Centerpiece with Flowers and Mason Jars

spring flowers in mason jars

Do you love easy ideas? Have early spring flowers that are doing well, how about an easy centerpiece with flowers and mason jars? It’s time to get summer flowers in their containers, right?

So, wait until you see this idea, I am sharing with you today. To further enjoy these healthy blooms as a centerpiece bit longer.

Are you ready to see this simple idea?

So, let’s take this fast idea and make something amazing? What do you think?

Easy Centerpiece with Flowers and Mason Jars

How about an easy centerpiece with flowers and mason jars?

Step 1: Removing the Plants from Flowerpots Making Sure to Grab Enough Roots

First, I begin removing my viola plant from their planter. Here it’s a good idea to use a hand trowel. Using a hand trowel, I can get down into the pot to make sure I grab roots, so the flower stays alive in water for a centerpiece.

violas in their containers with a hand trowel and paper on the deck to keep the dirt contained

It’s particularly important to shake a bit of the excess soil from the blooms. Carefully add these to a mason jar it’s that simple. Continue this process until all the mason jars has flowers.

shoveling the flowers out for an Easy Centerpiece with Flowers and Mason Jars
the plant removed from the pot for the centerpiece
adding the florals to the mason jar

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Step 2: Bring the Jars Indoors and Fill with Cool Water

Now carefully bring the jars inside and fill with fresh cool water to get these ready to ad to the centerpiece.

Incidentally, when adding water to the plants be sure to avoid having the bottom leaves submerged in water.

This is the same as gathering flowers from the market or the garden.

adding the jars to the basket once filled with water

Adding the These to a Container

Step 3: Using a Basket or Crate for Your Flower Display

After filling all the jars, I grab a basket. You can find this basket from Target at a great price. I’m especially happy with this basket and the quality is fantastic. In fact, it’s so wonderful I have a smaller size on the way which I look forward to sharing with you.

the collection of glass mason jars

Do you enjoy adding baskets to your home? I find baskets add texture to home decor and make wonderful centerpieces on small tables. Of course, baskets can also be used in home decorating empty too.

Easy Centerpiece with Flowers and Mason Jars

centerpiece on the table
Easy Centerpiece with Flowers and Mason Jars

As an example of using florals in a basket as a centerpiece you may enjoy this post on how make floral centerpieces in many ways in your home. This piece is filled with one of my favorite spring flowers!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this easy centerpiece with flowers and mason jars.

Do you enjoy adding mason jars and flowers in your home too? I’d love to hear from you and how you display baskets, flowers and mason jars in your home.

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20 thoughts on “Centerpiece with Flowers and Mason Jars

  1. I was just thinking of doing something like this Cindy – this may be my summer project

  2. I can’t believe how big and lush these are, Cindy! That is amazing. Love this fabulous idea and all the beautiful baskets you’ve shared too. Loving and pinning as always, CoCo

  3. Looks gorgeous, Cindy! I never would have thought to do this to flowering plants! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Hi Cindy! What a great idea! I love Johnny Jump Ups – they are some of my favorite flowers. I also love that you used some colored mason jars. Pinned.

  5. I have a whole bunch of mason jars in a storage box and now I know what I can do with them! Thanks for the inspiration! Your display looks beautiful!

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