Great Ways to Use Lilacs in Decor

Today, I’m going to talk about great ways to use lilacs in décor. In our first home, I remembered the smell of lilacs from the kitchen window. So, after living in our home for a few years we added lilacs.

First off, we didn’t realize there were different varieties of lilacs.  For example, there are old fashion lilacs that bloom once a season.  The variety in our first home. 

Great Ways to Use Lilacs in Decor

We Bought These Plants

Then when buying our lilacs, we did find a new variety.  For instance, our lilacs bloom three times a season.  Spring, summer, and fall. These are Bloomerang purple reblooming lilacs.

By the way, my husband and I aren’t the most patient gardeners.  Don’t get me wrong, I love gardening and wish I physically was still able to have a blooming garden in the yard.  However, that isn’t my reality due to my MS. 

So, when we planted these blooms next to our deck after updating our deck so cutting would be easy for me. Especially for great ways to use these florals in home décor.

I couldn’t wait to enjoy the smell of lilacs again.  Of course, because we are impatient, the first year they did bloom we were disappointed because of their size.

Because, we thought they would be smelling beautiful and I’d be cutting flowers in abundance to bring indoors, filling pitchers, baskets, etc.

After speaking to our landscaper, he said this will be the year.  He also did suggest we give them a good trim but not too much.  Therefore, that’s what we did, and wait until you see what happened.

When It Began Getting Spring Like in NJ and the Garden Flowers Begin Growing

When the Flower Begin to Bloom

When it began warming up in NJ and the lilacs started to grow excitement began. Specifically, squealing, smiles, and a pitter pat on my heart. I knew I was going to have great ways to use lilacs. As the days progressed, so did all the squealing and smiles. See, patience paid off because there were blooms. And the flower kept coming on all four bushes. My plans were coming true. As they were getting larger, and the buds were beginning to open so were great ways to use lilacs in décor.

As a result of seeing these blooms, I was getting quite impatient again. Seeing pictures of other lilacs on Instagram being in other bloggers’ homes. Seeing them being placed in mason jars, baskets, and coffee tables. The feeling of anticipation began however, I knew the time for fantastic ways to use lilacs in décor was around the corner. And boy oh boy was it worth the wait. Are you ready? Ready to see these beautiful and amazing scented blooms?

Okay, here we go!

Best Ways to Add These in Decorating

Decorating with These in the House

Be patient with one more remark.

First of all, when going out to cut lilacs we do so earlier in the morning. Furthermore, a good and clean pair of cutting shears is a must. We don’t want to cause harm most importantly to the bush. Also, as we were cutting the flowers to get ready for great ways to use lilacs in décor, we could still see moisture on their delicate flowers.

purple petals

Also, we bring a large bucket filled with cool water. So, after cutting each one, we put their long purple stems in the bucket to drink. I also let them drink some water for a few hours. I do keep them out of direct sunlight. Because lilacs are delicate flowers, they don’t last as long as other flowers, such as hydrangeas.

After a couple of hours, I begin getting pieces ready for great ways to use lilacs in décor. Next, I think of what places in our home I want to display the lilacs.

Examples Of Super Ways to Use These in Décor

Examples of Ways to Use These in Decor

Ready, it’s finally time to see these pretty blooms. I wish you were able to smell my home during this time.

First up, great ways to use lilacs in décor, adding these to an antique Majolica pitcher on the kitchen table.

great ways to use lilacs in décor

In addition to being beautiful, smelling these as we walk into our home is a wonderful greeting.

florals in pitcher with lit candles

The candles cast a glow on the pitcher as well as the flowers.   Also notice, the antique Florentine plaques I speak about in this post.  Great ways to use lilacs in décor, don’t you think?

great ways to use lilacs in décor

This is a particularly pretty picture of fun ways to use lilacs in décor.  Our hutch in the background is filled with treasures and the plate wreath is an elegant feature.

Another Example of Ways to Use These in the Home

I immediately thought of adding these to this basket I recently found.  It also adds great texture to the coffee table.  It particularly works well with the caning.  Falling petals add a romantic touch too.

filled basket on the coffee table

I specifically like the delicate petals of the lilacs with our French chairs in the background

Flowers filling the basket again

Another Fabulous Area to Add These to the Buffet

Adding these flowers to my French antique Jardinière is a stunning choice in my opinion.  Especially the way lilacs cascade over this piece is pretty.

more in a jardinière
close up of the florals

Additionally, I particularly love the way the purple from the lilac in décor looks against the green of the easy moss grapevine balls I made.

another picture of the jardinière
buds on the buffet

Also, the easy wreath I made shows nicely above my corbel.

another picture of the buffet

Lastly, adding these to our dining room Florentine table in a McCoy pitcher is another example of great ways to use lilacs in décor.

great ways to use lilacs in décor in a pitcher
close up of the pitcher
another picture of the flowers

I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing great ways to use lilacs in décor. I would love for you to let me know which is your favorite way I used these in our home.

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32 thoughts on “Great Ways to Use Lilacs in Decor

  1. Your lilacs are stunning! I love the way you arranged them to use in multiple spots in your home.

  2. Cindy, I am swooning over each and every arrangement. First, the beautiful antique majolica pitcher with lilacs is so pretty and perfectly French Country. Next, the jardiniere with the lilacs is absolutely stunning! I always swoon when you showcase that lovely jardiniere. I imagine that the fragrance from the blooms must be heavenly. I planted a lilac last year, but it is very tiny. I’ve read that it often takes several years for them to mature. Gardening sure does take a lot of patience. Wishing you a beautiful week ahead, sweet friend!

  3. Well they look so gorgeous. I remember the smell and how it filled the house when I was little. I wish my allergies didn’t prevent me from having them in the house now. I guess there’s always faux… 😉

  4. My favourite is the Jardinière. It looks amazing. I’d love to grow lilacs. I’m going to investigate whether I can grow them in my area. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I planted two lilacs last year and they did not bloom this year! My consolation is that the peonies and tulips did well lol. Happy you got to enjoy your blooms!

  6. They’re all so gorgeous Cindy! We did the same as you – planted my childhood variety at our grownup house! 😉 So fun – thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I had no idea there were lilacs that bloomed 3 times a year, CIndy, that is so cool! I can’t wait to look them up and see if they grow in my area too. Love, love, love all these beautiful examples of how to decorate with lilacs. They’re all so fantastic! Hugs, CoCo

  8. Cindy, this is just stunning! I especially can’t get over how much I love them in your French antique Jardinière. So so beautiful! Looks like I’m going to have to add lilacs to my garden ASAP.

  9. Lilacs are the one old-fashioned shrub I do not have in the garden. I bet your whole home smells amazing, and the spots of color throughout are delightful! You are being featured at the FWF link party!
    Thanks for sharing this delightful post.

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