How To Make A Dried Citrus Wreath

Today I’m sharing how to make a dried citrus wreath. If you follow Cloches & Lavender you may know how much I enjoy decorating with natural elements in the home.

As an example, you may enjoy seeing my fall home tour HERE.  As well as seeing natural elements in our home I also share links to many craft ideas for this time of year.  Incidentally, many of these crafts work through Christmas and contain dried citrus.

As you will see in my fall home tour I added grapevine garland to our kitchen hutch.

showing the top of my hutch in me fall tour.

This shows the grapevine garlnd I used there.

Because I had some grapevine leftover I made this dried citrus wreath.

A Tip When Working With This Garland

Grapevine garland is stiff so before beginning this dried citrus wreath, I have a tip. Soak it in warm water before working with it. For instance mine took a half hour to become plyable. Generally these aren’t very thick so it’s not too much extra work.

I bought my grapevine garland HERE.  Also, you get two garlands for a great price.

Making Extra Grapevine Into A Wreath Shape

Step 1

First, make the grapevine into a wreath shape to begin adding the dried citrus. I simply wrapped the grapevine in a circle. As you wrap the circle add florists wire twisting the wire in spots keeping the wreath shape. Because the garland isn’t thick four pieces of florist wire is all that’s needed.

Left overgrapevine garland I will make into a circle for my dried citrus wreath
florist wire to tie grapevine together
showing the green florsits wire holding the grapevine togther for the wreath shape

This is also a good time to heat up your glue gun for the dried citrus.

Adding The Dried Citrus Slices To The Wreath

Now begin adding the dried orange slices to the circle.  You can see I dried these HERE.  Or you can buy them at this Etsy shop.

showing how I use the hot glue gun to add a piece of orange to my wreath
showing a few orange pieces glued to the wreath.  Also I am adding glue to another orange for the dried citrus wreath

After adding hot glue to the back of citrus slice, I immediately lay it on the grapevine wreath. Press lightly to secure. By the way, I began in the bottom center with the dried citrus and worked my way outward.

When I first made this dried citrus wreath as you saw during my tour, it had Anise and small pieces of cinnamon sticks. After a few days, I decided to remove them and keep this simple.

the wreath with anise stars and cinnamon stick pieces
the dried citrus wrearing my home tour hanging from a French armore

After removing those pieces. I began adding and layering more oranges to the wreath. Going approximately 3/4 of the way up the wreath.

Finally, using lace ribbon, I simply wrapped it around the wreath and tied a knot. Adding small pinecones with a bit of hot glue keeps with the simplicity of the dried citrus.

a close up of the dried citrus wreath with ribbon tied around and small pinecones hanging from the ribbon
citrus wreath hanging showing the  full view of the French armoire

If you enjoy working with dried citrus as I do you may enjoy this post.

full shot of the French Armoire with the dried citrus wreath and a chair with a book and throw on the chair

I hope you enjoyed seeing how to make a dried citrus wreath. Do you enjoy using dried oranges or fruits and citrus in your home? I’d love to read about it in the comments.

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Pin for the Pinterest of the dried orange citrus wreath


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  1. Cindy, I always enjoy seeing your dried fruit creations. I love how the wreath looks on that gorgeous armoire. Your home always looks so beautiful! Happy Fall, sweet friend!

  2. I was just thinking about dried oranges for fall decor. I was glad to see your post..I may have to give this a try!

  3. What a great project and it looks so lovely!!! I bet it smells amazing too!!!

  4. Your dried fruit and nut pieces are some of my favorite in all of Blogland Cindy! Love how beautifully this wreath will take us from the Fall seaon into the new year. It’s really pretty! Hugs, CoCo

  5. This is so pretty! I love that the oranges are just on the bottom – makes it stand out as something different!

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