Farmhouse Front Porch Christmas Decorating Ideas

Farmhouse Front Porch for Christmas

Today I’m sharing farmhouse front porch Christmas decorating ideas.

Have you ever wondered how to add a natural rustic touch to seasonal decor? Well, today is your lucky day because I’m going to share an easy and simple way to add instant curb appeal all winter long.

There are so many inexpensive ways to add touches to farmhouse Christmas porches.

Since we have been living in this home we have decorated our front porch with a simple style during the holidays. I enjoy this look because it allows us to have it after Christmas time.

Here are examples to add outdoor holiday decor to your own porch for Christmas.

Ideas for Adding a Farmhouse Decorating Ideas Porches

Ideas for Adding Farmhouse Decorating to the Porch

Originally when we designed our home a large front covered front was in the plans. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen because of zoning restrictions. Bummer, but we are blessed to have a beautiful brand new home.

If you have a large outdoor space in the front of your home here is a great way to make a cozy porch for Christmas.

Some of these ideas are especially perfect if you have a porch swing for a Christmas porch. Also, many of these ideas I’m sharing with you work for a front porch all year long. So, I’m hoping I help you with some ideas I’m going to share in this post. Adding these items to make a swing on the porch extra comfy and cozy is easy with some simple decor items.

  1. buffalo check pillows
  2. throw blankets and this is perfect to add Christmas to the swing
  3. mini trees in different sizes with twinkle lights
  4. a wooden sign with a wash of white paint leaning by the side of the door screams farmhouse decor

Here are other ideas for front porch decorations if there’s room for outdoor Christmas decorations again these are perfect all year making these ideas more cost-effective and budget-friendly.

Adding Chairs and Benches to the Front Porch

Add Chairs, Benches and More to the Porch

When driving through our neighborhood we often see larger porches with 4 or 5 rocking chairs. This is one of the most beautiful looks on a front porch. We have also seen the whole family on the chairs enjoying fresh ice cream during the summer months. By the way, our neighborhood has one of the best ice cream shops around.

  1. a rocking chair or two with throw pillows – We have a Trex deck so I know these are going to last for years and come in many colors!
  2. wooden bench
  3. how about adding a plaid scarf over the arm of Adirondack chairs
  4. think about adding a joy sign, by the way, this is one of my favorite things and word for Christmas
  5. a red berry wreath with fairy lights. Here make sure to buy outdoor lights with a timer
  6. how about a galvanized bucket with a Christmas tree with plaid ribbons or velvet ribbons hanging from the edge of the bucket

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Pieces We Purchased for Our Front Porch

Pieces for Our Front Porch

Here you can see the pieces we purchased to add to our front porch Christmas decorations. Some of my new readers may not be aware I have MS and use a walker. Many times I go outside to add our front porch decor. However, since I have been active and getting many things done at one time my wonderful husband brought all the items to me.

Here’s an example of how our entryway looked before I began adding the pieces I speak about below. This gave me the perfect way to conserve energy during this busy time of year. Am I the luckiest woman or what? My husband is truly one of a kind and puts my health first and tries to make things as easy for me as possible, especially when he knows I have many things on my plate so to speak.

How I Begin Decorating Our Outdoor Home

How I Begin Decorating Outdoors

The first thing I do when adding pieces to our front entry adds a pretty piece to our front door. Some years a pretty holiday wreath however this year I’m using a door basket.

It’s filled with fresh greens, red berries, and one of my favorite pine cones. I also added these bells from a French shop my bestie and I visited every holiday season. We both love Christmas so this store got us in the Christmas spirit immediately! Sadly now it’s gone and it was such a great place to visit especially at Christmas.

For the most part, our Christmas porch decorations are filled with natural elements.

farmhouse front porch Christmas decorating ideas front door basket filled with evergreens

Adding Baskets and a Boiler Pot to Our Porch

Add Baskets and Pots to the Front Porch

The next item that makes a great addition to our front porch is this large very bushel basket I found thrifting. Here’s a beautiful option to add for Christmas as well as all year round to the front porch. Every Christmas season it’s overflowing with real greenery. Unfortunately, this year we were unable to find fresh cedar branches which is a favorite of mine, especially for our holiday decor. Oh well, I think the white pine branches overflowing with winter branches is rustic and pretty.

