Easy DIY Decoupage Christmas Ornaments

Today I’m sharing easy DIY decoupage Christmas ornaments. The good news, is these are perfect for homemade ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree.

What Type of Christmas Balls am I Using for My DIY Project

Buying Christmas Balls for This DIY Project

For this particular easy Christmas craft idea I’m using a plain glass ball I purchased at Michaels. These are usually available in large tubs at Hobby Lobby and Michaels craft stores. If these are unavailable a Styrofoam ball in the size of your choice is a great idea too.

clear ornament

Use Paper or Fabric to Cover the Ornaments

Use Paper or Fabric to Cover These Decoupage Ornaments

Items Supplies List for These DIY Ornaments:

  • clear glass or plastic Christmas balls
  • decoupage medium such as Mod Podge
  • paper plate
  • scrapbook paper, fabric squares, paper music sheets, wrapping paper, or Christmas napkins
  • small paint brush or foam brush

Next, I began to think about the image for decoupaging my Christmas decorations. Visit Graphics Fairy for a great selection of free old images.

graphic images I am cutting and decoupodging on ornaments

However, for this project, I did purchase mine from an Etsy shop which is not a lot of money. This shop has a wide selection of choices that are perfect for handmade gifts. These also are affiliate links. What does this mean?

cutting the images for my ornaments

*As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate programs I earn from qualifying purchases*

As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission with no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own

After purchasing my image I printed them in thumbnail size. Next, I cut the small pieces of paper out. This is truly the longest part of this project. It took a bit of time to cut the images for my Christmas balls but using a great pair of scissors and Christmas music makes it go faster.

cutting more images for my Christmas ornaments

Applying the Images to this Craft with Glue

Adding the Images to this Craft Glue

Now, I begin to add a layer of Mod Podge in small sections at a time to my DIY Christmas ornaments. This part goes particularly fast because the images are tiny. So, this requires little worry about wrinkles.

applying Mod Podge to my image to be added to my ornaments

By the way, for larger projects, plastic wrap is the perfect way to avoid wrinkles and it works like a charm. This Valentine’s Day craft is a great example of using this on top of the paper.

I usually begin at the top of the ornament and work my around covering the entire ball as well as overlapping the images.

showing the first image attached
showing the image after Mod Podge is added and placed on the Christmas ornament

Let these dry overnight.

More images are added.

Lastly, because I want a vintage look for my Mod Podge ornaments, I did add a coat of light brown wax. Also, remember to rub the wax with a rag to avoid stickiness. This process may also be done by dry brushing lightly with brown craft paint. Again, let these dry overnight if you are using wax.

adding brown paint to the Christmas ornament
the light brown wax add to the ornament

To add even more of a rustic look to my handmade ornaments I added raw umber paint to the ornament caps. I also use a dry brush technique to add more age. This is also optional; however, this step is a great way to give these Christmas ornaments a genuine vintage look.

adding  brown paint to the metal on the ornament
dry brushing with brown paint
after dry brushing the ornament top

I love the way these look with other ornaments I also made. This project is a simple project to make for your own vintage ornament collection.

Christmas ornaments in a dish surrounded by dried orange slices and small pinecones

These old-looking ornaments are in my favorite compote dish surrounded with dried orange slices I share how to make in no time too!  These dried orange slices smell amazing and last for years and are perfect for the holiday season!

A full shot of the Christmas ornasments, dried orange slices and pinecones

I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY decoupage Christmas ornament post and it inspires you to try making some for your home!

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33 thoughts on “Easy DIY Decoupage Christmas Ornaments

  1. Cindy these ornaments are so cute. Thanks for the tip on where to buy the images. They are just darling! I love how you antiqued them. They came to gather so beautifully! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. These look like authentic vintage and antique ornaments, Cindy, I can’t get over it! I love the way you aged them a bit and the image you chose too. They’re fabulous! Pinning and loving, CoCo

  3. These turned out so cute! I love the fleur de lis on the blue ornaments. I don’t live far from New Orleans (about 90 minutes) so the Saints are our fave NFL team, so they are perfect for us. The wax does add a great antiqued look to the ornaments. By the way, Dollar Tree has two clear ornaments for $1 if anyone is looking for a cheap option. You could also use any color for the base of the Mod Podged ornaments since they will be covered with the designs. Love this idea!
    Happy Hopping!
    Niki ~ Life as a LEO Wife

  4. So unique and creative. I love those vintage graphics! I’ll definitely have to check out the Esty store you use. I like the additional detailing of using paint on the silver “hook” area to make it look older. Very cool!

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