Rustic Fall Decor To The Home

Fall will be here before we know it, so let’s see how to add rustic fall décor to the home.

I have been a fan of fall and the colder months since I can remember. We enjoy so many things about the colder weather ahead. I love the smells of the fall air of the leaves falling, acorns, apples, sweaters, boots, and adding rustic fall decor to the home.

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Immediately, I begin thinking of fires, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin bread, cinnamon butter, and pumpkin cornbread, to name a few. Fall is also a time to snuggle under those heavy throws while reading a favorite magazine or watching a movie.

Add autumn to the decor in the home by adding baskets, trays, fall leaves, and branches.

A basket filled with spindles, vine pumpkin and throw adds a rustic look

As an example of adding rustic autumn décor to the home, you may enjoy reading about decorating with lanterns. You will see a collection of acorns I collected which adds a rustic touch to bookcases and shelves in your home.  I also share tips to preserve them for years to come!

Add Dried Hydrangeas

Idea 1: Add Natural Elements

Dried hydrangeas are often a favorite of mine to add nature and autumn décor to the home. Faux flowers, fall foliage, or real flowers from the garden will work. In addition to hydrangeas, whole walnuts, dried artichokes, and white pumpkins are great combinations for a simple look.

Add deep rich colors for the season, leaf branches, orange berries, or darker color flowers.

Armoire with hydrangeas in a hanging basket
Closeup of Armoire How to Add Rustic Fall Decor to The Home

Add Nuts And Branches

Idea 2: Branches From Your Backyard

Fall is a great time to grab branches and other faded flowers from the backyard and garden.  Add them to baskets, crates, or vases you use in your country decor and love. 

Indian corn adds rustic décor to the home.  For example, this is the Indian corn wreath I made to add a natural look to our home last week. It’s easy and fast and adds is rustic!  

Indian corn wreath hanging How To Add Rustic Fall Decor To The Home

White Pumpkins And Heavy Throws

Idea 3: Add Pumpkins Of Different Sizes

An urn filled with dried hydrangeas and small pumpkins is perfect for natural fall décor.

Urn filled with hydrangeas, small pumpkins for a country look

An old crown and a Florentine picture add a bit of elegance to a rustic look.

a small pumpkin sitting in a small crown with a Florentine picture and flower petals

One of my favorite things to add to our rustic fall home is walnuts and pine cones. Add them next to a French antique compote filled with a pumpkin, and Spanish moss adds a bit of nature.

Also, the rust on the crowns adds instant character and charm for a fall home.

A pumpkin in a dish with walnuts and pinecones.  Crowns on books are perfect for a simple home addition
close up of the crowns, book and walnuts and pinecones and rust crown

Shop At The Grocery Store

Idea 4: Visit The Grocery Store

Because apple picking season is around the corner. Visit farm stands and your local food market for red and green apples or pears to display inside an ironstone dish or large bowl for a festive autumn look.

picture of red apples How To Add Rustic Fall Decor To The Home

Adding Dried Orange Slices and Pinecones For Home Décor

Idea 5: Add Natural Elements

Dried orange slices are also great additions to fall decor.  Make dried oranges slices to add to your fall home decor, I share ideas to use them in many ways.  I also share how to make a garland with whole dried citrus. Adding these to rough wood lanterns is perfect for a simple look.

Two lanterns filled with orange slices, nuts and pinecones.  A white dish filled with silverware

Candles Are Great For A Fall Home Decorating

Idea 4: Adding Candles

Candles are a great way to add warmth this time of year for fall decor. In our home, I use a combination of battery-operated candles and scented candles. In this picture, you can see how I add a pillar flameless candle to a lantern and orange slices.

Two lanterns, one with a battery operated candle.  The other filled with nuts

The scented candles I use are always from Goose Creek Candles, burn clean, smell amazing, and they have fantastic sales.  They are adding more fall scents every day, so check often. 

throw with magazine

Add Fall Throw Pillows

Idea 5: Update Your Pillows

Throw pillows are a must for any home.  For the most part, when thinking about tossing pillows, I buy pillow covers.  Pillow covers are easier to store, and there’s a wide variety available. Instead of buying specific pillow covers for one season.  Look for pillow covers in faux fur or cable knit work from fall through the winter. 

chair with fur pillow and a book and throw for a rustic home

I hope this post gives you inspiration for ideas to fill your home with rustic fall decor. How do you change your home for the fall season?

Have a Great Day
Have a Great Day

36 thoughts on “Rustic Fall Decor To The Home

  1. Love the garden urn with the dried Hydrangeas and small white pumpkins. I have just the urn to use and like the idea of using inside during fall and winter. Too nice to store away in the barn. Even though our weather here in N.C. is hot and humid with no relief in sight I still find my New England soul yearning for fall. Thanks for your beautiful photos and great ideas.

  2. Love it all Cindy. Dried Hydrangeas are so pretty with the pumpkins and that cool basket. I have started to gather things for fall decor. Usually I hold out as long as I can on Summer but this year with this hot and humid summer I am ready for fall. Have a great day. xoxo Kris

  3. Great ideas Cindy! When I was a child, my mom always put out nuts during the fall and winter seasons. For some reason, I had forgotten all about that til you mentioned about putting our walnuts! Thanks! Pinned!

  4. So many beautiful things to pin, Cindy, I don’t get know where to get started! Love these ideas so much and can’t wait to try them in our Fall decor too. I swear your creativity never ceases to amaze or inspire me! Hugs, CoCo

  5. So pretty!! You’re all set for fall!! I love the hydrangeas. I keep telling myself I’m going to try to cut and dry some of mine.

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