Easy Fall Nut Wreath Tutorial Printable How-To

Welcome, I’m excited to share a DIY project with you – an easy fall nut wreath tutorial printable how-to.

This wreath has been on my craft bucket list for quite some time. I couldn’t be happier to finally bring it to life. If you’re like me and love the idea of incorporating natural elements into your fall decor, this wreath is perfect.

There’s a certain charm that comes to mind when we think of a natural fall wreath adorned with nuts. As the weather grows cooler, nature provides us with treasures, such as corn husks, fall flowers, colorful leaves, and pinecones. These elements bring out the season, making them ideal for capturing the spirit of autumn in our crafts.

Memories Of Natural Elements

Perfect Time For Natural Elements

I have great childhood memories of my mom having nuts in their shells scattered throughout our home in the fall. I believe these memories planted seeds and passion for incorporating natural elements into our living spaces during the cooler months. There’s something captivating about the way these elements connect us with nature and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

So, if you’re ready to begin a creative journey, dive into the process of making a natural fall wreath. By following the steps outlined in the printable how-to card below, you’ll be able to make this wreath in no time.

Let’s gather an assortment of nuts, explore the beauty of colorful foliage, and embrace the joy of crafting. As you assemble the wreath, take a moment to appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds you. So, allow yourself to get lost in the creative process and let your unique style shine through.

Once your wreath is complete, find a great way to put your beautiful wreath on display. Whether it’s proudly hanging on a door, gracing your living room wall, or a centerpiece of your dining table. Each time you glance at the creation, you’ll be reminded of the simple pleasures autumn brings and the memories.

Fall DIY Wreath Perfect For Cooler Weather?

Are you ready to embark on this craft adventure with me? Let’s create a natural fall nut wreath that will fill your home with warmth, and the spirit of the season.

This natural fall nut wreath is the perfect DIY fall wreath. This also has been on my craft bucket list for some time. Do you have one too?

There’s something about a natural fall wreath and nuts that immediately comes to mind when it comes to fall decor. The cooler weather offers nature’s bounty. of wheat stalks, seed pods, and cinnamon sticks,

Growing up my mom always had nuts in their shells around our home. I think this is where I get my passion for natural elements in our home, especially during the cooler weather.

Why A Natural Festive Nut Wreath Is Great For Home Decor

Homemade nut wreaths are a beautiful and unique addition to fall, Christmas, and winter home decor. There are several reasons why these wreaths are so perfect for these seasons:

  • Natural materials: Nuts are natural materials that are abundant during the fall season. They bring a warm and earthy feeling to your home decor that is perfect for autumn and winter.
  • Festive: Nut wreaths are perfect for the holiday season because they can easily be dressed up with ribbons, ornaments, or lights. They can also be decorated with seasonal flowers and foliage to create a beautiful and festive display.
  • Versatile: Nut wreaths can be made in a variety of styles and sizes, which makes them very versatile. They can be hung on doors, and walls, or used as centerpieces for tables or mantles.

More Great Ideas Natural Nut Wreath

  • DIY: Making a homemade nut wreath is a fun and creative project that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit and create something beautiful for your home.
  • Long-lasting: Nut wreaths are durable and can be stored away and reused for many years. This makes them a great investment for your home decor.

Overall, homemade nut wreaths are a wonderful way to add a natural and festive touch to your home decor. They also, work during the fall, Christmas, and winter seasons.

Table Of Contents

Perfect Decorations For A Stunning Fall Wreath

Add Pieces From Your Own Yard To A Fall Wreath

Craft stores are filled with fall flowers and mini pumpkins for a pumpkin wreath. There are also faux apples, colorful leaves, seed pods, cinnamon sticks, and red berries for a stunning fall wreath. When the craft store is adding fall wreath pieces it’s time to stock up on supplies. Especially for perfect decorations for wreath ideas.

It’s also a great time to get great prices which is perfect for the budget.

And we can’t forget about the candy corn. Everyone loves them or candies shaped like a pumpkin. I think they remind us of our childhood. Don’t you agree?

I love the bright color of fall especially when the leaves begin to change and put on quite a show. Nature is a magical time when the seasons change. It offers us fading flowers such as Dahlias, Zinnias, Sunflowers, and lavender to name a few. Bring these indoors and enjoy them whether fresh or dry, the different colors look beautiful.

Shopping For Nature’s Bounty

Fall Flowers, Mini Pumpkins, Cinnamon Sticks And Pumpkin Wreath

So, when it comes to crafting a beautiful fall wreath, there are pieces that can be added for a natural look. Take a trip to your local craft store and you’ll find an abundance of options to enhance your DIY wreath. From fall flowers and mini pumpkins perfect for a pumpkin wreath. Also from faux apples, colorful leaves, seed pods, cinnamon sticks, and red berries – the selection is endless.

So, take advantage of this time to stock up on supplies for your upcoming wreath projects.

Nostalgic Charm Of Candy Corn And Bright Colors

Natural Fall Look N

Of course, we can’t overlook the nostalgic charm of candy corn or pumpkin-shaped candies. These treats have a way of transporting us back to our childhood days. They bring a sense of joy and wonderful memories. Don’t you agree?

The bright colors of fall are truly captivating, especially as the leaves begin their magnificent transformation. Putting on a show for all to admire. Seeing nature’s bounty transition between seasons is a truly awe-inspiring experience.

In addition to the foliage, there is an array of fading flowers that add to the beauty of the season. Including Dahlias, Zinnias, Sunflowers, and lavender, among others. Bringing these blooms indoors allows us to enjoy their richness. Whether fresh or dried, the variety of colors is simply breathtaking.

So, as you gather the pieces to adorn your fall wreath, embrace the beauty and magic of the season. Let the colors, textures, and natural elements inspire you to create a wreath that captures the essence of autumn.

