How To Make These Christmas Balls

Let’s see how to make these Christmas balls. These ornaments are made from clear plastic.

I did find these HERE. These are beginning to get difficult to buy because clear plastic balls are selling rapidly this year.

a clear plastic christmas ball

By the way, this is another easy and fun Christmas craft.

Steps To Make These Christmas Balls

Step 1

First, clean the plastic ornaments with a alcohol so any residue is removed. Let dry.

Step 2

Second, paint the ornaments three coats of  French blue color paint.   Let them dry in between each coat.  It can be chalk paint or craft paint.  However, if you want the color of my Christmas balls this is the color of mine.

Making And Adding IOD Molds

Step 3

Now I begin making my IOD Molds. Have you ever heard or used IOD Molds?  I’d love to read in the comments if you have.  These add so much character to these otherwise plaine Christmas balls.

paer clay in a log in my hands

I did learn a few tricks and  tips while using these for the first time.

Here Are  Trips And Tricks I learned Using IOD Molds

  • using a small chip brush add corn starch to the inside of the molds and spill the excess out
  • roll the clay in a ball in your hands instead of a log as shown in the picture above
  • only let the small molds dry for a couple of hours before removing
  • glue gently before completely dry to the Christmas ornaments

After removing the molds I add Aleene’s glue to the back. I make sure I add it and cover the piece well. Next I add it to the Christmas balls and let it dry for a few hours.

adding cornstarch to the molds with a brush
showing cornstach in the mold
a picture of the clay getting added to the IOD mold for the Christmas balls
showing the clay once dry in the mold
after adding glue to the back of the applique for the christmas balls
showing me spread the glue on all parts of the applique for thhe ornaments

Because I wanted to make sure I got the glue in the corners I used an old icing tool.

showing the applique attached and dry

Adding Dark Brown Wax To The Christmas Ornaments To Add Character

Step 4

Here using a stencil brush I add a bit od dark brown wax and buff in the wax. Buffing the wax is important otherwise the wax becomes sticky. If you don’t have brown wax brown craft paint mixed with a bit of water will work to add age to the ornaments.

showing the piece after adding the dark wax

Step 5

Lastly, I add age to the Christmas ball tops with raw umber craft paint. For this step using a small brush load it with a minimal amount of paint. Next on a paper towel offload any excess paint.

showing the paint I add to age the ball top with brown paint

Now brush the metal ornament top with the paint. This will dry quickly.

me brushing the top of the ornament
showingthe brown paint on the christmas ball top

Step 6 – optional

Because these are Christmas balls, I didn’t a top coat to protect from dusting. I dust with a dry mirofiber cloth. However, if you dust with water or a cleaner, I highly recommend adding two coats of polyurathane for protection. Because if anything wet hits the wax it will come of the Christmas balls you worked hard to make.

the finished ornaments dispaly in a bowl with orange slices and pinecones

Incidentally, after the holiday season I look forward to making more IOD molds. I plan on adding them to a mirror and who knows whatelse. They are fun and easy to make now that I have gotten the hang of the process.

a picture of the ornaments again

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last picture

By the way, if you are interested in any of the products I used to make these ornamnets, simply click on a picture below. It will take you directly to the product. I also keep budget in mind and shop for the best prices for my followers.

I hope you enjoyed this post for how to make these Christmas balls. I’d love to read your thought in the comments. Interacting with my followers is important to me. Also, have you or will you ever work with IOD Molds? Shoot me a note and let me know!

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  1. Cindy, your Christmas ornaments are really nice!!! I love the white look when you were beginning ~ it had a Wedgwood look to it! Thanks for the fun idea! I do have some molds but have yet to use them.

  2. I have a bunch of those plastic ornaments and had no idea what to do with them. Now you have given them a purpose. Great idea Cindy!

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