DIY Scarecrow For Fall Decorating

Halloween will be here before we know it so I’m sharing how to make a DIY scarecrow for fall decorating. Before making the scarecrow, I took the time to decide the look I was trying to achieve.

I immediately knew I wasn’t looking to make an easy scarecrow for fall looking as though it should be in a flower garden.  I also didn’t need one scaring the crows from eating crops.

DIY Fall Scarecrow Begins with Adding Lace to the Overalls 

Step 1: Adding Lace Pieces to the Jeans

So, what am I looking for as my design for my simple DIY scarecrow?  For example, after thinking about the look I decided to purchase inexpensive overalls. 

Afterward, I began adding lace to them.  Making the lace become an accent on the overalls on how to make a DIY scarecrow for fall decorating is perfect for our home.

In fact, adding lace to this quick scarecrow makes it well suited for our French Country home.  Besides, who will not enjoy seeing an elegant scarecrow on the front porch?

Incidentally, this shares our porch from last fall, take a look.

Step 2: Gather Supplies Needed for this Project

First, I gathered my overalls, wide and medium lace ribbon and glue gun needed for my easy do it yourself scarecrow.  In the meantime, while my glue is heating, I began to get the size of my first ribbon. 

Items Needed:

  • scrap wood
  • child size overalls – 5T is used for this project
  • T-shirt or shirt of your choice
  • lace ribbon
  • Mod Podge
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • flowers for pockets and overalls – optional
overalls, scissor and ribbon for the DIY scarecrow

Adding Lace to the Overalls

Step 3: Add the Lace to the Pants

Here, I began with the bottom of the legs for how to make a scarecrow for fall.  Because these overalls came with the legs rolled up, I decided to leave them this way or my scarecrow.  I like the contrast with the denim and lace. 

Adding lace to the bottom of the legs on the pants
Pressing the lace on the bottom of the overall leg

After snipping my ribbon for my craft project, I added a thin line of hot glue.  Since I am working with lace, I made sure I had a glove on my hand not to get burned.

thin lace before glued to the pocket of the DIY scarecrow overalls
adding hot glue to thin lace on the side pocket for the DIY scarecrow

Because this easy scarecrow craft will be outdoors, using a sponge brush, I added a layer of outdoor Mod Podge for protection from the elements.  Let this dry.  It takes a few hours to dry well.

outdoor Mod Podge

In addition to ribbon on the bottom legs.  I also added a piece of wider ribbon to resemble a patch.  I also add ribbon to the edge of the side pockets for this craft idea.  This step was easy and fast to achieve.

adding lace as a patch on the overalls for the DIY scarecrow
Holding the patch after hot gluing to let is set.
Mod Podge on the Patch

Finding A Shirt to Add Under the Overalls for My Autumn Outdoor Project

Step 4: Getting My Shirt Ready for this Project Idea

After adding the lace to the overalls, I began looking for a shirt.  By the way, for the top of this simple DIY scarecrow I am using a long-sleeved T-shirt that is too big on me.  Because the T-Shirt is plain, I added wider lace to the ends of the sleeves.  For the most part, this ties in with the overalls.  As a rule, every woman likes to be styled and to coordinate.  So, my simple scarecrow wanted the same, to coordinate.  

Laying the lace out before I cut it for the shirt sleeve
lace getting cut to add to the bottom of the T-shirt arms
getting ready to add hot glue to the shirt before adding the lace
adding Mod Podge to lace of the DIY scarecrow

Getting the Wood Measured for My Craft Project

Step 5: Measuring the Wood

Now it’s time to construct the base of my easy craft idea.  Incidentally, my husband John, is the construction man in my life. 

I immediately knew I was not going to stuff this scarecrow with straw or hay.  That’s the norm I know, however, I didn’t want that for my DIY project idea.

So then, using some scrap wood left from another project we put the pieces together.  First, we measured the length and width of the overalls.  Next, we measured the width of the shirt as well for my simple idea.

