Easy Indian Corn Wreath

Indian corn wreath

Today I’m sharing how to make an easy Indian corn wreath which is is easy and fast. Immediately, this wreath says fall. This fall wreath also works for all home decors.

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I have memories of being a young girl and going to Tice’s farm in northern NJ. One of the first crates we would see is a large crate full of Indian corn. My mom always grabbed it to hang on our front porch to signal fall is on its way. So, this, fall Indian corn wreath brings up great memories.

Sadly now, this farm is gone but the memories are still with me. Because of the fact I was fairly young I have few memories. However, the memories of the crowds, the smell of apple cider, pumpkins and the Indian corn are real.

I have the memory of my mom hanging the Indian corn outside even though it wasn’t a fall Indian corn wreath. I also have the memory of her battling with squirrels trying to eat it too. She never gave up fighting with them either and there were times she won.

Indian Corn Wreath Purchasing the Pieces Ahead

Step 1: Now is a Great Time to Purchase the Cobs

So last season for making my fall crafts, I did order my small ears of Indian corn to put aside. I kept them in the shipping box safe and sound in a closet, so they were ready for this fall. It seemed every time my husband went into the closet he’d say, what’s in this box? My answer, I have no idea. Inevitably, my husband would say it’s heavy whatever it is.

Showing the colors for this project

Here is where I say, oh that’s the Indian corn I had bought for a project for fall. It actually became funny to us to have this discussion numerous times until now.

By the way you can purchase these Indian corn pieces reasonably at this online store.  Also, you may enjoy seeing how simple preserving pinecones as an example of a quick idea for fall wreath idea.

Starting To Make My Wreath

Step 2: Wrapping the Form

Because I did have a 12″ metal wreath form, I am using it as my base. As a result of this being metal wrapping it in burlap is necessary. So, the hot glue and cobs have a base to stick.

wrapping the metal wreath form with natural color burlap
form wrapped in burlap
gluing the end into place

Another Wreath Form Option

A straw wreath works for this craft project as well.

Laying Out Your Pieces Out First

Step 3: Laying the Pieces for This Wreath Project is a Good Idea

Next, lay out the Indian corn for the fall wreath, generally, to make sure the various colors are spread throughout this seasonal project. It’s also, a great time to heat up your glue gun.

Incidentally, for this fall wreath I am using 29 mini-Indian corn cobs.

Indian corn for the wreath

Now Begin Hot Gluing the Corn Pieces

Step 4: Adhering the Corn to the Base

Next, I begin gluing an Indian corn cob at 12, 3, 6 and 9 for my fall wreath. I specifically did this to make sure I had my center points correctly, also adding glue 1/4 inch on the back of each piece.

Glued pieces at 12, 6, 3 and 9

After this step, I continue to add my Indian corn to my round base form making sure each ear is adhered to the wreath form well. It’s that simple and perfect for fall!

Indian corn wreath close up

The colors are truly beautiful and say HELLO FALL!

view of the finished project hanging
hanging on an antique gate with red transferware dishes above

I hope you enjoyed seeing this easy wreath craft idea and think about making one for your home. Besides being easy how to make an Indian corn wreath adds subtle color and wonderful texture for the season. This fall wreath can be used as a centerpiece with a glass jar filled with a candle or battery-operated candle too!

I’d love to hear from you and read your thoughts.


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Indian Corn Wreath

Easy Indian corn wreath
Prep Time5 mins
Active Time20 mins
Total Time25 mins
Keyword: autumn, diy,, easy crafts, fall craft ideas, indian corn, wreath ideas
Yield: 1 wreath
Cost: $20


  • hot glue, glue sticks, wreath form


Indian Corn Wreath
Items Needed:
  • 12″ wreath form – metal or straw
  • 29 mini-Indian corn
Separate the mini-Indian corn cobs into colors.   Mix the colors up so there’s a variety of different colors for your wreath project.  It adds more interest.
Heat glue gun
Glue a cob at 12, 3, 6 and 9 first.  This gives you center point.  Add hot glue 1/4 way up the cob and hold until set
Continue until wreath is completely filled in and hang!  Also, this is bit heavy, so I recommend a wreath hanger or heavy gauge wire for hanging.
This is truly simple to make and is gorgeous!

50 thoughts on “Easy Indian Corn Wreath

  1. Love this Indian Corn wreath so much, Cindy! It’s really special you have fond memories of kicking off the Fall season at the farm with your family. I’m definitely pinning this and I can’t wait to try to make my own too. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Big hugs, CoCo

  2. I love this wreath so much! It brings back memories of my mom using them in her decor too! What naughty little squirrels trying to eat the corn! Great post!
    Hugs, Karin

  3. Oh…how pretty! I love the husks on them. I don’t often see them that way. My mom used to have Indian corn in the house growing up…great memories!!

  4. Cindy, how funny you mention Tice’s Farm! My parents used to take us there, too. It seemed so far – out in the country, but it was just about a half hour away. I loved the cider bar and doughnuts! Now Tice’s Farm is a strip mall called Tice Corner. Ah, well. Your wreath is fabulous, as is everything you do!

  5. I love this. Great idea to order ahead for the following year. I think I need to do this too as the seasons tend to catch up on me before I’m ready. Thanks for sharing this.

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