A Vintage French Christmas

Welcome to Cloches & Lavender today for a great vintage French Christmas.  This is (Part one) of our Christmas home tour.

Are you ready for some Christmas inspiration today? This is day three of the Bloggers’ Best Holiday Home Tours.

If this is your first visit to Cloches & Lavender, welcome and I hope you enjoy our vintage French Christmas. I love mixing old with new adding a cozy home with a bit of elegance.  And truly love all things French, hence, a vintage French Christmas.

I also enjoy sharing crafts, DIYs, and recipes with my followers.  I hope you sign up to follow along on our journey.

Entering Our Home Through Our Kitchen Dressed For A Vintage French Christmas

Because family always enters our home through our kitchen, I enjoy making things especially festive as they enter our home. For the most part, I begin decorating for the holidays in this hutch.

Immediately as the family enters the kitchen, they see this pinecone wreath I made a few weeks ago.  You can see the easy-to-follow DIY details and make one for your home.

picture of my hutch decorated for vintage french christmas.

An antique shutter with a  pinecone wreath
closeup of the pinecone wreath

The kitchen table is also one of the first pieces seen in our vintage French Christmas. I keep this simple since we eat dinner here every night. A silver bowl on an antique mirror is all that’s needed. I filled it with walnuts and pinecones. The postcard is a great find and is from 1905!

the kitchen table for the vintage christmas tour
a closeup of the kitchen table with candles lit for a vintage French Christmas

Now let’s take a look at vintage French Christmas pieces I am sharing in our hutch.  Having a love for bottle brush trees this is the center of our vintage Christmas home.  

a picture of the hutch with the door closed

Is this door on this hutch honestly not the most beautiful?

Next, I began filling the hutch with the large paper Mache house. By the way, this is an easy craft project the kids can help with too!

large snow covered house inside the hutch
large snowy house with bottle brush trees for my vintage French Christmas

Nestling a bottle brush tree in an antique white Santa mug adds whimsy.  Now, this Santa mug may not be French, however, he’s adorable.

showing more of the inside of the hutch

Next to it is a Flameless candle I made. This is easy DIY with a full tutorial you can see simple steps to make these too. By the way, this project is inexpensive and very easy to achieve and makes a great gift!

Red transferware automatically says Christmas and adding a vintage white bottle brush tree seems perfect.  Antique gold Mercury glass garland adds a bit of bling.  The mini soup tureen is a lucky find from a small shop.  Nowadays these small tureens can be a challenge to find.

a flameless candle, transferware and a small frame that says JOY on it inside the vintage French Christmas hutch

This silver frame from France with a chalkboard that says my favorite word JOY is a pretty vintage French Christmas touch too.  The addition of a bottle brush tree in my bronzed baby shoe looks right at home. This baby shoe holds special memories.

More Of The Hutch And Where I Have Found Some Of These Antique Pieces

Lastly, the hutch has additional vintage bottle brush trees for our vintage French Christmas with an assortment of antique red transferware I had bought from Etsy. 

The larger red dish is a favorite from France from the early 1900s. 

a red dish filled with white bottle brush trees.  Next to smaller dish with a tree and garland.

The small-footed sugar bowl in my French Christmas hutch is from a shop in NJ. It’s filled with an antique garland. Sheep say Christmas to me so one is added.

I have a fondness for crowns and nestling a bottle brush tree inside one makes the tree appear to have a tree skirt. 

a white house with bottle brush trees in flower pots and a crown for a vintage French Christmas

Adding flower pots and silver to the bottle brush trees adds a finishing touch. 

a white house with bottle brush trees in a silver bowl nd flower pots in a vintag Christmas

Here vintage bottle brush trees fill in the hutch top.  An old metal basket has a Mercury glass garland from Antique Farmhouse.

the hutch top filled with bottle brush trees, metal baksets and garland

Here’s a link if you have an interest in this piece.

a close up of the garland in a vintage French Christmas

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases*

On the opposite side, is another old wire basket with vintage Christmas balls and more bottle brush trees.

the other side of the hutch top with a metal basket filled with silver and red ornaments and bottle brush trees

To add a bit of height a seedling finishes the hutch off with a pretty piece of garland.

showing the top of the hutch again in a vintage French Christmas

More Vintage Pieces In A Small Kitchen Corner

Across from the vintage French Christmas, is a small prelit tree nestled inside an old feed bucket. Here, is how I enjoy adding vintage pieces to our home. It adds charm and makes it feel lived in adding a rustic look.

a small tree in a bucket next to cameos on a wall

When lit it immediately accents antique Cameos I purchased from one of my Favorite  Etsy shops.  If you especially love Florentine from Italy make sure to pay a visit.

