Easy Spring Decorating in the Home

hutch for spring

Who’s ready for easy spring decorating in the home? Are you, then this post is perfect for you today!

Today is also day two of the Blogger’s Best Spring Home Tour. Kelly from The Tattered Pew as always is our gracious host for this event.

If you are hopping over from visiting Alyia from Open Door Open Hearts welcome. Alyia always shares so many pretty pieces in her home especially for this tour.

graphic for spring tour

Introducing Myself and Filling You in About Me and My Blog

Before I begin sharing a tour of our home with you for spring, I want to take a moment to tell you a bit about myself. My name is Cindy, and my blog is Cloches & Lavender and I hope you take a look around and sign up to follow my blog.

I enjoy sharing home decorating ideas especially seasonally to inspire my readers. I also share easy crafts with detailed tutorials to inspire my readers to give these craft ideas a try.

Today, I want you to see the face behind my blog. You may also want to take a moment to read my three year journey. This may give you a better understanding as to why I have hidden behind the camera.

Reeses is my shadow and is taking time keeping an eye on things outside.

Every month I see more and more regrowth on my scalp however, there’s still a long way to go. My doctor says this is encouraging.

As you can see, I use a walker, this is due to my battle with MS. Yes, MS is scary however I’m on a great new biologic that has given me many abilities back. When I first began using a walker, I was truly angry. But I have learned this walker is my best friend. It allows me to take my blog photos on my own again.

It allows me to grab what I need to pile in the cart for cooking and baking. Extra bonus it gives me a bit of ability to play with our Mini Dachshunds, Reeses and Peanut.

Pieces I Enjoy Adding and Decorating Our Home for Spring

When it comes to adding pieces and decorating our home I often lean towards ironstone, vintage and new dishes. Also, Italian Florentine plaques, trays and pictures.

Welcome to our home and I hope you enjoy seeing easy spring decorating ideas in our home. The calendar says spring, however, in Northern NJ the weather is still quite cool.

I’m hoping tomorrow we can finally buy some violas. Violas are one of my favorites because of their delicate nature.

Beginning Our Home Tour in the Kitchen

As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate programs I earn from qualifying purchases

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Immediately as you enter our kitchen, I keep our centerpiece simple with an ironstone pitcher filling it with pussy willows on a wood riser for spring. HERE, you can see how to add a new look.

Outside is the puppy’s playpen with its own artificial turf they us on putting greens. We especially built this for pup to sunbathe and play. It’s known as Dachshund Drive.

Me Cindy the face behind Cloches & Lavender

As a rule, I enjoy changing our hutch seasonally. This spring adding antique blue mason jars, brings out the blues in our china.

Adding Easy Spring Decorating in the Home kitchen hutch

The iron cloche and set of three cutting boards are from Antique Farmhouse. I highly recommend these pieces. Here are the links Crown Style Cloche.

 A crown Cloche with plaster ware underneath

I’m loving these bunnies with their long ears. Adding green Spanish moss to this white platter adds a fresh spring addition. Also nestling a signature small crown adds a bit of whimsy. In this post you can read about my love of adding crowns to home decor.

Adding Easy Spring Decorating in the Home bunny family

Having a collection of antique teacups from grandmothers and an antique rabbit candy mold finishes this warm weather hutch. Incidentally, this egg is an easy craft idea.

floral teacup filled with an egg I made
Adding Easy Spring Decorating in the Home an antique chocolate mold

Lastly, is this easy spring wreath I made with a simple to follow tutorial. The combination of the green moss and dried lavender buds with nest is truly amazing and will work through the summer months.

Adding Easy Spring Decorating in the Home wreath nest filled with dried lavender
Adding Easy Spring Decorating in the Home moss and lavender wreath
Adding Easy Spring Decorating in the Home with antique Florentine plaques and a bucket filled with white Heather

Finishing Adding Simple Touches to the Great Room

Here in the great room, I’m sharing a view of our beautiful ceiling. At times I think ceilings can be overlooked. Remember ceilings are the fifth wall. Details like this can add tons of character and charm to the room.

Adding Easy Spring Decorating the beautiful details on our ceiling

Meanwhile I keep our coffee clutter free. I try to keep the remotes in the French Table which has doors with metal wire for storage. Having remote controls everywhere makes me a bit crazy.

This spot in the great room will have pots overflowing with pretty summer blooms to enjoy when looking out the window.

If you look closely, you can see the top of Peanut’s head as she’s sniffing.

Chairs in the great room near our deck
Moss balls in an antique compote dish on a plateau mirror for spring

Incidentally, this a a urn I had bought while thrifting. The edge had a large piece broken however I easily made a repair and it’s like new. This urn many favorites of mine. An Italian Florentine tray, a lace crown and Florentine picture as well as other pretty pieces.

Adding Easy Spring Decorating in the Home bookshelf

The antique frame is from my grandmother and is holding a piece of lace from the 1920’s.

This spring, I am keeping this simple and filled with my favorite pieces. Ironstone, Italian Florentine especially my new antique Florentine easel from a favorite Etsy of mine.

ItalianFlorentine Easel

I also enjoy nestling a bit of the unexpected like antique ironstone tureen that is holding a moss ball. I created this craft using an easy organic lime wash technique. See a full simple to follow tutorial.

