How To Make: Easy DIY Coffee Can Moss Vase

diy on bookshelf with flowers featured image

Hello everyone, today I am sharing how to make: easy DIY coffee can moss vase. It’s an easy DIY moss craft using a can. The best part, it costs next to nothing. I enjoy these types of crafts. How about you? Besides, it is one of my creative ways to keep items out of the […]

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Easy How To: Dry Brush Plastic Flower Planters


Today I’m sharing an easy how to: dry brush plastic flower planters with paint. This is a great way to give these plastic containers a new look! How perfect is this? I have had these planters for 20 years and it’s time these fiberglass pots received a new look with paint. These are still in […]

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Easy How: To Tips To Repair A Resin Broken Urn

feature image

Today, I’m sharing easy how-to tips to repair a resin broken urn. Just because a piece has a broken surface, don’t throw it in the trash. I will share easy steps to fix the broken edge of a fiberglass planter. I love to recycle and give old pieces a new look.  As an example, this cabinet […]

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9 Amazing Ways to Repurpose Cans and Jars


Let’s talk about 9 amazing ways to repurpose cans and jars easily. We all have these in our recycling bins so how about making these containers useful and pretty? As an example, I have many empty cans of Caffe D’Vita. By the way, I highly recommend giving this a try. It’s delicious and it’s my […]

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Easy How To: Update A Dining Room Table

how to update a dining room table base

Let’s see an easy how to: update a dining room table. Why Update Furniture With Paint? Updating furniture with paint is a great way to give new life to old, worn out or outdated pieces. There are several benefits to updating furniture with paint: Overall, updating furniture with paint is a practical and enjoyable way […]

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DIY Gold Leafing Sheets

dark waxing over gold leaf

DIY gold leafing sheets is an easy ad elegant process to add to pieces we find. Have you ever wanted to try gold leafing sheets? Have you been wondering how difficult and messy adding gold leafing sheets can be? Well today at Cloches & Lavender I am going to share information about using gold leafing […]

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