Candleholder Color Change

Hello everyone, hope all is going well, today I am sharing an update I have done to some candleholders.

You may remember a few posts back, I posted an update I made HERE  in it I mentioned I was going to change the color of my buffet.  

Well, I made the update and the color of the candleholders blended in too much.  I created these a year ago out of old buffet lamps I wasn’t going to use anymore but still loved the bases.  The top where a candle would normally sit is a terracotta flower pot base I added.

Since the color didn’t work I decided to take out my paint and paint brushes.  I wanted these holders to have that gilded look but aged slightly at the same time.


This is the color they were before I began the change.

Still being on lockdown, I wasn’t able to buy paint in antique brass for my bass color.   No stores are open in NJ  and I didn’t want to wait for paint to get delivered.  So what’s a girl to do, mix her own color and that’s what I did.

I had Rub N Buff in my office but one tube wouldn’t have been enough so I knew I was able to mix my own.  I grabbed my bottles of gold and black craft paint and began mixing.


I have no doubt you will be impressed with my mixing tool and container, ha, ha!

20200518_150236This is the color I created adding some black to the gold.  I told you my mixing tool would impress you, don’t you love my wooden stick and paper plate?  Hey, it’s cheesy but works fine for me.


Not bad right?  After a few days of living with them on my buffet they were just a tad to heavy looking for me.

After giving it some thought, I decided to use the same color I painted the buffet and give t them a very light wash.  I did this wash a bit differently than my normal wash.  When I normally wash with paint I use a container filled with water and dip my brush in the water then the tip of my brush into a container holding my paint color of choice.

This time I almost dry brushed  a small area with the paint color and sprayed a rag with a bit of water and rubbed the paint into the brass color I created.  For me, this toned down the heaviness of the brass and at the same time gave them an aged look.


This was before I was completely finished rubbing the paint color, notice the difference?

Here is a bit of the base on the buffet.  I will be sharing this in its entirety very soon.



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16 thoughts on “Candleholder Color Change

  1. Just beautiful. You are getting to really know your paints and how to make your own work. These looks so pretty now. Great job Cindy.

  2. One thing this lockdown has taught us is to use what we have. And you definitely nailed the color with your creativity.

  3. Love the depth of color on the new paint. Great update! I need to work more with multiple colors instead of just one and then sanding. You do a wonderful job with that technique.

  4. Cindy, your candlesticks turned out beautiful! I use paper plates, too, for painting. They work perfectly! I always love seeing how you give your decor a new look. You are so talented! Happy Wednesday!

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