Enter Our French Christmas Great Room And Sit For A Visit

As you enter the great room Reeses is here to greet you. You may notice he has a perplexed look on his face. He is confused because he’s wondering what happened to our Christmas tree for our vintage French Christmas. He’s concerned if there’s no tree Santa may forget him and his sister Peanut. He may think they have no Christmas spirit.

a picture of my dog Reeses and a French table and armoire where a Christmas tree is for a vintage French Christmas

Here’s The Story About The Christmas Tree Missing From This French Christmas Tour

Well, here’s what happened to our tree, when I plugged it in and it didn’t light. Reeses, Peanut, and my husband say my face was priceless. However, I can tell you I wasn’t calm, I freaked out. How can this happen the weekend before our vintage French Christmas tour? All the licks and kisses from all three weren’t helping. So, off to the computer, I went to order a new tree in hopes it will be here.

Well, it didn’t make it because it will be covering that ugly black speaker on the floor.

Now, we are all aware of shipping delays, but now isn’t a great time for this to happen. To end the drama the tree will be arriving two days after this tour.

So, I will love for you to come for a visit to see the second part of this Christmas tour on December 8th.  The tree and more of the house will be shared.

Now Back To This Tour Of A Vintage Holiday In The Great Room

When first entering the great room two French chairs greet you will deep gray faux fur pillows. I love adding these to our home beginning right after Thanksgiving. A chunky throw is here in case thrills a chill during movie nights.

French chairs with dark gry fur pillows.  A basjet filled with ornaments from Balsm Hill and seedling evergreen tree.

And a French table in our French Christmas

I have to mention this table because I love it and found it on Facebook Marketplace for $35. Needless to sy, when I saw this I jumped on it because in our area this type of find is rare.

A basket filled with French Country Ornaments from Balsam Hill are favorite of mine.  Fairy lights on a timer add a pretty glow in the evenings. Adding pieces of satin ribbon adds a pretty touch. The seedling also received a satin accent.

a closeup of the Christmas ornaments
another closeup of the ornaents from Balsam Hill

Across from the chairs is our coffee table with an old silver bowl filled with simple snow-covered pinecones. After all, a vintage French Christmas is simple.

Sharing The Coffee Table With Pinecones And Christmas Books

Pinecones in a silver bowl on a coffee tabel in a vintage French Christmas
another picture of pinecones in a silver bowl

A vintage Charles Dickens book sits on the table too!

On the couch are sweater pillow covers I can use all winter.  Also the pillows with the vintage French graphics I made.  I will be sharing this soon and you won’t believe how easy and fast these are to make.  Not to mention inexpensive too!

picture of pillows and the couch

The graphics on these pillows are perfect all winter!

another picture of the pillows and the couch

Across from the couch is another favorite spot to decorate with vintage French Christmas finds. As you can see, I keep this relatively simple. Antique French books as well as thrifted books add texture and interest.

picture of a bookcase with books, houses, candles and bottle brush trees

Also, more bottle brush trees and a few crowns add a touch of formality. Can you believe I found the Alabaster birdbath at a thrift store? With a bird attached? This is a rarity to find with a bird. I paid $5 for the piece, I almost fell over.

showing a white house with bottle brush trees.  An Alabaster bird bath filled weith pinecones and walnuts
close up of a bottle brush tree in a crock.  Books and a small lock

Next to the tureen filled with walnuts and pinecones is another flameless candle I made. The Currier & Ives plate is a thrift store find too. When I saw it I had to buy it because I remember my mom having the same picture growing up in her bedroom.

a flameless candle,tureen filled with pinecones.  A white dish with a winter scene.  small sidhes with bells inside and bottle brush trees for a vintage French CVhristmas
closer look at the bells and dish on the bookcase for a vintage French Christmas

Another old rustic piece I enjoy adding to our French Christmas home is this old bell. It has a perfect patina, don’t you think?

