Fall Nut Wreath

Today I am sharing how to make an easy fall nut wreath and it’s the perfect DIY wreath. This also has been on my craft bucket list for some time. Do you have one too?

There’s something about a natural fall wreath and nuts that immediately comes to mind when it comes to fall decor. The cooler weather offers nature’s bounty of wheat stalks, corn husks, and pine cones.

Growing up my mom always had nuts in their shells around our home. I think maybe this is where I get my passion for natural elements in our home, especially during the cooler times of the year.

Pieces to Add to a Fall Wreath

Add These Pieces for a Natural Fall Wreath

Craft stores are filled with fall flowers, mini pumpkins for a pumpkin wreath, faux apples, colorful leaves, seed pods, cinnamon sticks, and red berries for the upcoming autumn season. Now is definitely the time to stock up on supplies for your fall wreath ideas.

It’s also a great time to get great prices which is perfect for the budget.

And we can’t forget about the candy corn. Everyone loves them or candies shaped like a pumpkin. I think they remind us of our childhood. Don’t you agree?

I love the bright color of fall especially when the leaves begin the change and put on quite a show. Nature is a magical time when the seasons change. It offers us fading flowers such as Dahlias, Zinnias, Sunflowers, and lavender to name a few. Bring these indoors and enjoy them whether fresh or dry.

However, for our home’s style a traditional fall wreath with bright colors, unfortunately, doesn’t flow with the rest of our home’s decor.

So for our home, I tend to use colors in a natural pallet. For instance, I surround our home with a variety of nuts, such as walnuts and hazelnuts for autumn, the holidays, and winter. Some are left naturally and others are gold and champagne painted with craft paint.

I also enjoy adding dried artichokes, pinecones, and my all-time favorite real acorns!

I also think adding a variety of nuts to the home is one of the easiest ways to usher in the new season. And the best part, these work for Christmas too! Also, I have had these for numerous years.

Of course, these aren’t edible but they haven’t spoiled. In fact, they are very light and hollow so I’m assuming the walnuts dissolved. But you know what they say about assuming right? Rest assured these are fine otherwise they wouldn’t be used.

Because I have such a passion for acorns I also enjoy adding my acorn wreath that is covered entirely with acorn caps. I look forward to getting it out for the fall season.

Do you have pieces your love using every year in your home decor too for different seasons?

In fact, since I have such a fondness for these I have a collection of 100’s cleaned and preserved acorns that I found in my own yard from our old home. I share an easy and great way to save these for years to come.

Let’s begin making this gorgeous wreath.

Begin Adding Covering to Your Round for Your Autumn Wreath

Step 1: Cover the Form with Burlap to Add the Natural Pieces

The first step to making this fall nut wreath is buying an 8″ wire wreath base. Generally, these can be found at Michaels stores, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn, or even on Amazon inexpensively.

Another great option is a foam wreath form, a straw wreath form, a wooden wreath base, or even a natural twig wreath.

Meanwhile, this is the perfect time to plug in your hot glue gun and gather many glue sticks

Now for my easy wreath project, I am using an 8″ wire wreath form. Because its wire wrapping the form with burlap ribbon is particularly important. Wrapping the form is an easy step and takes no time.

Supplies List:

  • 8″ wreath form of your choice
  • hot glue gun and hot glue sticks (many glue sticks are necessary)
  • burlap ribbon if using a metal wreath form or foam wreath form
  • hazelnuts in the shell – grocery store
  • metal skewer or a thin heat-resistant tool
  • ribbon
  • Spanish moss
  • scissors

form getting wrapped with ribbon
the wreath form wrapped in burlap
glue gun, burlap wrapped wreath and hazelnuts

Adding the Pieces to the DIY with Hot Glue

Step 2: Gluing the Nuts to the Round Form

Begin gluing the hazelnuts around by adding glue to the bottom of the nut. The first row is the most time-consuming the rest of this wreath project is simple and goes rather quickly.

the first row of nuts glued to the wreath
finished gluing first row of the pieces

Above and below the wreath is laying down because I was afraid the wreath would not hang level.  Notice the gap in the photo below.

after adding 3 rows of nuts

After adding the first row, continue filling the wreath form with the remaining nuts. Incidentally, adding the rest of the pieces to this fall DIY goes very quickly. Incidentally, I used 105 hazelnuts to cover the entire wreath.

almost finished gluing

Adding a Bit of Rustic Touch for a Finished Look with Moss

Step 3: Add the Moss to Fill in Spaces to Finish the Look of the Wreath Idea

Now, add Spanish moss to the simple wreath craft for a finished look. A small amount of moss is all it takes to fill in the spaces on this easy project. Cut a small piece with scissors, this helps keep the moss from being messy and gives it a cleaner and finished look.

The moss also gives this easy wreath even more of a rustic and natural look.

Spanish moss

Next, add a tiny amount of hot glue in a section and add Spanish moss. Using a metal skewer or heat-resistant tool to push the moss into the empty spaces also goes quickly.

pushing the Spanish moss in between the hazelnuts

Finishing the Simple Project and Adding Silver for Added Elegance

Step 4: Add Silver Wax or Silver Craft Paint to the Nuts for an Elegant Look

Lastly, I add silver gilding wax to the nut tops to add an extra touch of elegance. After adding the silver wax make sure to buff the wax lightly with a lint-free rag.

Another option is dry brushing the tops with silver metallic craft paint. However, if you are using paint let it dry for an hour. 

the hazelnut wreath finished being filled with the moss
adding the silver gilding wax

Now hang this easy nut wreath with a ribbon of your choice. By the way, in the end, I realized I didn’t need to leave a gap for the ribbon. So it goes to show even a blogger makes the wrong assumption.

I added a dark silver satin ribbon to blend with the gilding on the easy hazelnut wreath DIY.

a full shot of how to make a hazelnut wreath
Another picture of the finished hazelnut wreath

I think the end result makes a stunning and festive nut wreath. This is perfect for fall, however, I leave this in our home throughout the winter months.

This piece will also look pretty as a centerpiece with a battery-operated candle in the center.

If you have been following me for any length of time I enjoy making wreaths that can be used for multiple seasons.

For an easy quick project, you may enjoy this simple craft to clean and preserve pinecones.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how to make this fall nut wreath. . It’s a very easy project to do and works from fall throughout the winter months. I’d love to read your thoughts about this easy craft project so please leave a comment and feel free to reach out to me.

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  1. When you write a book about gorgeous wreaths, I’m definitely going to be the first in line! I love this one so much, Cindy, it’s really beautiful. I love how you added the spanish moss for an extra layer of texture and of course I’m bananas for your ribbon too. It’s all stunning! Pinning this one too! Hugs, CoCo

  2. This is my kind of wreath Cindy! I love using natural elements for decor. Adding the moss was brilliant – it really adds another level to this wreath! Pinned 😊

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