Fall Decor In Our Home With A Natural Look

A Natural Look Works Best

When it comes to fall decor in our home, we find that incorporating natural elements works best. This coordinates with our overall style. Traditional fall wreaths with bright colors do not seamlessly fit in with our decor. So we opt for a more natural color palette.

To capture the essence of autumn, the holidays, and winter, we decorate our home with an assortment of nuts. Such as walnuts and hazelnuts. Some are left in their natural state, while others are given a touch of elegance with gold and champagne craft paint. These nut accents bring a warm and earthy quality to our space.

In addition to nuts, we add dried artichokes, pine cones, and, of course, one of our all-time favorites real acorns! There’s something charming about the beauty of acorns, and the way they complement our natural decor.

Using Natural Elements From The Grocery Store

Using Fall In Its Natural From Your Own Yard

Another advantage of using nuts in our home decor is how easily accessible they are. They can be found at the local grocery store, making it convenient to incorporate them into our seasonal displays. The versatility of nuts is truly remarkable as they transition seamlessly from fall to the holiday season, making them timeless.

My fondness for acorns is in the hundreds. They are cleaned and preserved and gathered from our own yard. I’ve discovered an easy and effective method to preserve them, ensuring they can be enjoyed for years to come. It’s a wonderful way to cherish the memories associated with these acorns and use them in our seasonal decor.

As you decorate your home for fall, embrace natural elements and choose pieces that resonate with your personal style. Whether it’s the warmth of nuts, natural pinecones, or the beauty of acorns, let nature be your guide to create a welcoming space.

Let’s Begin Making This Gorgeous Wreath

Covering Your Entire Wire Wreath Base

Step 1: Cover The Wire Base with Burlap

The first step to making this fall nut wreath is buying an 8″ wire wreath base. Generally, these can be found at Michaels stores, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn, or even on Amazon inexpensively.

Other great ideas:

  • foam wreath form
  • straw wreath form
  • wooden wreath base
  • natural twig wreath

Meanwhile, this is the perfect time to plug in your hot glue gun and gather many glue sticks

Now for my easy wreath project, I am using an 8″ wire wreath form. Because its wire wrapping the form with burlap ribbon is particularly important. Wrapping the form is an easy step and takes no time.

Supplies List:

  • 8″ wreath form of your choice
  • hot glue gun and hot glue sticks (many glue sticks are necessary)
  • burlap ribbon if using a metal wreath form or foam wreath form
  • hazelnuts in the shell – grocery store
  • metal skewer or a thin heat-resistant tool
  • ribbon
  • Spanish moss
  • scissors

Perfect Time For The Hot Glue Gun

Step 2: Gluing the Nuts To The DIY Fall Wreath

Begin gluing the hazelnuts around by adding glue to the bottom of the nut. The first row is the most time-consuming the rest of this wreath project is simple and goes rather quickly.


After adding the first row, continue filling the wreath form with the remaining nuts. Incidentally, adding the rest of the pieces to this fall DIY goes very quickly. Incidentally, I used 105 hazelnuts to cover the entire wreath.


A Rustic Natural Touch With Moss

Step 3: Add Moss To Fill In Spaces On The Wreath

Add Spanish moss to the simple wreath craft for a finished look. A small amount of moss is all it takes to fill in the spaces on this easy project. Cut small pieces with scissors, this helps keep the moss from being messy and gives it a cleaner finished look.

The moss also gives this easy wreath even more of a rustic and natural look.


Next, add a tiny amount of hot glue in a section and add Spanish moss. Using a metal skewer or heat-resistant tool to push the moss into the empty spaces also goes quickly


Add Silver To The Beautiful Natural Wreath

Step 4: Add Silver Wax Or Silver Craft Paint To DIY Wreath

Lastly, I add silver gilding wax to the nut tops to add an extra touch of elegance. After adding the silver wax make sure to buff the wax lightly with a lint-free rag.

Another option is dry brushing the tops with silver metallic craft paint. However, if you are using paint let it dry for an hour. 

adding the silver gilding wax

Hanging The Natural Fall Wreath

Now hang this easy nut wreath with a ribbon of your choice. By the way, in the end, I realized I didn’t need to leave a gap for the ribbon. So it goes to show even a blogger makes the wrong assumption.

I added a dark silver satin ribbon to blend with the gilding on the easy hazelnut wreath DIY


Final Thoughts About Fall Wreath

The final result of the nut wreath is truly stunning and adds a festive touch to any space. While it is perfect for fall, I actually choose to keep it in our home throughout the winter months.

Alternatively, this wreath can be transformed into a beautiful centerpiece by placing a battery-operated candle in the center. The warm glow combined with the natural elements creates a captivating ambiance.

If you’re interested in exploring different ways to hang this wreath, I invite you to check out the DIY tutorial. It offers a creative approach to displaying the wreath that you may find intriguing.

As someone who enjoys creating wreaths for multiple seasons, I am always on the lookout for easy and quick projects. If you’re in the mood for one, you might find my simple craft for cleaning and preserving pinecones quite enjoyable.

I hope you found inspiration in this tutorial on an easy fall nut wreath printable how-to card. It truly is a straightforward project that can be enjoyed from fall all the way through the winter months.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts on this wreath. So please feel free to leave a comment and reach out to me. Your feedback and ideas are always appreciated.

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Easy Fall Nut Wreath Tutorial Printable How-To

This wreath has been on my craft bucket list for quite some time. I couldn't be happier to finally make this wreath to life. If you're like me and love the idea of incorporating natural elements into your fall decor, then this wreath is perfect.
Prep Time5 minutes
Active Time20 minutes
0 minutes
Total Time25 minutes
Yield: 1 wreath
Cost: 10

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