal, wired, woven, and more! The options are limitless when it comes to choosing the perfect bowl to add white pumpkins and pine cones to any dining table.
  • Candles – Embrace the cozy ambiance of fall with a variety of candles, including tapers, votive candles, and tea light candles in mason jar to add warmth to our homes for the changing season. For your dining room table, opt for unscented candles so their fragrance won’t compete with the delicious scents of fall food.
  • Linens – Get creative with your fall-themed linens and mix things up! Consider using a table runner, drop cloths, plaid patterns, or rich-colored blankets draped at an angle as a unique tablecloth. There are no limits to creative ways to incorporate fall-inspired linens into any table centerpiece.

Adding Natural Materials To The Home

Decorate and Celebrate: Infusing Seasonal Charm In Our Home

During this time of year, I prefer to decorate our own home with natural elements and neutral colors because they seamlessly complement our decorating style. One aspect I cherish is incorporating items sourced from nature or natural materials found at the grocery store. Not only is this approach cost-effective, but I firmly believe that the grocery store becomes our best friend during the fall season and holiday season.

For years, I’ve cherished the use of painted walnuts in their shells, hazelnuts in their shells, and real acorns from our own yard. These natural elements serve as a gentle reminder of the upcoming cooler weather and the changing season.


Fresh Flowers

Add a tall vase or a clear glass vase and embellish it with a selection of fresh flowers, including mums, dahlia, and my personal favorite for fall flower arrangements, hydrangeas. This is a great way to add faded blooms from your own yard while adding a touch of natural beauty to your fall centerpiece.


Pro Tip: Shop the grocery store or Trader Joe, for seasonal fruits and produce to add to any centerpiece.  Make a point to go in your own yard for free fall foliage, pine cones, and bare branches.  

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White Pumpkins

Enhance your floral arrangements by incorporating fall foliage from your own yard such as dry hydrangeas, bare branches, and faux pumpkins in a Jardinière or a large crate for a beautiful fall centerpiece. Pumpkins can easily be found in craft stores and are great pieces to complete the look. The addition of antique candle holders on each side of a table runner creates a captivating centerpiece for our dining room table.


Empty Coffee Cans And Glass Jars

Utilize a variety of containers like tin cans, empty coffee cans, glass jars, or mason jars to create a charming rustic centerpiece. I often share numerous ideas on incorporating these items into home decor, and the only necessary element is spray paint. Opting for a hammered copper finish can give them a stylish appearance and look like the real thing. Fill these coffee cans with fresh flowers in beautiful fall colors from the grocery store or use fake flowers to decorate a vase or pitcher for floral arrangements that you already have in your home. This budget-friendly approach allows you to elevate your decor effortlessly for the fall season.

These would be great fall wedding centerpieces in a rustic barn wedding venue. Imagine these filled with floral foam from the craft store and fresh flowers in a variety of fall colors. Surrounded with votive candles in the center of the table for the wedding reception. Wedding guests will be excited to take these floral arrangements home and have a reminder of the wedding they attended when using this every year for their table centerpiece. 


Seasonal Fruits

For easy fall centerpiece ideas add seasonal fruits from the grocery store such as pomegranates, apples, pears, artichokes, and dried oranges for an inexpensive DIY fall centerpiece, or add these to a bookshelf. I even used them on a fall wreath I made this year that takes little time to put together would work for a rustic centerpiece on a coffee table with a flameless candle in the center.


Pro Tip: Nature offers us beautiful fall gifts and so many natural elements that make our homes warm and welcoming for family and friends as they enter your front door. So, put on a sweater enjoy the cooler weather, go in the yard, and grab FREE fall foliage from faded late-summer flowers. Enjoy the changing leaves full of beautiful fall colors and bring them inside along with their bare tree branches, and some pine cones and make pretty floral arrangements 

Make Your Fall Centerpiece

For a stunning fall dining table centerpiece, consider arranging an assortment of large pumpkins and adding real dried stems to embrace the essence of fall. This simple DIY project can be a game-changer in terms of visual appeal. Dazzle your guests with these charming fall decorations that will make them believe these pumpkins were gathered straight from nature.


Kitchen Table

On our kitchen table, I keep the fall centerpiece simple because we use this every night so I use this beautiful tray. I filled a small white pitcher with pheasant feathers. First, I added a few dishes to the base to add a bit of height. So then, I filled in the rest with assorted small pinecones and walnuts.


