Easter Egg and Bunny Crafts

Today I’m sharing Easter egg and bunny crafts that are easy to make and also add tons of charm for spring. Would you like to see how simple this rabbit craft and egg projects are to make? Well, let me show you how easy they are to create.

If you haven’t seen my first spring ideas look HERE this link takes you there.   Also, in addition to being pretty and easy it would make wonderful gift.

Items Needed:

  • 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper
  • printer
  • graphic image
  • outdoor Mod Podge
  • sponge brush or chip brush
  • scissors
  • water

Paper Mache Eggs for this Craft and Adding Paint

First off, I had bought paper Mache eggs in an assortment pack from Factory Direct Crafts

paper machine eggs for my craft

To begin with, paint the eggs with two coats of white paint drying in between each coat. I painted my eggs ASCP Old white because I have this in my craft room.

 painting the eggs white
eggs finished being painted for this project

Next, find images and reverse the image. By the way, these can also be bought in graphic downloads on Etsy and are inexpensive.

 graphic image for my spring craft

As an example, here is a shop I have bought graphics from French Paper Moon.  She has great images and sends them to you in reverse too. 

This step is important because I am sharing how to apply a reverse transfer. Incidentally, I like using reverse transfers over decoupage at times. Why? Because it is gives these eggs a cleaner look. Also reverse transferring also gives the project the look of being professionally imprinted.

Applying the Reverse Transfer to This Craft Idea

After printing the image on computer paper, cut around the graphic as close as possible.

Now, using your sponge brush apply a coat of outdoor Mod Podge to the ink side of the graphic. Next place your graphic onto your egg project and press lightly.

adding my graphics using Mod Podge and a sponge brush

Incidentally, if you need a tip on how to prevent your images from wrinkling, check this post for a fool-proof tip. The picture also gives an idea of the trick.

plastic wrap and my painted egg

Next, let your image dry for 24 hours. As much as you may be tempted to skip the waiting, this step is especially important therefore, do not cheat. It’s particularly important because this is allowing the ink from your image to stick to the project.

Now Let’s Begin Removing the Paper to Reveal the Transfer Image

Finally, after 24 hours, add a small amount of water to the image of the craft. You will also notice the ink becoming prevalent. After the water sits for a few seconds, carefully begin to roll the paper off the image using your fingertip or the side of your finger. Continue to roll until no more paper comes off and let the egg dry for a few minutes.

 rubbing the top layer of paper off my image

In this photo you will notice the right edge of the graphic my egg craft still has the top layer of paper. The left side is the ink transferred to the egg piece.

removing the rest of the top layer of paper

You can see the rolled paper pieces on the plate beneath my hand as I am getting ready to rub the right side of the graphic on my egg craft.

Easter Egg and Bunny Crafts in a flower pot with Spanish moss

These spring egg crafts are pretty added to flower pots with Spanish moss for texture. I also will be sharing how I apply an aging technique to the flower pots in a future post, so stay tuned.

Easter Egg and Bunny Crafts again inside a flower pot with Spanish moss
Easter Egg and Bunny Crafts sitting inside a small pink crown on books

The small crown holding the egg adds whimsy ad elegance with very old books.

Now Let’s Begin the Bunny Craft Using a Wood Rabbit Silhouette

This bunny craft so easy I almost didn’t share it, but I think it’s cute so why not share? I bought this bunny cut out from this Etsy shop for .50 and no shipping.  

Bunny crafts showing the plain wood silhouette

After receiving this cute bunny, I paint the edges white. Using French script wrapping paper I had bought, trace the rabbit and cut it out.

Now, using a sponge brush and I apply Mod Podge to the paper and add to the bunny. 

Easter Egg and Bunny Crafts the wrapping paper cut out with a sponge brush and outdoor Mode Podge
Easter Egg and Bunny Crafts using plastic wrap to remove any wrinkles from the rabbit after decoupaging

Next, using Spanish moss, I add a tail with my hot glue gun to this rabbit. Now I have a bunny ready to add to my spring/Easter décor. 

close up of the rabbit
Easter Egg and Bunny Crafts on the coffee table in a small ironstone dish with pink books

I hope you enjoyed these Easter egg and bunny crafts. They are easy and fun to make to add to the home for spring. I also like these egg ideas because they can be left out in decor because they are just not for Easter they work through the spring.

Do you think you may make these easy spring projects for your home? I’d enjoy reading about your thoughts.

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20 thoughts on “Easter Egg and Bunny Crafts

  1. I don’t know which craft is sweeter, but together they are just perfect! I’ve never tried a reverse transfer. It’s been on my list, but now I may really do it. Thanks for the tips! Happy Spring!

  2. LOVE that technique Cindy – your eggs and bunny are beautiful! I’m definitely going to give that a try to be ready for next year! Happy Spring!

  3. These are both so cute, Cindy, I seriously don’t know which one to pin first! Love these easy to follow instructions and your creativity. They’re both so inspiring. Loviing and pinning as always, CoCo

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