shelf with bottle brush trees, a pitcher, crown with a candle.  A vintage bell and book for a vintage French Christmas
closer look at a flameless candle

Adding Vintage French Christmas Pieces To Our Mantel

This year I wanted to get new stockings. Instead of buying them, I decided to make my own. However, not being a sewer I made these with washable fabric glue and a tablecloth that shrank.

stockings hanging from a mantle

Can you believe this costs $4 to make?  You can see this easy, quick tutorial.  Honestly, you will not believe how all these pieces came together to make these stockings.

a lok at the full matle  with galrnad and stockings
a look t the bells hanging by one stocking and the bookcase in vintage French Christmas

This year I also added the bells from Target which are another bargain. Finishing the vintage French Christmas on the mantes is a mixture of greens, silver-leafed ornaments, and pinecones.

Lastly Is Our Buffet Filled With French Christmas Inspiration

This buffet is home to this antique wood crate from France. I love the texture and patina on this piece so much. Filling it with simple green trees, a mixture of greens, pinecones, and silver leaf balls keeps it natural and simple. Of course, I had to add a crown to finish the look.

an weood crate filled with various greens
a full view of the buffet with a wood box filled with greens.  Candle sticks with candles.

A shutter with a Christmas dign and corbel with a small green wreath
another angelof the buffet for a vintage French Christmas

Lastly, is an antique shutter with a Christmas Sign I made and share an easy-to-follow tutorial.  Here I share how to make stainless steel washer rusty.  It’s an easy process and adds character to mostly anything.

This corbel below needs a simple green wreath with satin ribbon.  Satin ribbon is a perfect Christmas touch to a home.

a closer look at the corbel and shutter

I hope you enjoyed seeing a great vintage French Christmas tour!  Let me know which is your favorite part of the tour.  Have you ever had a tree fail at the last moment?  I enjoy connecting with my followers so let’s chat!

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69 thoughts on “A Vintage French Christmas

  1. Your home looks gorgeous all dressed up for Christmas!! I especially love all your mercury glass ornaments and your bottle brush trees!! I have zero of either of those things but want them both desperately!!! It was amazing hoping with you again Cindy!! XoXo Aliya

  2. Hi Cindy,
    Even without your tree arriving yet your home looks beautiful and festive. I am sure the addition of the tree will make that spot so pretty. Can’t wait to come back and see your new tree up. Happy New Week. xoxo

  3. Your home is beautiful and I love all the inspiring ideas you shared. The beautiful stockings, plate wall, and bowl of pinecones are some of my favourites. So happy to be on this home tour with you!

  4. Beautiful tour Cindy, and I just love all your vintage treasures and all the unique ways of adding them into your holiday decor. My favorite is the evergreen arrangement in the French crate on your buffet. So so pretty!

  5. Cindy, I love how you decorated your hutch with so many vintage treasures. Your mercury glass collection is stunning! Pinned! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  6. Everything is so beautiful. Those bottle brush trees and the graphics on your pillows are my favorite. So fun doing these together.

  7. I love all the pretty details you added throughout your home, Cindy! I especially love how you used so many different containers to hold your amazing bottle brush tree collection. So happy to be touring with you this week!

  8. Cindy I just want you to know that I am in love with this tour of yours! So many beautiful elements. I especially love your hutch and how your decorated the top…the basket, trees and ornaments are beautiful! I will be crossing my fingers your tree arrives. At least you had a fun story to add to your post. Pinned and wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  9. I’m jealous of your beautiful red and white transferware! It looks so pretty for Christmas with all the greenery. And your bottle brush collection; love it! Fun to see your tour; so sorry for your tree situation. Your home is beautiful without it, though!

  10. Nobody does vintage or French country like you Cindy! Wow – these details are amazing! From the bottle brush trees to your beautiful stockings to all the layers of greenery – it’s all just magical. I’m so sorry the tree didn’t come in but it just makes me all that more excited to see it when it does come in. You nailed this tour lady! Seriously so pretty! Hugs, CoCo

  11. Your tour was beautiful even without a tree but I would have had the same look on my face and not the best attitude. 😉 Looking forward to see what else you do when it arrives because your details are stunning. Merry Christmas. pinned

  12. Cindy, your beautiful Christmas home makes me smile! I love all of your lovely French vintage touches. There is so much inspiration in each photo! It was so much fun to be on this tour with you. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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