Make A Fall Front Porch Sign

make a fall porch sign

So today I’m sharing an easy way to make a fall front porch sign and decorating ideas for the porch for fall.

This is the time of year to greet family and friends with a warm welcome and the front door is the perfect place to begin. Don’t you agree?

How Can I Make Our Porch Welcoming?

Making the Porch Welcoming

Before anything adds a fall wreath to the front door. This is a great place to start and begin with your seasonal look and color schemes.



Do you want a classic fall color scheme? Or softer colors such as soft green gourds and pumpkins and different oranges on top of urns. This is a great jumping-off point for us and then everything comes together as I wonder about the garden center.

This is usually our choice because I love Heirloom pumpkins or gourds. The colors are so pretty for natural decorating.

For the most part, our driveway gets great sun so this is the perfect spot for fall flowers. Mums in rich colors are planted to greet and welcome family and friends.

Next step, think about adding hay bales, corn stalks, outdoor lanterns white pumpkins for front porch decor. I love orange pumpkins in our outdoor space however the squirrels destroy them even if we coat them. At times I think we have bionic squirrels.

How about adding bushel baskets and a wooden crate filled with foliage in fall colors for natural decorating? I love mums, especially white mums. However, because our porch doesn’t get sun I choose other ways to add natural elements to our front door.


I usually choose to add different varieties of ornamental kale to rustic planters such as an antique olive bucket and an antique copper boiler pot. These pieces by themselves add a rustic look to our front entry. But overflowing with purple, white, and green kale they look amazing.

How to Add Curb Appeal to the Entry of Your Home

Adding Curb Appeal to the Entry of Your Home

There are many ways to make a fall porch sign and they don’t cost a lot of money. For example, there’s a vertical welcome sign for a small front porch, or how about a wood pumpkin and the use of a Cricut machine? I think this would be adorable and extremely festive fall autumn decor.

When making your own sign the best part you create custom signs that specifically work for your front porch.

Now for our front porch, I’m using a piece of scrap wood we had in the garage. By the way, Home Depot sells these, and I actually think this is where this wood came from. and they are inexpensive.


After giving our sign some thought I decided to use sign stencils I had from purchases made a few years ago. These can also be found at Michaels craft store and Amazon. Here’s an Etsy shop that I bought mine from Superior Stencils and these are all affiliate links.


By the way, do you notice the difference in our front stairs? We power-washed them in between finishing the sign and taking finished photos. Look above again at the picture it’s amazing the difference between them, don’t you think?

*As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate programs I earn from qualifying purchases*

As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission with no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own

Fall Porch Ideas for the Front of the House

Fall Porch Ideas for the Front of the House

As I mentioned above for our DIY porch sign I’m using a leftover wooden board. Again after some thinking, I decided to make this a reversible front porch sign. I thought why not use the other side for Christmas but decided to keep it generic to work through winter?

There are many paint choices to use too acrylic paint, and chalk paint but for ours, I’m using Black Dog Salvage Furniture paint because this is such a great product and it can be used for so many ideas. This sign as one of my dearest blogging friends would say it’s “Easy Peasy”, I love when she says this to me, you know who you are and how special you are to me.

Step 1: Painting the Base of the Board

I used the color galvanized from Black Dog and added a thin coat and let it dry overnight. By the way, when adding the grey paint I didn’t cover the board with a thick coat of paint. I knew I was going to sand it lightly the next day with a medium grit sanding sponge to give the porch sign an aged look.

If you have been following Cloches & Lavender, you may already be aware that I like pieces to have age, and character and look worn and old. Truly a sign even on a covered porch by the front door pieces gets weathered and this adds more charm to fall and winter porch decorations. Don’t you think?

To learn more about this great furniture paint learn whitewashing and tons of information regarding this product line. It’s amazing how many items this can be used on and works, plus NO odor. Oh and by the way, safe to use around pets and children.

Can you believe this is also great to craft with? This makes it a win, win for another reason. Don’t you think?

Besides when the winds pick up in NJ during the cooler weather things blow over on the ground and bang on our front stairs and porch. So I figure by adding character from the beginning is one of my great ideas, HA, HA.

To see other techniques using paint I share is a great idea and a simple way to use this on any piece in the home.

Step 2: Adding the Words to the Sign

At the front of the sign, you can see I’m stenciling with a stencil that says Pumpkin, and I will be adding other pieces from another stencil I have too. For the word Pumpkin, I used Black Dog Salvage paint in clean canvas. The other portions are in black and I will add two coats of clear Matte Topcoat for protection from Black Dog as well.


Again, I can’t say enough good things about this furniture paint. It amazes me how smoothly it adheres to a clean surface. I also can’t get over how many other things can be done using it to not only paint furniture pieces. I’m thrilled to be on board with this fantastic product. One of the best parts about this paint is it goes on like silk and there are NO brush strokes or odor. You can’t beat that and after this sign, I’m beginning my nightstands as promised.


It has taken me a while because I took the time to think of how I want my paint design to look when finished. So stay tuned. Sharing them soon!

Step 3: Painting the Reverse Side of my Sign

The next step, painting the reverse side of my front door sign to use all for the holidays and winter seasons. Again I had these stencils too. This is why I said making my own DIY porch sign is perfect because it can be customized.


After adding the color Galvanized as I mentioned above I sanded it lightly with my sanding sponge and look at the instant character it adds to make this look old and weathered. Right?


Then using my clean canvas paint I stenciled Baby it’s cold outside. Then I added hot chocolate and 25 cents.

After this dried, I went a step further for the aging process and added a bit of raw umber paint to clear glaze then rub with a lint free rag to blend. Always remember when rubbing in glaze it’s extremely important to use a lint-free rag and rub the wax in well.

It’s also important when doing the glazing process to use two brushes. One is to add the glaze and a dry brush to blend it in for the aged look.

winter sign outdoors
winter sign for outdoors on the porch

Finally, I added two coats of matte Salvage Dog top coat. This is especially important because I added wax. This will make this sign weather safe.


USE CODE C-L20 when ordering and get 20% off Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint – I HIGHLY recommend trying the product!!!!


I hope you enjoyed learning the steps to make a fall front porch sign and give this a try. Let me know what you think of this idea and if you have a fall sign by your front door.

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  1. A reversible sign! I can’t believe how obvious that is and yet I’d never have thought of it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Your porch looks so pretty and welcoming! I’ve always wanted to get hay bales to use in my decorating- such a nice touch 🙂 Happy fall!

  3. This sign is amazing and complements your fall porch perfectly, Cindy! I love the bumpy pumpkins and your kale is just gorgeous. Love how you made the sign on both sides. You are so creative! Hugs, CoCo

  4. Cindy your front porch looks great! I love the bunches of kale you have in containers. You are so creative making that sign for more than one holiday. Have a great weekend.

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