I Always Buy These 7 Items From Walmart

Swiffer Sweeper Cloth

I always buy these 7 items from Walmart! Wait until you see what the 7 items are that I always buy at Walmart.

Do you have certain items you buy at Walmart or another store?

I buy most of these items from Walmart because they are available in bulk size and last a long time.

Everyone likes a clean home, right? For our home I find these products to be some of my favorites!

Besides, my husband frequents Walmart. You will see why below.

Cleaning Items That are Must in our Home

Number 7

affresh Washing Machine Cleaner front loader machine from Walmart. This works so well cleaning the washing machine. Also, our washing machine company recommends using this brand.

I Always Buy These 7 Items From Walmart affresh washing machine cleaner

Number 6

Bona Power Plus Hardwood floor cleaner. As a result of having a ranch all of our floors are hardwood this is a great size available at Walmart, so it’s always purchased from there. With the exception of our bathrooms. This is a new level of hardwood cleaner from Bona, and I love it and notice a difference. Furthermore, it has no smell so that’s a bonus.

Besides, this has hydrogen peroxide and I like cleaning with peroxide.

I Always Buy These 7 Items From Walmart Powerplus Bona hardwood floor deep cleaner

Number 5

Bona Plus Antibacterial Plus Hard Surface Floor Cleaner also this is a newer product from Bona. Normally I buy items with no scent. I tend be scent sensitive. However, this has a mild scent and I have no issues. Because Walmart sells this in a bulk size, I always get it there.

I Always Buy These 7 Items From Walmart Bona hard surface floor cleaner antibacterial

Incidentally, since I’m speaking about our home. You may enjoy this post HERE.

Number 4

Swiffer XL Heavy Duty Dry Sweeping Cloths these are especially perfect for swiffering our house because as I said above, we have hardwood floors throughout our home. And having two pups the amount of hair these contain is amazing.

Swiffer XL heavy duty dry sweeping cloths

Clothing that’s Often Purchased

Earlier I did mention my husband frequents Walmart. No, he’s not visiting because he’s board or weird. He has been making trips often because since working from home, he has lost 60 pounds. Gaining 20 hours of your life back because you no longer commute from Northern NJ to NYC your life changes.

Number 3

He has the time to exercise every morning at 6:30 and is in the best physical condition he has been in since college. So, he visits Walmart often for new jeans. Because he loves Wrangler, he finds they have the best selection. So, he buys them here.

I am proud of his dedication to getting healthier!

I Always Buy These 7 Items From Walmart men's wrangler jeans slim fit

Number 2

Now the next two are for me. I am very picky about long sleeve T-shirts. I like these somewhat fitted and my previous favorite stores have not kept up the standard and quality of their products.

Why do store do this? I have never understood it especially when the products have been a big seller. It also seems to happen more for women than men. Please say that you notice this issue too.

So, after many times being disappointed my husband brought home T-shirts from Walmart for me to try. And I love them more then higher priced products I have purchased. Time and Tru are their brand, and I am addicted to these T-shirts.

By the way, they have tons of colors in their store!

However, since things have been switching to loose fit, they no longer have these. By the way, why is everything going back to loose fit? Larger clothes make people look heavier not thinner. FYI!

Time and Tru long sleeve crew neck women's T-shirts

Number 1

As result of Walmart not carrying the first T-shirt, I now purchase No Boundaries T-shirts. Unfortunately, these are Junior size which I am not anymore. Instead of small I buy medium which is not big deal because Junior sizes are cut narrower. Let’s face it when you are that age you are straight up and down.

I Always Buy These 7 Items From Walmart No Boundries long sleeve crewneck T-shirts

Again, the selection of colors in the store is amazing!

There you have it. I always buy these 7 items from Walmart. Do you have any items you purchase regularly from a certain store or online?


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      1. Thanks, that’s the one I use. I did Bona has a newer ‘mop’ that has a container that is refillable and drops into a larger mop. I’m hoping to find someone using it for a review. Uses the same microfiber washable pads. If it works well I think it will be an improvement over the type we are using. I have a lot of wood floor space to clean.

  1. We don’t have a Walmart nearby, but during the past two years, I have purchased a few things from them online. My favorite was pajamas…so comfy!

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