Scrap wood for the skeleton

Getting the Wood Cut for the Skeleton of the Body

Step 6: Cutting the Skeleton for the Body

Here we made the crossbar for the sleeves on the shirt.  After this step, we attached the neck.  Next, the wood was assembled for the legs of the skeleton.  Cut the skeleton legs at a slight angle at 6 degrees so they lay flat base to stand.

the cross bar for the shoulders and neck of the scarecrow
legs cut and attached to the cross bar and neck of the scarecrow skeleton

Styling The Scarecrow for the Fall Season

Step 7: Styling my Project Idea for Autumn

Now I began styling my scarecrow for fall.  Here I dressed her in the the shirt.  Next, I added the overalls over the body.

the clothes ready to dress the DIY scarecrow

As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate programs I earn from qualifying purchases

As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliates, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission with no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own

Showing the leg of te skeleton before it gets dressed
showing the base of the scarecrow before it's finished being screwed in to the bottom
The DIY scarecrow dressed in my office and getting flowers added to the overalls
the scarecrow dressed outside for the fall
A close up of the pumpkins and dried orange slices

Lastly, add baby’s breath to the pocket as well as the bib.  I also cut a piece of lace for the bib as an accent as well.  Adding pumpkins and dried orange slices adds rustic and natural fall touches.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY scarecrow for fall decorating. Do you decorate with scarecrows in your yard or home?


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DIY Scarecrow For Fall

DIY Scarecrow
Prep Time30 minutes
Active Time10 minutes
Total Time50 minutes
Keyword: autumn, do it yourself, easy craft, easy crafts, fall decorating, rustic
Yield: 1 scarecrow
Cost: $13


  • wood scraps, saw, Mod Podge, sponge brush, screw driver, drill, screws


DIY Scarecrow for Fall
Items Needed:
  • Childs size 5T overalls
  • old long sleeve T-Shirt
  • straw hat
  • lace ribbon or other fabric for patches – optional
First thing if you want patches cut them and add outdoor Mod Podge and let dry approx. 15 minutes
Step 1
Cut Scraps of Wood
cut wood 1 for the neck making this piece vertical this allows the hat to rest nicely
cut wood for the shoulders the width of the shirt you chose. 
The length of this piece depends how much of the sleeve you want hanging down
cut two thin pieces to form legs
Step 2
predrill wood and screw together
Step 3
dress the scarecrow beginning with the shirt and then add the overalls
Step 4
After the scarecrow is dressed add a flat wood base to allow the scarecrow to stand
Again pre drill holes and screw in base
Add a straw hat and place the scarecrow where you would like to display your DIY
This scarecrow is small enough it will also work inside the home nicely.  

41 thoughts on “DIY Scarecrow For Fall Decorating

  1. Yes! Non-spooky Halloween decorations! Your scarecrow is so pretty, even the small kids will love visiting your house this Halloween! Love it!

  2. So darling and creative. The perfect Fall decoration for any home! I really like the lacy and feminine touches. The frame is so sturdy and ideal for the windy area I live in. Thanks, Cindy!

  3. That trim is just darling! What a sweet {I’m almost hesitant to use the word scare…} scarecrow!! So welcoming and creative. Off to pin your little friend so when I’m finally ready to embrace fall, I have an idea at the ready.

  4. Your scarecrow is absolutely the CUTEST, Cindy! I love the lace you added to the overalls, and totally genius to create the structure instead of having to do all that stuffing.

  5. Really cute, Cindy and I love the lace touches! I want to dress Rosie (my dress form) as a scarecrow this year but all this packing, moving, and unpacking has cut into my ‘shopping for overalls’ time!

  6. Such a cute scarecrow, Cindy! I love how you made it your own with the lace embellishments. What a fun way to welcome trick or treaters this year! Pinned!

  7. This is such a great idea, CIndy! I love the embelishments you’ve added to the overalls and the form you created too. It’s totally fantastic and I know will be a huge hit in your neighborhood. Loving and pinning, CoCo

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