Accentuate and Elevate: Budget-Friendly Fall Centerpiece Ideas

Accent Tables

One of my favorite areas to add small centerpieces is our china cabinet in our kitchen. Add a white platter. with small pitchers of real preserved acorns and mini pumpkins. You can even add tree branches preserved with acorn caps to this autumn centerpiece.

For the most part, when decorating an autumn centerpiece for my accent tables I generally use crates, wood or plaster risers, and wood slabs along with old books, and from thrift stores. Books add tons of interest bundled together with satin ribbon or twine. These also can be found for great prices and I recommend checking garage sales and estate sales too. Add a dried flower or a pheasant feather for a great fall accent.

Other great pieces for an end table, buffets, and china cabinets are using fall color dishes that bring you joy.


For the most part, when decorating an autumn centerpiece for my accent tables I generally use crates, wood or plaster risers, and wood slabs along with old books, and from thrift stores. Books add tons of interest bundled together with satin ribbon or twine. These also can be found for great prices and I recommend checking garage sales and estate sales too. Add a dried flower or a pheasant feather for a great fall accent.

Other great pieces for an end table, buffets, and china cabinets are fall color dishes that bring you joy.

Bombay Chest

Here’s an example of using a crate on our Bombay chest in our foyer. I added a large fake pumpkin with dried gourds and dried pumpkin stems, dried artichokes, and real preserved acorns. I’m quite addicted to acorns.

In a week I will be sharing our home for a fall home tour and you will be seeing these little things in many areas of our home. By the way, my collection is 20 years old. Can you believe it it’s so easy to do. Bonus, learn how to clean and preserve pinecones too.



Additional Ideas for Accent Tables

Accent Tables

Next, for our buffet table, I love using this rustic wood crate, and guess what? Yes, it’s filled with dried hydrangeas too. Think about adding white hydrangeas or deep fall-colored fake flowers from the craft store or even faded flowers from your garden.


Natural Elements

For traditional fall colors look for maple trees that put on a show with their red and color orange leaves. Go to a neighbor’s yard, parks, or your own yard and grab tree branches.

Pro Tip: If you are using tree branches with fall foliage from trees in your yard. Wrap them in a garbage bag and put them in the freezer for about 5 days. This will get rid of any little critters and prevent them from ruining your beautiful fall foliage centerpiece.

If you have grasses growing in your yard, cut some and add them to your floral arrangements to add texture. These are the little things that are free and are an easy way to add natural elements to our homes for table decor ideas.   

Every craft store is full of fall foliage in neutral colors, white pumpkins, and vibrant fall colors with fake flowers for the fall season to create beautiful floral arrangements for your dining table, coffee table, or console table.


Budget-Friendly Bliss: Warmth of Autumn With Centerpiece Ideas For Every Nook and Cranny In Your Home


Here’s a large pitcher with a hydrangea and I added a basket filled with natural elements such as pine cones and natural walnuts some painted with champagne and gold craft paint. These have been used on a dried orange wreath that is perfect for the entire fall season and holiday season.

Add your favorite decorating books, old books from thrift stores, and a great fall-scented candle with a seasonal scent for warmth to create a simple autumn centerpiece. 

Fill a larger pitcher, a glass vase, small pitchers, glass jars, or mason jars with fresh flowers from the grocery store, and add votive candles for a coffee table centerpiece. 

Pick up fall foliage, and pheasant feathers at the craft store and add them to a pitcher.



Do you like old vintage baskets too, but, don’t want to pay the price? Thrift stores and craft stores are great places to find these in different shapes and sizes to use for any seasonal table centerpiece.  

How about adding a vintage look with a beautiful patina to a basket you own, find at the thrift store or the craft store? Here’s the perfect time for a DIY project to add instant charm and age to any basket to use in creative ways.

Wood Riser Pheasant Feathers

Here’s how we enjoyed our coffee table last year and it’s an inexpensive way to add fall to any table. I added a wood riser and an ironstone pitcher with pheasant feathers and wrapped a grapevine garland around the bottom. You can find these at thrift stores, Amazon, or any craft store during the fall season.


These centerpiece ideas on a budget for fall are an easy way to usher in the changing season. From fresh flowers for floral arrangements, white pumpkins, pine cones, and to the rustic look of repurposed containers, each idea reflects the spirit of the fall season while staying budget-friendly. As you transform your own home for a beautiful fall remember the true magic lies in blending natural elements, natural materials, the color scheme of your choice, and warm scents. 

Add these to your home today for a warm welcome as your family and friends enter your front door for the entire holiday season.

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