Where do I shop?

I shop for our home at Antique Farmhouse, Home Goods, Amazon and Target.

I always shop our home first. Why?

Shopping our home first is great for the budget and helps keep track of pieces I already have. This is a great way to make sure I have pieces in our home that have special meaning. I also only purchase new items to add to our home decor if I really love what I find. I follow the one item comes in and one goes to Goodwill theory.

Why do I Mix Old with New Items?

Again this is a great way to stay on budget. Mixing old, antique and thrifted items makes a house a home. This also adds a collected look that works best when decorating with a French Country style. French homes are uncluttered and simple using items that add warmth with copper, brass and lavender, pottery, transferware and ironstone.

Many antique and older pieces are family heirlooms and they are treasured and near and dear to our hearts. Having these special pieces is what makes a house a home and fills it with memories.

This style also incorporates a mixture of patterns and textures. Such as ticking, duck cloth, and linen.


When it comes to the holidays always use what your have in your home first. I recommend checking prelit trees to make sure they are in working order. Decorate your home for the holidays seasons with what you love. For me this is adding nature into our seasonal decor as much as possible.

Nature offers many free gifts especially for the fall, Christmas and winter. Shop your local food store too because items are not too costly. And again nature has so many great items such as nuts, oranges, apples, pears and artichokes. These are budget-friendly and they work great with pinecones from our own backyard.

Make Lists

Making lists is a must for me to stay organized especially during this busy time of year. If we are planning to host family gatherings I also have shopping lists prepared for meals, desserts and gift giving.

Plan Ahead

I can’t stress enough how important it is to plan ahead during the holiday season. Make a list of what you have for overnight guests as far as bedding, towels and the basic necessaties so your friends and family visiting always feel relaxed and welcome.