How To Make Flags for The Fourth

Today, I’m sharing how to make flags for the fourth.  The fourth of July is around the corner, and these are easy craft to make for your celebration.

Also, it’s the first Tuesday of the month.  That means it’s DIY Challenge day.  Terrie from Decorate & More with Tip hosts this event and this months challenge is anything for July 4th.  I will share links to everyone’s projects below.

picture for the challenge

 If you are coming from Liberty’s over at B4 and Afters wasn’t her patriotic sign cute?

Before I share how to make this patriotic craft, you may be interested in this post for an easy vignette.

Let’s begin our craft how to make flags for the fourth. I’m using a red stripe fabric bag I have from a product shipped to me.

a fabric bag that I received with a product shipped to me

First Steps to Make This Project for Celebrating Our Country’s Birthday, Cutting Fabric

First of all, I cut fabric 9″x6″ to create these flags.  After cutting the fabric, I add Aleene’s Fabric Fusion to the edges of the fabric flags, let dry completely.  After drying, I cut any extra fibers. 

cutting the fabric bag for my idea


cutting leftover frays from the edges
Making flags for the Fourth of July

Using Old Jeans and Dowels for This Craft

Next, I cut jeans I don’t wear anymore, here I cut six pieces 3×3.  Because I’m making three flags, I cut six, so both sides of my easy patriotic craft are pretty when showing the red, white and blue. To make sure the flags are square you will want to use a carpenter square.

jeans for the craft idea

Using a carpenter square for the blue section

After cutting the jeans, stencil stars using white craft paint to the project and let dry. 

adding the stars

The next step for this patriotic craft is adding a pole.  Here using a thin dowel, I cut the dowel in three pieces.  After these are cut, add a small amount of raw umber craft paint to a paper plate. Dark brown wax will work as well.

Next, I use my finger I cover the dowel for my flag craft idea. After it is covered with the paint, wipe off the excess. 

burnt umber paint
rubbing the burnt umber on the dowel stick with my finger
rubbing in the umber paint with a rag
all the pieces to my flags ready to be put together

For the next step, add glue to the edge of the flags.  Now, place down the dowel and let this dry for a moment.

adding hot glue to the stick to hold

After this step, add glue to the top of the dowel. Then roll the flag over the dowel to attach again and press lightly.

rolling the flag over the dowel

Lastly, using my hot glue gun I add glue making sure to get the corners well. Now carefully flip it over and attach to the American flag craft project.   Also make sure when adding the glue to get the corners well.  So then, carefully flip them over and place them on the flag craft idea and press slightly.

Adding hot glue to the blue section

As an example, this is the flag for celebrating the Fourth.

One finished flag

Displaying This Quick Craft Project

As a rule, I use my antique blue mason jars for my patriotic holidays.  Here, I add a red and white check napkin and little wooden stars. These are painted with white craft paint on both sides.

displaying my American flag

Placing this on a white ironstone platter as well as a deeper red and blue plate adds another patriotic element.  It also keeps it simple.  Next, using a vase I found that looks like an upside down mason jar.  I add white rice for some interest and texture along with the flags.

Another picture

I hope you enjoyed the easy steps for how to make flags for the fourth.  This is an easy, quick craft to make to celebrate our Country’s birthday!

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Now, hop over to see Michelle from Blessings by Me to see her pretty July 4th wreath!

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33 thoughts on “How To Make Flags for The Fourth

  1. Cindy how cute are those flags! I have used napkins like those for a lot of things and they are great quality and work really well and it IS a bonus that you have left over ones for the table. I love everything about these cute flags. Much better than the cheap looking ones you buy now days. Great job. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cindy, your patriotic flags are precious! They are perfect for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. I love the pretty vignette you created for you table. Wishing you a beautiful day, sweet friend!

  3. Cindy you are so creative. I love your flags better than the ones you can purchase. Thanks for sharing, I would of never thought of using napkins or bags to make a flag, these are adorable! Pinned and shared!

  4. I love the idea of making your own flags and the vintage look is perfection! Thank you for sharing the tutorial, Cindy! Great job!

  5. I’m sure your handcrafted flags are a big hit during any of your patriotic celebrations! What a clever idea to make your own flags! They turned out quite lovely!

  6. The vintage look…love! Would never have thought to have used a napkin. Thank you for sharing the tip on the glue to keep fabric from fraying. I hate sewing so this product will for sure be added to my craft supplies. Your flags and Niky’s cork decor would look perfect together.

  7. Oh my word, Cindy, these are SUPER CUTE! I can’t believe these are made from jeans and napkins that is so cool. Only you would be able to pull off something so creative. Loved, pinned and can’t wait to make these too. Big hugs, CoCo

  8. What a great craft for the fourth. I like recycled projects and this one has the look of vintage. I also like that they can easily be stored – always a plus with me!
    Thanks for sharing at the FWF link party.

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