Celebrating Mother’s Day In The Garden

Hello everyone and happy new week!  Today I’m sharing celebrating Mother’s day in the garden.  Also, I’m taking part in a Mini Hop hosted by  Cecelia from My Thrift Store Addiction.  

graphic for hop

I will be joining other talented bloggers to share their garden theme Mothers day Ideas as well.  Please look for their links at the end of this post and visit.

If you are visiting from seeing Amber at Follow the Yellow Brick Home welcome.  She always inspires and shares such pretty garden inspiration.

A few weeks ago I did share making this vintage wine crate DIY it’s a simple, inexpensive and creative way to make a large charcruterie board.  It’s also not like every other cheese board out in the marketplace.

a charcuterie board made from an old crate

Also, my husband’s company did host you may enjoy reading.  This is a fun event we did have fun taking part in and I made a charcruterie fo two.

celebrating Mother's Day in the garden

Let’s take a look at my celebrating Mother’s day in the garden I am sharing with you today.  Because this is a garden theme and being in NJ it isn’t especially warm enough for being out in the garden with flowers blooming. 

So, what’s the next best idea, set a celebrating Mother’s day in the garden dessert charcruterie board.  By the way, everything doesn’t have to made from scratch.  For example, the cookies on this board I did purchase from the Pennsylvania General Store.  I will share links at the bottom of this post for the variety of cookies I did use.

Making My Chocolate Covered Cookies For Celebrating Mother’s Day In The Garden Dessert Board

After choosing the cookies I am using for my celebrating Mother’s day in the garden , I melt dark and white chocolate.  Incidentally, I did use my Wilton chocolate melter which makes melting chocolates a snap.  I highly recommend this product.  I did use double boilers in the past, however, they have become more difficult to find.  Also, using a glass bowl over hot water inside a pot isn’t the safest.

chocolate in a melter
showing white chocolate and dark chocolate melted for Mother's Day in the garden

Next, I did mix the variety of cookies being used for celebrating Mother’s day dessert board.  Once my selection is ready to go and my chocolates melts, I use a teaspoon to add the chocolate.  Here I simply dip my teaspoon in the chocolates and dollop on top, very easy.  Let the chocolate set up and harden.

Adding other Sweets to My Dessert Board

Incidentally, it’s nice to have a variety of sweets for mom in the Mothers Day celebration .  So, I also did choose a marble pound cake from a specialty market.  Placing this on a blue dish adds color beside an elgant dessert fork to serve.

Marble pound cake

Next, I had bought slices of cheesecake from the same specialty market.  Adding these to an elevated green cake plate not only elevates them it also adds green to continue celebrating mother’s day in the garden theme.

cookies, assorted cheesecakes for Mother's Day in the garden

Also because every mom deserves a toast, I did add Verde champagne.  It’s a tad sweet and light and also works well with sweets.  Vintage champagne glasses finish this off nicely.  

champagne and cake for Mother's Day
cake and pretty napkins

After setting the desserts, it’s time to add the garden theme.  Specifically knowing I need to balance the Mothers day celbration dessert board, first add a topiary adding height.

Topiary and bide nest ad cookies for Mother's Day in the garden

Because I have a small  space to work with I did add a crown holding my DIY Bird Nests.  This also adds texture to the Mothers day garden theme dessert board.

assorted cookies

Next, adding a small flower pot from my flower pot craft ideas I did fill it with Spanish moss and an antique crown also adding interest to the garden theme.

Lastly, I did add an antique French book in pink to add more color.  Also a Shakespeare Sonnet from 1842 to adds a romntic feel to the celebration dessert board with  small plants.  The burlap wrapping, blue and purple flowers also adds another garden element and texture.

bird nest, flowerpot, and small plants to celebrate Mother's Day in the garden
Another picture of the plants and topiary
An entire picture of the dessert board
Another picture of the dessert board for Mother's Day in the garden

I hope this Mother’s day celebration in the garden theme dessert board gives you inspiration for mom as well as for other gatherings you may have coming.

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24 thoughts on “Celebrating Mother’s Day In The Garden

  1. Cindy, what a lovely Mother’s Day treat! I love your chocolate covered cookies and the pretty way you styled your table! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  2. You Mothers Day dessert table is wonderful!! I’m thinking any Mom would love to swing by and visit all the deliciousness you’ve prepared!! XoXo

  3. Love the way you’re celebrating Mother’s Day, Cindy, this looks so good. You totally had me at sweet treats and I love how they look on your French wine board too. It’s fabulous and such a thoughtful idea! Hugs, CoCo

  4. Your Mother’s Day table is so beautiful Cindy! And of course the best part for me is the garden-inspired theme. What a wonderful way to celebrate.

  5. What a lovely board and so much good food! Mother’s Day in the garden at your house looks like it will be delicious!

  6. Now my mouth is watering! The treats look scrumptious, and you displayed them all so beautifully. Definitely a worthy Mom’s Day spread! Fun to be hopping with you, Cindy!

  7. Cindy, any mother would love this! All of those sweet treats looks so delicious and tempting. You have created such a beautiful display, too. This idea would be great for other celebrations as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

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