 An ironstone tureen filled with a moss ball a small Italian Florentine picture and an antique book from Paris

By the way, this nest is a great project, looks real and takes 5 minutes to make.

Now please visit Amy over at Amy Sadler Designs to see her pretty spring tour!

Adding Easy Spring Decorating in the Home bird nest filled a French egg

I hope you enjoyed adding easy spring decorating in the home and feel inspired to try some of these quick craft ideas too!

I’d love reading your thoughts and favorites!

77 thoughts on “Easy Spring Decorating in the Home

  1. Cindy!! I always love doing this home tour hop with you! Your home looks stunning for Spring, i love it!! My favorite piece is probably those long ear bunnies in your kitchen! Makes me wish I had added a bunny somewhere in my home this year!! There is always next year I suppose! XoXo Aliya

  2. There are so many beautiful treasures in your home. Enjoy the spring weather now that its finally here.

  3. Cindy, your home is just gorgeous decorated for spring. You have so many beautiful things and have created so many pretty displays. Happy Spring, sweet friend!

  4. Brava Cindy! Praying for you on your journey, and wishing you thick luxurious hair!! Stay strong, stay faithful. Your home is beautiful, while it seems carefree and calming, I know it takes work to keep it scaled back. It is so warm and inviting–i will definitely take a lesson from you.

  5. Hi Cindy, what a cute hat! Thanks for sharing your journey. Your transparency will inspire others. I love your spring decor especially the darling long-eared bunny family–pinned! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  6. I love seeing bunnies out for Spring! So many sweet seasonal touches. Thanks for sharing an update and your beautiful home Cindy.

  7. Love it all Cindy. The little bunnies in the cabinet made me smile. So happy you are doing great on the newer biologic for your MS. That is a hard disease to deal with and I am so happy you have been able to live your life and enjoy doing everyday things we all take for granted. Let’s pray some day they will have a cure. Have a great week. xoxo Kris

    1. I can’t wait for my infusion tomorrow and get something to take away this COVID inflammation away.

      My MS doctor says it can last months. I’m done now with it, it’s exhausting

  8. Super cute! I hope that you will share this on the Fabulous Friday Link Party this Friday. You can find the link on my homepage. Hugs to you.

  9. Cindy,
    Your home is so charming and cozy. I love that wreath you made. I’m going to have to make one.

  10. You amaze me Cindy with all you do and deal with MS. Your tour is beautiful and I especially love all the urns with pots and greens etc. Such a fun idea. Happy Spring!

  11. Your home is so beautiful and I was inspired reading about your story. After seeing your home tour, I’m convinced that I want more bunnies in my life. You’ve displayed them in such creative ways.

  12. Cindy your tour was absolutely beautiful! You are amazing my friend and so strong. I love your positive outlook on all things… and I pray that you are feeling better. I love your French style and all of your beautiful vignettes. Thank you for joining me this week! Pinned!

  13. Hi Cindy, I enjoyed your Spring home tour, especially those vintage dishes! You’ve sprinkled so many pretties around your home. I have a little shadow too, who is never far from my side…she is a blessing! Happy Spring friend! 🙂

  14. SO many beautiful details Cindy. I am in love with your iron cloche and your moss and dried lavender wreath. Perfect for spring! And the piece that holds your moss balls is lovely. Happy Spring!

  15. Your home is so lovely, peaceful and beautifully styled. I especially appreciate your clutter free attitude. I have lupus and have many of the same challenges as you do. I used to work in a museum and do complicated, engaging displays. Now, as I accept my physical limitations, i only decorate my home. It is clutter free, clean and quite pretty. My little china bunnies and minimal spring decor make me happy. Walking is so very difficult for me now. Yet, I told my doctor last week to expect me to have a SPRING in my step when I see him next month. Positivity goes hand in hand with creativity. You are truly inspiring and your home tour brought me joy on this grey, rainy day in Michigan. Thank you.

  16. Your home is so beautiful Cindy! I love how grand it feels! I love all the sweet little touches of spring!

  17. So much fun to see your home all dressed up for Spring, Cindy! I love the picture of you and Reese too. They are such faithful companions and I know they are cheering you on for all the progress you’ve been making lately. You constantly inspire me to show up and be creative! Can’t wait to see what you’re up to next. Big hugs, CoCo

  18. Hi Cindy! I loved seeing your pretty home dressed up for spring! I love your cabinet and the way you styled it! It was so fun to stop by!


  19. Beautiful tour Cindy! Love the urn filled with garden treasures and Florentine as well as the mirrored footed tray. The tiny oval florentine picture on the easel is fabulous!

    Happy Spring!

    P.S. You are inspiriing!

  20. I absolutely love how you styled your hutch! Having your grandmother’s teacups and other treasures displayed so beautifully sure inspires me! Thank you for sharing your story of your three year journey. It was so brave of you, and you will help so many with your honesty. You are already such an amazing supporter and encourager!!!

  21. This is STUNNING! Every single detail is beautifully styled and I LOVE your attention to detail. All of your vintage dishes and pieces are incredible. You have such a beautiful gift, thanks for sharing with us!!

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