Three Kitchen Organization Pieces I Love

Hello everyone, happy new week.  Today I’m sharing the three kitchen organization pieces I love.  Here I will share the pieces that keep my knives, spices and also my dishes ready for easy access.

Lets Start with – Organizing Spices

Because I am a cook and baker it’s truly important my spices and seasonings are neat and easy to find.  Kitchens can be particularly expensive, especially cabinet accessories in particular and these three kitchen organization pieces I love are budget friendly.

As a result of these not being budget friendly from the custom cabinet maker, I began looking for solutions for kitchen organization pieces.  For example this Rev-A-Shelf spice insert.  Besides being a great price it gives my drawer a built in spice rack for a quarter of the price.  The spices are also neatly stacked separating baking spices from the cooking spices.

Second Of Three Kitchen Organization Pieces I Love – A Knife Block Tray

Another piece I did buy is this Rev-A-Shelf knife block tray.  Besides keeping the knives neat it also keeps them from being dangerous when grabbing.  It also prevents the knives from becoming dull.  This kitchen organization piece I love is also a quarter of the price a custom insert will cost.

In addition to these being economical, these organization pieces can be trimmed to fit custom drawers.

Finally – Expandable Shelves

Lastly, these metal expandable shelves are gamechangers for kitchen storage.  Because I have an assortment of dishes these expandable shelves keep dishes neatly stacked and organized.  In addition to them stacking neatly they also double the space inside my cabinets which is why this organization piece is one I love.  

By the way, these expandable shelves also work well in my pantry to keep my dry goods neatly stacked, giving me easy access and doubles the storage in my pantry.

I hope these three kitchen organization pieces I love helps keep your kitchen nice and tidy.  Will these work in your kitchen?  I’d love to read your comments and input.

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12 thoughts on “Three Kitchen Organization Pieces I Love

  1. Cindy all of these are great, but I have to say that knife drawer insert is a game changer! LOVE it.

  2. Organization is not my strong point so I am always so glad to read a good post like yours! I think I need this expandable shelves…such a great way to utilize space!!!
    Thanks for sharing your ideas:)

  3. Great kitchen organising tips! I need to get some expandable shelves – such a space saver!

  4. My spice cabinet is a hot mess. It smells delicious!! But it looks hideous!! I love this idea of turning a drawer into a spice drawer!!! Thanks so sharing so great ideas!!!

  5. Oh, Cindy! That knife organizer is awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that. What a great piece, thanks for sharing!

  6. Love how easily these pieces help you stay organized, Cindy! We just switched to an in-drawer knife block and it’s been a game changer we love it so much! I need those risers in my refrigerator. It’s been bananas in there since the pandemic started lol. Hugs, CoCo

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