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I usually post Cindy’s Corner on Wednesday.

However, this week I did host a Spring Blog tour with nine blogging friends sharing centerpieces, crafts and DIY’s. Such pretty spring inspiration was shared.

I hope you take a look. By the way, my project is sharing my favorite spring bulb!

Before I get into what else has been happening on Cloches & Lavender did you get hit with ice like we did Thursday night into Friday morning?

The plan, Reeses & Peanut to get their glands cleaned and their nails cut. No, we do not cut their nails ourselves.

Originally that was the plan when we brought them home. But I was afraid to hurt them. And Reeses let John grab his foot but as soon as it went near the clipper he would pull away.

So, honestly, we are both wimps and they go to the technicians at the vet. They love them because they have been taking care of them since they have been pups.

Brushing Dogs Teeth is Like Being a Magician

Question, do you brush your dog’s teeth? Honestly, we have been remiss in this process. Dachshunds have many teeth in their small mouths. They can also have dental issues, so we are trying to brush their teeth at night.

Again, when I say we it’s John. Imagine me with bad motor skills trying to brush their teeth. They have had more toothpaste on them then their teeth.

Also, a bit of info, I’m not the Alpha in our relationship with our dogs. First of all, I have no willpower. If they don’t like it, I leave it be because I am a wimpy parent.

Truthfully, I tell John often, if we had human children at a young age as planned our kids would still be living here and they’d be 30 by now.

It’s actually quite comical when teeth brushing happens. Peanut wants to eat it constantly.

Reeses watches for John coming with the toothbrush. As soon as he sees him getting closer, he buries his head in the covers. It’s actually very funny.

What’s Been Happening at Cloches & Lavender

I did share this pretty piece. I also have this filled with faux Pussy Willows. They look amazingly real!

Here’s a beautiful centerpiece!

What I’m Loving from Some of My Favorite Places!

These Daffodils are similar to the ones in my Spring centerpiece

From this Shop

This is a great size crate if space is an issue

From this Shop

How about this crate, I think it’s so pretty!

From this Shop

These flowers are perfect for spring and look real!

From this Shop

And lastly, how pretty is this pillow for spring!

From this Shop

Enjoy your weekend. Do you have any fun exciting plans?

6 thoughts on “Cindy’s Corner

  1. Good Morning Cindy and Happy Saturday. I laugh when I read your posts about Peanut and Reeses because we go through the same with Buddy. He goes to the goomer for the glands and nails. Just easier and Terry and I are wimps when it comes to that too. Buddy is turning 4 in April and I ask the Vet if he needs to have his teeth cleaned yet. The Vet said nope his teeth look great and hardly any tartar. We don’t brush his teeth but he has two hard rubber toy bones with spikes on them that helps scrape off the tartar. They are made for that. I think they are the only things we have ever found he cannot chew up. I guess the little spikes help to clean his teeth. Have a good weekend. xoxo

  2. Haha…I hear you loud and clear. I’m the wimpy parent here…a total mush. It’s a good thing everyone is well behaved! 😉 Ha!

  3. I’m the wimpy parent with the pups too Cindy. As much as we scraped and brushed Lucy’s teeth she still had to have many pulled. Dachshunds have the worst teeth from what I’ve been told. You are doing such a good job! Have a great week.

  4. Trying to brush Chloe and Piper teeth is still a challenge. Piper is getting better but Chloe will not have it. Thankfully, they botb like to chew on Greenies. It does help.

  5. You’re so right, Cindy, brushing thier teeth is hard! Piper doesn’t even like to take a bath so she barely opens her mouth wide enough to get the toothbrush in much less to actually move it around 😂 we know it’s important though so we’ll keep trying. Love your spring centerpeice. It’s really beautiful! Hope you have the best day, CoCo

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