A Christmas Foyer

Welcome to our home.  Last time I shared our French Cottage porch HEREToday I would like to invite you in to see our foyer dressed for Christmas.  

With a semi open floor plan I tend to keep the foyer simple so the views don’t appear to chaotic.

I kept my old large cloche on the Bombay chest from Fall.  I’m enjoying it with the French mirror I made HERE.  I added an antique silver plate bowl to this large cloche filled with fresh Chestnuts and a champagne bottle brush tree.   Simple with some elegance.  A frosted Eucalyptus wreath dives the mirror a Christmas feel too. 



A Vintage bell sits upon an old book with an antique Christmas post card.  I love these and they make you imagine the families Christmases.

Our small German twig tree is a staple in this spot in the foyer.  I enjoy adding a new piece to the base every year.  This year I raised it on a pretty pedestal and placed it inside a copper pot I found.


Over the years I have collected glass ornaments that are Christopher Radko, Old World Ornaments and ornaments from Poland.   Look and see if you can notice an ornament shaped as a Peanut in a shell and one that is a Reeses Peanut butter cup package?  These are for our two fur babies Reeses and Peanut.  

They are our precious mini Dachshunds’, if you would like to see them from when they were pups and more click on Peanut & Reeses photo album at the tope of the page, you won’t be disappointed.  

Across from our tree is this pretty French chair holding a plaid scarf for those cold winter days in NJ for me to grab.  For now, it’s under a pretty lighted Christmas Tree picture that was a gift and antique post cards from the US and Europe that date back to the early 1900’s.


Are you ready for Christmas at your home?  Next, I will be sharing our great room and I hope you will come and take a look.

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14 thoughts on “A Christmas Foyer

  1. It all looks inviting Cindy. Love your sweet tree in the copper bucket. Also it is so neat that you have the little ornaments to represent sweet Reeses and Peanut on the tree.
    Looking so great all your decor so far. Have a great week.

    1. I love those ornaments. We received them from our best friends the first Christmas we had them.

      My girlfriend’s husband found the Reeses Peanut butter ornament in the City for our boy. We cherish these pieces

  2. I love that lighted tree sign and your twig tree. I have a few Christopher Radko ornaments, too. You can spot them a mile away, they’re so pretty!!

  3. Your entry is very inviting and decorated so elegantly. Did I read some where you made that frame over the chest? It’s gorgeous! And those precious ornaments for the pups are perfect! Enjoy the season.

  4. Cindy, I love the peacefulness of your foyer. The tree in the cloche is darling! I also love your twig tree. I’m glad that Reese and Peanut do not get overlooked!!

  5. You have so many wonderful Christmas treasures.

    No, I am not quite ready for Christmas! The late Thanksgiving and going back to work means that Christmas has flown by for me. I am still decorating a little each day!

    Beautiful inspiration Cindy!

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