A Colorful Deck

Hello friends, today is our Pinterest Challenge! Cindy from County Road 407 is our monthly host..

We are given a photo to get inspiration from and we have to come up with our spin with keeping similar elements.

Pinterest Challenge Graphic

It’s my favorite one so far as I’m newer to the group.  It’s patio, porch and deck time and who doesn’t look forward to growing beautiful flowers?

I’m very inspired with our inspiration picture this month month from Bria Hammels Interiors.

I hope you enjoyed Katie’s deck from Let’s Add Sprinkles her flowers are gorgeous!

bria hammel interiors

Before I received this picture for the challenge I already planned and was determined to find lavender trees this year for our deck which is the way during normal circumstances everyone arrives to our home this time of year.

Seeing topiaries in the photo made it even better. 


Come with me and have a glass of tea and I will share a closer look of our sanctuary for the warmer months.

Aren’t these gorgeous?  My first thought was to add plants with the tree but I decided to let these make a statement by themselves.


Another element you will notice is small ferns    I love Boston ferns, they require shade and last summer I realized I had a shady spot for a fern this year..

John and I found the blue stool thrifting months and months ago.   I knew if I added Artisan sealer to the stool making sure to give the feet extra coverage it would be cute on the deck.

This metal bucket we had on hand and is perfect for the fern nestled in this corner next to the door to enter our kitchen.   The stool will be present on our deck every planting season.

Living in NJ our planting season has just begun so our pink impatience are still small, as the season progresses I will share these views again.   You’ll see a big difference,  these pots will be overflowing with pink blooms.


The rug we use on our seating area is a different design but similar in colors, blue and ivory.

Our coffee table has a pallet box I stenciled a few years ago filled with fresh thyme,  the herb I use the most often for cooking.  This adds the element of the herbs that are hanging on the wall to my table and planters.


In this section are pretty pink phlox.  I love phlox and would have grown it in areas in our yard but rabbits are frequent visitors and would enjoy this as a large snack.

Ageratum is plant new for me growing wise.  I’ve seen it many times in the past and I think the mixture of pinks and purples are pretty.

This galvanized watering can was my grandparents and holds some more thyme.  The thyme will look pretty draping down the can.  I may not use this batch for a bit in my cooking so it has time to drape.



Here you will see my other lavender tree housed in a pot I also repainted last year, love mixing elegant with rustic feel of galvanized pieces.

If you follow me you will remember me posting these thrift store finds a week ago, love them! 


The dairy feed bucket is waiting patiently inside for Hydrangea blooms to be displayed in our home.

The buckets may look empty but there are Dahlia bulbs planted that I will be sure to share once they bloom.

Be sure to sign up to follow Cloches and Lavender so you never miss a post and you will not miss seeing these old pieces filled with beautiful flowers!

I hope you enjoyed seeing our plants beginning here and will visit all these talented ladies.

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24 thoughts on “A Colorful Deck

  1. Your deck looks fabulous! I wish I had a green thumb like you do. Love those topiaries and my goodness that fern smacks you in the face and says hello! 😉 The added rug and galvanized buckets make it all come together beautifully. Thank you for joining in. Pinned

  2. oh those lavendar topiaries are so pretty. for whatever reason I can not seem to grow lavendar…wish i could. your patio looks so good. im sure you are getting a lot of good use out of it these days.

    1. Your deck looks lovely. The topiaries may not bloom into summer but hopefully you can keep the foliage looking good by pruning and not too much water. If our high rainfall continues all bets are off. I have noticed tiny baby slugs nibbling on my impatiens. Going to try some diotometous earth (can buy at Lowes gardencenters) around them to get rid of them. Gardening in pots is a great way to catering to the requirements of different plants., I have had large pots of ferns on my front porch every summer and love them. Just saw,a Carolina Wren is building her nest in one of them. My cats should find this fascinating!!

  3. Hello Cindy! I love your porch and how it is shaping up for summer. As I write, we are up in Rapid City, SD and I see small flowering plants here, too. It’s amazing how quickly they will grow once they get outside in the fresh air!! Enjoy your pretty lavenders and pink phlox and the cute ageratum!!! I’ll have to look for the latter next time I am at a garden center — cute plant! <3

    Happy almost summer to you,
    Barb 🙂

  4. Your deck looks amazing! I love those lavender topiaries. I’ve never seen anything like that! Boston ferns are one of my favorites, too.

  5. Your deck looks beautiful and love the pop of color with your rug and all the pretty flowers. The vintage containers really make the plants looks so pretty. I have a lavender topiary too. Just love the shape and color. Happy New Week.

    1. Thanks Kris. I’ll visit tomorrow. Peanut’s other eye is bad. It looks like eventually she’ll be blind.

      We rushed her to the ER yesterday and met with her eye specialist today

  6. hi cindy! I love the rug. I love everyone’s rugs! I need a rug! And, the vintage square tub! Love that! Have a great week! xo laura

  7. What a beautiful outdoor living area. Yes those lavender plants are the show of your deck. I love everything you created here. Very pretty. Enjoy your space this season it looks so nice and inviting!

  8. As you saw, I got those same lavender topiaries; I love them! I just hope I can keep them alive! Other than those, I haven’t planted a single flower yet either, Cindy. I usually don’t until after Memorial Weekend, so I need to get started! It’s been pretty rainy here the last couple of weeks:(

  9. Cindy I think you are off to an excellent start with all your plants. Love all your amazing containers and the topiaries are just fabulous. I hope you will share lots of photos on IG this summer of this beautiful outdoor living space!

  10. What a wonderful collection of plants you have, Cindy! That lavender looks so lovely. I know you’ve been longing to get your hands on some pretty flowers. I love the thrifted finds you shared, too! They will look gorgeous with the bulbs you planted. Hugs, Crissy

  11. It looks wonderful, Cindy. I know you will enjoy many hours out there this summer. xo Laura

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