Our Decorated Fall Front Porch

Today I’m sharing our decorated fall front porch. I try to change our porch décor every fall.

October’s here and it’s been beautiful in NJ. The nights are getting nice and cool and a few leaves are beginning to change. The pup’s are so happy going outside to sniff the autumn air and finding leaves to play with, it’s quite adorable.

Here’s a look at last years fall porch.

Our porch doesn’t get much sun in the fall until late afternoon, therefore, mums don’t do well since they need five to six ours of sun.

Beginning the Porch

As a result, I opted for flowering Kale for our decorated fall front porch.  I also used galvanized and a copper boiler bucket I found thrifting this summer.  Since this summer was different my husband picked them up curbside.

Pretty  Additions Being  Used

You can see a few of these containers in my a colorful deck post.  By the way,  maybe you’ll see ideas for your deck or garden for next spring.

Flowering Kale as well as a varieties of pumpkins are center stage on our decorated fall front porch this year. Also using flowering Kale is easy to take care of and it lasts until Thanksgiving in Northern NJ.

As a result of the containers being deep, purchasing straw bales from the garden center was necessary to take up extra room so soil wasn’t wasted. Besides, the hay adds texture and it adds to the rustic nature of falls in NJ.

Keeping a bale of hay together gave height I needed to add a flowering Kale to a flowerpot I repainted that may give you some inspiration.  A larger gourd looks at home next to the pot.

If you follow me on FB or Instagram you may remember, I posted a picture of a pumpkin eaten. The picture on the porch shows a small patch where they started and this is the end result, squirrels 1, Cindy 0.

Image may contain: food

The lesson learned as a result of the pumpkin getting eaten, no matter how great the stem looks stick with the gourds normally used.

I enjoy adding lanterns to our porch also to add a bit of warmth and a soft glow in the evenings.

I’m also sharing a sign I made a few years back it to sums up all things fall.

I also decided to use a wreath I have had from Pottery Barn which received an update  you may enjoy.

I hope  you enjoyed seeing our porch dressed for fall.  Do you enjoy decorating outdoors for the fall?  I’d love for you to let me know in your comment.

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Hello, my name is Cindy and welcome to Cloches & Lavender. I enjoy making our house a home with antiques and thrifted finds. Antiques are used as my staples in my dcor to remain on a budget. I will often upcycle pieces with paint to make them new again. I enjoy DIYs

25 thoughts on “Our Decorated Fall Front Porch

  1. LOVE your porch Cindy. Those urns are amazing and the galvanized pieces are beautiful filled with Kale and pumpkins. Have a great week and enjoy the weather!

  2. Hmmm I have a pumpkin that looks just like yours from our Mr. Squirrel. I love the galvanized piece with your vignette. So cute. Your porch looks so great. Happy New Week. xoxo Kris

  3. Just beautiful!! I love the way your porch looks, it’s so charming and festive. My stoop is currently sporting a BOO sign and some leftover flowering pansies. I’m a bad blogger! I need to catch up to you….

  4. This is so pretty! I went very minimal this year – just one big warty pumpkin on top of a stool with a lantern next to it. We are surrounded by trees and so I can tell you one thing for sure – my porch is decorated with thousands of leaves! 🙂

  5. We had a mouse that would eat out pumpkin at night last year. The dogs would go nuts and we couldn’t figure out what it was. This year so far so good!

  6. Your porch looks beautiful! I went down the minimalist road this year with some lovely autumn flowers and one pumpkin and a lantern. Luckily the squirrels havent found the pumpkin yet!

  7. Cindy, your porch is absolutely gorgeous decorated for fall! You have so many pretty elements displayed, and I adore the lantern. I feel your pain about the pumpkins being eaten by unwelcome visitors. I battle the squirrels every year!

  8. Wow, Cindy this Fall porch is stunning! I love, love, love all your painaed containers and how you layered in the pumpins, straw and kale. It’s all really beautiful. I love it so much! Hugs, CoCo

  9. Your porch decor is sooo cute!!! That poor pumpkin, with the great stem…so glad we don’t have squirrels around here! Loving your fall porch so much!!!

  10. Your porch looks beautiful, Cindy and even though the squirrel ate that pumpkin, you still have a great stem to save for next year. Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ’s

  11. Everything is picture perfect! Hmm our resident squirrels haven’t touched our pumpkins…crossing fingers they stay away!! Visiting from the Wonderful Wednesday link party. I’m #198 this week 😉

  12. OMG! that is so funny! good that it is all good this year though.

  13. What a beautiful wreath! I really love the color against the black door! I can’t believe fall is around the corner already!

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