Easy How To: Dry Brush Plastic Flower Planters


Today I’m sharing an easy how to: dry brush plastic flower planters with paint. This is a great way to give these plastic containers a new look!

How perfect is this? I have had these planters for 20 years and it’s time these fiberglass pots received a new look with paint. These are still in great condition so there’s no reason to throw them away. Let’s keep pieces out of the recycle heap.

Well, let me tell you how updating planters began.

Before I plant my summer blooms, I take my flowerpots out to see how many plants I need. When I took these out of the shed, I quickly realized the need to update the color of the two containers I planned on using.

So, the good news is this is an easy and fast way to update these fiberglass material containers using paint.

Let me share how I did this simple painting process.

Dry brushing is a great way to update old plastic flower planters or add a touch of rustic charm to new ones. With a little practice, you can master this simple technique and create beautiful, unique planters for your home or garden.

Dry Brushing and What is it?

What’s Dry Brushing With Paint?

Dry brush painting is the perfect paint technique if you love the look of worn and weathered pieces.

Applying your paint with a dry brush technique to plastic planters shows the brush strokes. This is an example of why I enjoy using this process.

What’s the Concept of Dry Brushing?

For the most part, when dry brushing I use two paint colors. Paint colors may be very similar or completely different shades. It depends on the look you want to accomplish.

I paint the first coat as if I am painting the piece beginning at the top edge for a smooth finish. Because this piece is already covered with a basecoat, I’m moving directly to dry brushing.

So, as mentioned below in my supplies list I am using ASCP in Louis Blue and Country Grey paint colors.

This can be done using acrylic paint mixing various colors.

Dry brushing gives a piece an uneven look and reveals a bit of the base color as you will see while walking through this planter paint project.

Some may suggest using a good-quality paint brush. I have been applying this painting technique for years and use inexpensive chip brushes. When applying a dry brush technique, paint brushes are often not in good condition after I finish my project it’s not worth the money. For me, this is budget-friendly.

Also, using a dry brush technique is simple and is perfect for flower planters.

Dry brushing is also the best way to add accessories that may not match your home decor. This gives an old piece new life and is a great way to upcycle with paint.

Supplies Needed:

  • Chalk Paint – Annie Sloan Louis Blue or color and paint of your choice
  • Chalk Paint – Jolie Farmhouse Beige or the color of your choice
  • Chip Brushes
  • Painter Stirrers
  • Paper to Cover Work Area

How to Dry Brush Flower Planters Using Easy Steps

Step 1: Clean the Containers with Soap and Water

Before beginning the dry brush process, clean the fiberglass surface with soap and water, and let these dry completely.

I recommend adding paper to your workspace to catch any paint splatters. I did this easy painting process outside, so I covered my table.


Step 2: Begin the Dry Brushing Paint Technique I’m Sharing

Now dip the tip of your brush for a small amount of paint and dab it on a rag or a few paper towels to remove any excess paint. Begin adding paint to the flower pots. For the most part when dry brushing, I add the colors in different directions. This adds more dimension and is the reason I love this painting technique.

First I begin adding my blue paint. I did this heavier in some sections to give this dry brush floral container a true aging appearance.

Tip: When aging pieces with an easy dry brush idea remember pieces in nature age differently. So, make sure to add this process heavier and lighter in areas.

Tip: Why do I Add Color in Different Directions?

I add paint in various directions to add texture. I also do this to avoid any brushstrokes for my project. This is an example of how to add age to flower planters.

Adding the Second Layer of Color to the Pot for a Weathered Look

Step 3: Adding the Second Color to Add Texture

Now begin adding the Farmhouse Beige or color of your choice using a new brush. Again, dip lightly in the paint and wipe off any excess.

Here’s a great opportunity to add tons of character and texture to your container project. When I apply my second coat of dry brushing, I rub the paint in a few areas using more pressure. 

Tip: Why apply more pressure with the next layer of dry brushing? Do this to rub a bit of paint off to see the color beneath.

Again, the aging process doesn’t look the same on an entire piece.

For example, in some areas of my planters, you can see the old color peaks through. Applying extra pressure while using a dry brush gives these planters a realistic aged look. So, think about this when using the dry brush paint process.

Curing and Sealing Your Paint Project

Step 4: Curing and Adding Sealer For Outdoor Use

When using chalk paint, I find it’s best to let it cure for at least 24 hours. Because these planters will be out in the elements, I highly suggest applying two coats of polyurethane. Let this cure overnight before planting begins.

Incidentally, if you would like to see more ways, I have given furniture pieces an update these are big makeovers on a small glass front cabinet, how to update a dining room table base, and making old wood pretty.

Speaking of different paint techniques, I also applied a whitewashing technique to a very easy shutter and I share a step-by-step tutorial and video on our YouTube channel.

Now you know the easy steps on how to dry brush flower planters or any other pieces that need an updated look.

I hope you find this easy how to: dry-brush plastic flower planters tutorial helpful and think about using this easy technique somewhere in your home or yard. Do you enjoy painting? I’d love to know in the comments section!

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Have a Great Day
Have a Great Day

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