The large copper boiler pot is another thrift find. When I saw this I grabbed it immediately. Again this is overflowing with Christmas greenery. The birch logs and extra-large pinecones are a perfect addition. Adding a simple natural wreath made from grapevine adds character and even more texture to our rustic Christmas porch. Don’t you think?

I’m a big fan of grapevine and have many blank wreaths in my craft closet at all times. Why do you make ask? Well, because I’m a big fan of making homemade wreaths. You can see many of my easy creations by visiting my DIY & Crafts Section. I also tend to keep grapevine garlands around too. These are a great thing to keep around not just to use as garlands but they make a pretty wreath base too and can keep costs down. So, keep these items in mind too.

Generally, I try to make my wreaths work for multiple seasons and keep them budget-friendly. I also capture and share as much information as possible to make these pieces for your own home. So, take a look and browse my crafts.

Add Warm Light to the Front Porch

Warm Light is Perfect for a Front Porch

Another item that is a must on our porch during the holidays and winter months is lanterns. Think about adding black lanterns, rustic lanterns, or Christmas lights. Warm lights say welcome and are especially a great idea to welcome holiday guests to your home.

Lastly, for our front porch, I added a sign I made for fall and the best part about this front porch sign, is it’s double-sided. How perfect is this to make? Add it to the porch for fall and flip it over and you are all set for Christmas and the winter months to have welcoming look.

Christmas sign on the farmhouse front porch Christmas decorating ideas

Adding More Charm and Character to the Yard for Winter

More Charm and Character to the Yard for Winter

One piece that is always in our front yard from Christmas through winter is my vintage sled and a pair of old ice skates I scored for $2 thrifting. An old Sleigh ride sign and birch logs finish this space in our yard. The red lantern is perfect to highlight this small spot with warmth in the evenings. An inexpensive real garland from our local grocery store adds a finishing touch.

In fact, this is my sled from when we used to go sleigh riding as a family when I was young.

If you no anything about NJ it’s not extremely high so where I grew up the big thing was sleigh rides at the gold courses. Oh boy, these were great days and times. My dad would take us and because I was young I often got him to steer my sled. I loved those days and saying daddy go faster!

I remember coming home cold and wet. We would get change and hot chocolate was waiting for us to warm up of course Christmas cookies were there too. My mom made the best cookies and I believe this is why I love to bake. I’m also a cookie eater!!

 Wreath over coach lamp

I have to tell you these days made the perfect Christmas. Do you have these kinds of memories too? If you do aren’t they the best!

Hopefully, you enjoyed this post about farmhouse front porch Christmas decorating ideas and I hope I shared some inspiration for decorating your outdoor area for your home. I also hope you enjoyed some of my storytelling. Let me know what your favorite is in the comments so we can connect. I love connecting with my readers and followers so much!


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  1. Cindy your porch looks beautiful and inviting. I have always loved that front door basket you have and how you decorate it for the holidays. I am embracing the greens and natural look this year. No front porch anymore but I am living vicariously through all of you that do have them. Yours is awesome and beautiful.
    Have a good day sweet friend.

  2. Cindy you porch looks fabulous! I hope you don’t mind but I gathered so many ideas! Thank you for sharing so much inspiration!

  3. So many beautiful ways to decorate your porch Cindy! I love all the greenery touches, the urns, wreaths and signs you made. They’re fabulous! Hugs, CoCo

  4. Cindy, your porch looks wonderful! I love everything about it, from the rustic baskets and urn to the gorgeous greenery you used to fill them! Everything looks so beautiful! Pinning now!!

  5. I have a wreath on my front door but that basket looks so classy. I’ll be on the hunt for one over the next year. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!

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