Patriotic Tray



 Another element that is slightly different is her large glass bottle that holds her flags. 

I had this hobnail light grey pitcher to hold my flags, I must admit, I love our flag especially in a breeze when it’s waiving with pride. I think this glass pitcher works perfectly to display my flags. They are 12″ tall flags I purchased from Michael’s a few years ago.  To give them a vintage touch I used dark Maison Blanche and ASCP clear wax., what do you think?


I have to say I love French décor but I am smitten with mason jars. There’s something that calls me when I see vintage blue jars. The softness of the blue is wonderful.  I used the opposite sizes to the picture from Marie’s tray.  I found these while thrifting a while back, aren’t the aged galvanized lids great?


Another swap is the smaller galvanized bucket.  Not having one, I added a red antique petite soup tureen with boxwood greenery.  The read works great for a patriotic feel.


The frame with a picture is a cute touch. Using pictures of my parents from when they were sweethearts in college seemed to be a great addition. These are dear to my heart, I always pleaded with my mom for them. One day she surprised me and let me take them home. The frames I found at Michael’s years ago. I painted them and lightly sanded the details, I will cherish these forever.


Lastly, in Liz’s picture there is a tricycle and I thought it would be fun to add this baseball glove my husband has had since he was young.  His dad brought it home for him and he has kept it throughout his life. Adding the very old baseball he has had as well finishes this salute to patriotism perfectly.


I hope this gives you inspiration for a patriotic display in your home.

28 thoughts on “Patriotic Tray

  1. Good Morning Cindy. Your tray and patriotic tray is gorgeous. Love the added touch of the baseball glove and your parents pics. Nothing says summer and America like baseball. Your vignette is a beautiful one. Have a good week.

  2. What a fun post. I really love that you have your parent’s college pictures as part of it all. Happy Tuesday! xo Diana

  3. Cindy, your patriotic display is beautiful! I think it is so special that you added the photographs of your parents. I love the pretty red Transferware bowl and Mason Jar collection. Happy Tuesday!

  4. I love that you added a baseball glove and mitt, Cindy! Baseball is so all-american and fits so nicely with the color scheme. Great idea! And good idea how to use the MMS white wax; I’ve got some and never quite figured out what to use it on.

  5. Cindy, I love how you’ve put your patriotic tablescape together… Having your mother and father’s photographs here along with your dad’s baseball and glove. Perfect touch! <3

    Oh, have you seen When Calls the Heart on the Hallmark channel?? Your father must have similar ancestry with Daniel Lissing, who played Jack on the show. They look much alike, I think. (Good looking guys!!)

    Your red transferware tureen is beautiful, too. <3 Happy almost July 4th!
    Barb 🙂

  6. Lovely job on the pinterest challenge this month. I love the added photos of your parents. Your dad looks like Mounty Jack on When Calls the Heart. The baseball glove and soup tureen are perfect. Very fun and patriotic. Hope you have a wonderful Independence celebration. Thank you for joining in. Pinned

  7. Cindy, your tray came together beautifully. I love the soft red of the soup tureen. The baseball mitt and ball are awesome ~ nothing more American than baseball. The photos are a very sweet memento.

  8. Like you, I found something fun to represent the tricycle. My little red wagon did the trick. But, I think your baseball glove and ball is even more of a quintessential patriotic touch.

  9. Your tray looks lovely, Cindy… and those pics of your folks are so sweet! Your mom is lovely! Thanks for the tip about using white wax on natural wood! Love it!

  10. Your tray looks perfect for 4th of July! I really like the look of the wood lightened up with white wax. Using red transferware to hold your boxwood was a good idea to add more patriotic red to your vignette. My favorite part is the pictures of your parents. Great job on this challenge!

  11. Cindy your tray looks amazing. Love the photos, the glove and all the mason jars. Very pretty painting technique you did on the tray.

  12. Fabulous interpretation of this challenge with so many things I love! The photos are wonderful and the ball glove is a perfect vintage Americana touch.

    You always have the best mmakeovers! That white wax on the tray is a look I have been wanting to recreate so many times but I have always whitewashed with paint and it never turns out like that. I will definitley get some of that wax. Also love the vintage look you gave the flags with dark wax.

    Great inspo! Happy Fourth of July!

  13. I agree with everyone else Cyn! The photos and glove are a wonderful touch. It’s so nice to have these special momentos in your lives.

    I have that wax but never thought to use it i this way. Now I just have to find some raw wood ;).


    1. Hi Doreen,

      It’s been a while, hope you guys are doing well.

      I’m telling you the white wax it great and I used it on a bench I posted a while back. Buy for sure, just sounded like a valley girl, ha.

      The pictures are my favorite of them as college sweethearts.

  14. So pretty Cindy. I am swooning over the red transferware. The tricycle is so fun. How special to have your parent’s photos when they were young sweethearts. A lovely Patriotic vignette. Happy weekend.

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